Management: Assembling the right team

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Having the right people is fundamental to achieving team goals. As a manager the first task is often one of the most fundamental to the success of your team in reaching its targets: picking the right team members...

Transcript of Management: Assembling the right team

  • Management: Assembling The Right Team
  • Having the right people is fundamental to achieving team goals.
  • As a manager the rst task is often one of the most fundamental to the success of your team in reaching its targets: picking the right team members.
  • Here are some key points to consider for picking the right team...
  • Understand What Skills Are Needed
  • Picking the right people often hinges on understanding the skills that are needed to complete the tasks that your teams goals & projects can be broken into.
  • Drawing up a clear list of the skills, qualications and experience needed across your team is the vital starting point to building your team.
  • You should keep this in mind at all stages of your selection process.
  • Double up on essential skills
  • If there are certain skills that are crucial to your teams success, you should ensure that there are other team members who can pick up their tasks and responsibilities should a problem arise.
  • Doubling up on the most important skills is a great way to ensure that your team can be exible should some of the work need to be reallocated in the event of a team member leaving or requiring additional support in their tasks.
  • Hire The Right Number Of People
  • As Manager one of your chief concerns in the selection process should be making sure that you have as many people as are necessary to completing the teams tasks, while keeping within budget.
  • Hiring too many people can confuse or divide job roles and push you over budget, while hiring too few people can place too much pressure on those you do hire.
  • Giving yourself a thorough understanding of your teams responsibilities, skills, and the time needed to complete tasks will help you to pick exactly the right number of people.
  • Pick The Right Personalities
  • A manager should pick a team that not only works well together, but that also works well with them as a manager.
  • In the selection process you should look for people who you will be able to communicate with easily and who are not too dissimilar in temperament to yourself and to the other team members.
  • As the manager it is vital that you are in tune with your teams personalities from the start, as this can be integral to motivating and leading them in the future.
  • Choose People Who Are Dedicated
  • The best results will come from those who are genuinely interested in the work that your team is doing and the teams success.
  • While it is vital to pick the people with the right skills and experience, you should also look for the people who have a passion for the work they will be doing and are motivated by the experience that joining your team will give them.
  • Your team can fail if its members lose interest, or leave at a crucial time; for this reason you should hire the people who show enthusiasm from the start and who are most likely to see the teams goals through to completion.
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