A Product Executive's Perspective: Assembling a World-Class Personalization Team

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Transcript of A Product Executive's Perspective: Assembling a World-Class Personalization Team

  • Personalization Pioneers Summit 2017September 5th, Soho House Berlin

  • Personalization Pioneers Summit 2017

    A Product Executives Perspective: Assembling a World-Class Personalization Team

    Sascha Meissner, Head of Product

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  • About Mister SpexEuropes favorite way and place to buy eyewear

  • Who are we - Mister Spex at a glance

    Largest European Online Optician

    More than 2 Mio. customers

    Multichannel approach

    > 500 employees

    Value PropositionLargest assortment in stock, best value for money, andbest customer experience

  • We operate in 10 countries

  • Why did we start looking for a CX platform? Content injection for campaign and onsite support

    to better serve local needs in various countries ease to use, fast time to market, low DEV effort

    Segmentation and Personalization to deliver the right content to the right audience

    Convenience vs. Inspiration vs. Trust

    Product recommendations

    Create relevance and resonance and give customers what they need

  • Getting started with DYPhase 1

  • Onboarding phase showed early success

    Gender HP USP tiles Exit intent Product reco

  • Challenges after the initial 6 months

    Trust Do we trust the numbers and the proposed uplift? Why is there a mismatch between DY data, onsite data and DWH data?

    Tool What else can we do with the tool?Is this the right tool for us? Why do we have two testing tools in place?

    Ownership Whats next? Who is allowed to do what?Can we run parallel experiments in marketing and product without any conflicts?Knowhow | Organizational setup | Processes

    We were not in the driver seat

  • Top 5 reason why personalization fails

    Source: Chris Goward - Strategic Personalization @ Growth Summit 2017

  • Getting behind the wheelPhase 2

  • by building cross-functional teams

    Core team for DY

    Project ownership and responsibility for tool moved to product management Members of onsite and product as main departments using DY Total 5 people (2 Marketing, 2 POs, project lead)

    Knowledge base

    Business and technical training for larger group of people / various departments

    Team Segmentation / Personalization

    Members of onsite, product, CRM, BI Integrated in hypothesis board

    Team Recommendations

    Members of onsite, product, category management/purchasing, CRM




  • by setting up guiding principles

    DY is used for Temporary content injection Experiments (manual or automated AB testing) User-segmented targeting and personalization

    DY is not used To fix bugs as a second CMS

    Principles for each application areaCapabilities

    Concept & implementationReview

    QA & ReleaseCommunication


  • by integrating in our ideation / testing process

    Explore Generate ChallengePrioritizeValidate

    Data-driven approach

    gather insights from

    existing data

    identify relevant


    Generate ideas



    Hypothesis board (cross-functional)

    discuss / challenge

    prioritize hypothesis

    define validation


    rigorously test to get evidence



  • Pushing the gas pedalPhase 3

  • Next steps for us

    Internationalize use cases

    Optimize and test more recommendation strategies

    Gather insights from audiences

    Input CRM data for better targeting

    type-based personalization, e.g. buying behavior (brand affinity)

    Learn and adapt organizational setup and processes

  • Takeaways

    3 success factors for strategic personalization

    create an expert optimization team

    establish a proven optimization process

    gather meaningful customer insights

    Source: Chris Goward - Strategic Personalization @ Growth Summit 2017

  • THANK YOUsascha.meissner@misterspex.de