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  • Assembling AccessibilityUsing Open-Source Hardware and Software to improve the lives of people with disabilities

  • What IS Assistive & Accessible Technology?

    Assistive Technology: umbrella term covering assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities

    Hardware examples: refreshable braille displays, magnifiers, alternate mice and keyboards, etc.

    Software examples: screen readers, text-to-speech programs, speech-to-text programs, screen magnifiers, etc.

  • Why Accessibility is ImportantLarger, more diversified userbase; more complete development/beta testing

    Usability & interface evolution

    Compatibility and usability for ourselves and others, regardless of ability

  • Confinement Cycle Locating funding for

    proprietary AT is itself a barrier to accessibility

    Linux + Internet of Things = true independence

    Use single-board computers (SBC) to automate a persons living space

  • Creating accessible devices and living spaces using OSH

    Automate simple tasks

    Leverage existing tech

    Open Prosthetics

  • Further Information

    Raspberry Pi GPIO home automation:


    Homwire (Modular open home-automation platform):

    Allseen Alliance:

    Open Prosthetics Project:

  • Universal Tux on Google+