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1. ASSEMBLING THE TEAM MANAGEMENT 2. MY MODEL FOR BUSINESS IS THE BEATLES. THEY WERE FOUR GUYS WHO KEPT EACH OTHERS NEGATIVE TENDENCIES IN CHECK. THEY BALANCED EACH OTHER AND THE TOTAL WAS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THE PARTS. THATS HOW I SEE BUSINESS: GREAT THINGS IN BUSINESS ARE NEVER DONE BY ONE PERSON, THEYRE DONE BY A TEAM OF PEOPLE. Steve Jobs 3. A managers first challenge is picking the right people for the team. TEC_ESTROMBERG 4. HERES HOW TO DO IT 5. 01KNOW THE SKILLS YOU NEED Understand what skills you need for your team. Success hinges on having the right people for the right roles. Draw up a list of the skills, qualification and experience needed for the team, keep this in mind at every stage of the selection process. 6. 02 Some skills are indispensable. Double up on people with those skills in case a problem arises. This means the team can be flexible in the face of unexpected circumstances. DOUBLE UP ON ESSENTIAL SKILLS 7. 03 It is important to hire the necessary amount of people, whilst staying within the budget. Too many can cause confusion, too few puts pressure on the staff. Gain a full understanding of the exact needs of your team and goals and the right number will be easier to calculate. GET THE RIGHT NUMBER OF PEOPLE 8. 04 Skills arent the be all and end all, the team must work well with each other to be most productive. The best team will be not too dissimilar in temperament to one another, but diverse enough to have unique ideas. A manager should gauge the personalities in the selection process to ensure they will be a good fit and if they will work for the team as a whole. THE RIGHT PERSONALITIES 9. 05 The best results will come from people who are genuinely interested and committed to the task. While skills are important, it is vital to have enthusiastic team members who will go the extra mile for the project. You should select those who are enthusiastic from the start as they are most motivated to see the teams goals through. PICK DEDICATED PEOPLE 10. INTERQUEST GROUP WHERE OPPORTUNITY CONNECTS WITH TALENT InterQuest is a niche recruitment group divided into expert specialist disciplines. We provide contract and permanent recruitment services and support the career ambitions of those working in the new digital economy. Each of the Groups businesses is aligned to market sectors including Finance, Retail, Public Sector and Not for Profit or focused specifically on an area of technology such as testing, analytics, ERP or digital. For more tips on professional development and to see all of our latest jobs, connect with the InterQuest Group. GO TO INTERQUESTGROUP.COM