Becoming a Salesforce / Data Driven Non-Profit

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Becoming a Salesforce/Data Driven Non-ProfitSarah PariseSenior Business AnalystThe Ounce of Prevention Fund

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Business Analyst at the Ounce of Prevention Fund (More information about the Ounce Here ), Formerly of Patron TechnologyFormer NYC Preschool and High School TeacherBelieve in using Technology as an agent of change and improvement in organizationsAvid traveler, tiki bar aficionado and karaoke fan

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SF Integrated solutions at the ounceThe Marketing CloudCventNGO Connect (Events, Volunteers, Donations)Native Salesforce ADPThe Ounce of Prevention FundEducareThe First Five Years FundCQ Roll Call EngageCornerstone on Demand

Part one:Start From A rubricAka Define Success

Why a rubricAllowing users to focus on the end result allows them to focus on that rather than user created solutionsAllows users to think about business process (when often there is little to none)A why do we collect data vs we just doAllows them to see the importance of whats being collectAllows users to feel like they are a part of the processForces users to own their business processAllows us to eliminate unneeded data, users understand why they are being asked to input informationI guess if I write my own measure of success, then I would have to actually read itIts helpful to have a visualization

Division wide rubrics vs. individual rubricsDivision wideHelps define how Salesforce can clarify how well a group is doingQualitative data comes up more frequentlyAnswers what do we need to report on?Individual UserHelps you define pressure pointAnswers how we can simplify the process for end users Good for quantitative dataHelps users see data as how can I help myself vs Big Brother is watchingHelps Division see discrepancy between expectations of success between SM and the rest of the team.

First define how many levels of success we haveDoes not meet the Funders requirements (Danger Zone) Meets the requirements of Funders, but does not show impact for continued fundingMeets the Requirements of Funders, and will probably lead to additional funding for Nation Scaling Exceeds Expectations of Funders, shows that we are leaders in the field of ECE

Add the items to measuredNumber of School ImpactedIncrease in Leadership Certification Adaptation of new teaching methodsOutreach to other schoolsAttrition LevelsDoes not meet the Funders requirements (Danger Zone) At least 125