Mozilla India 2016 - IoT at Mozilla

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Transcript of Mozilla India 2016 - IoT at Mozilla

  • Mozilla India Meetup 2016

  • IoT at MozillaConnected Devices, Open IoT Studio

    and more.

  • What is IoT?


  • Ubiquitous physical

    connected computing.

  • new economic models will emerge.

  • History + Context

  • Firefox OS laid the foundation.

    It connected the Web to our physical environment.

  • Raspberry Pi

    Taipei office

    Mozilla Japan

    Research and Design

  • Connected Devices

  • Applying our guiding principles to the Internet of Things"

  • focus on building products with a clear value proposition aimed at the

    target customers

  • Lean Startup Methodology

  • Project Gating


  • Project Vaani Open and customizable voice interfaces

    for connected devices.

  • Project SensorWeb The fast path for environmental

    sensing. Starting with air quality.

  • Project Haiku Exploring independent and non-

    intrusive ways of connecting people.

  • Project Magnet A personal user-agent for the physical

    world, initially using Bluetooth beacons.

  • Blog:

  • Open IoT Studio

  • The internet is changing forms. - Michelle Thorne

  • Mozilla Foundation

    Open IoT Studio

  • a global network of professionals committed to open IoT, working

    alongside Mozilla to make IoT more open, accessible and empowering"

  • Convenings in

    Ahmedabad, India Berlin, Germany

    Anstruther, Scotland Chattanooga, USA

  • TrashBeauty A privacy-aware

    camera tunable for groups

    with built-in curation.

  • Bubble An open

    autonomous offline

    augmented reality message board

    for public spaces.

  • Chirimen

  • Firefox OS Developer board

    with Web APIs for GPIO/I2C/SPI

  • Website:



  • W3D

  • A web developer fast-path for IoT development.

    Rasperry Pi serves a JS file

    which opens a web socket that talks to the Pi!

  • Github:

    Telegram: WebWebWebDev

  • Context

  • Our environment speaks to us.

  • battery api .. power outage accelerometer earthquakes/ theft bluetooth ... presence / absence wi-fi . neighborhood microphone .. presence / absence camera . presence of cats

  • Context.

    Using Web APIs on smartphones

    to interact with physical spaces

  • Github:

  • dont wait.