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Slides from "Becoming Data Driven" session at Mozilla all hands meeting in April 2009.

Transcript of Mozilla - Becoming Data Driven

  • 1. Becoming a Data Driven Organization Ken Kovash
  • 2. Agenda The Analytics Umbrella at Mozilla What weve done so far The Role of our Analytics Function What can we do for you? 2
  • 3. The Analytics Umbrella at Mozilla How can a greater reliance on data driven approaches enable Mozilla to have a greater impact? website experience mobile adoption live chat experience download experience website experience monetized value of a new user messaging mobile performance projecting future sustainability PR retention experience marketing experience Community marketing product experience download experience new add-on launches installation experience website experience product experience js performance reporter (site compatibility) SFX experience marketing experience crashes product launches download experience l10n bugzilla campus rep experience installation experience retention experience product experience uninstall experience retention experience website experience uninstall experience PR website experience new product adoption bugzilla test pilot days vulnerable 3
  • 4. Case Study #1 4
  • 5. Case Study #1 Our recent Installer Feedback initiative is a good example We took a specific area Fx installation experience and based on previous analysis (100K daily users complete download, but dont install), we sought to tackle the business problem A single day experiment is leading to a couple product changes (will be implemented for 3.5) Resulting impact will be approx. 2,000,000 happier Firefox users annually (users we would have otherwise lost) 5
  • 6. Case Study #2 6
  • 7. Case Study #2 Fraudulent Firefox related advertisements what is the size, scope, and impact (if any) of the problem? We took a specific area Search Engines, which deliver our first impression to 40% of new Fx users and based on analysis, estimated that nearly 7 million new Firefox users (annually) see a fraudulent ad and click through to that fraudulent site We worked with search firms and with our legal team to determine best approaches for addressing this problem Legal currently has a quarterly goal around a systematic solution; we should be able to successfully make a dent in improving the user experience for millions of new users 7
  • 8. So, were cool, right? 8
  • 9. The Role of our Analytics Function Weve seen that the simplest (and often non-sexy) things can have the biggest impact But, weve generally seen little leverage The previous case studies were based on me asking myself questions Part of this is my fault We need to be more proactive 9
  • 10. The Role of our Analytics Function Interacting with our team Think of us as internal consultants lean on us when making a decision and early on in your initiatives i.e., not just after the fact 10
  • 11. What can we do for you? Wed love to hear from you What problem could we solve? What business question could we answer? Where can Mozilla be having a greater impact? (these questions can apply to your function or another function) Can we help Jay optimize the experience for mobile users on the new mobile site? Can we help Seth understand adoption patterns of different locales, and what do those patterns tell us about a language versions long-term success? There are a thousand other questions 11
  • 12. Thank You 12