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Transcript of Assembling an Operational Excellence Team

  • 1. John Bratz Assembling an Operational Excellence Team February, 2004

2. Agenda

  • Overview of Wyeth BioPharmas OE Program
  • OE Execution Methodology
  • Project Team Structure
  • Lessons Learned

3. Operational Excellence Program Overview 4. Wyeth BioPharmas Operational Excellence Program

  • Program Objectives
  • Build a Culture of Excellence toward managing our business and business processes
  • Internalize a continuous improvement mindset, methods & tools
  • Proactively address areas of business & business process inefficiency
  • Realize both tangible & strategic benefits
    • Cost structure (COGS)
    • Quality
    • Compliance
    • Improved Job satisfaction
    • Speed of execution
    • Better understanding of costs


  • Costs of stopping a defect before it happens.
  • Costs of inspecting and evaluating work/ product in-process.
  • Costs of correcting a defect(at the end of the line before it get to the customer.)
  • Costs of correcting and recovering from a defect after it has been experienced by the customer.

1 - 10 - 100 - RULE! 2005Leap Technologies, Inc. PREVENTION APPRAISAL INTERNAL FAILURE EXTERNAL FAILURE 6. The Wyeth BioPharma OE Program Includes:

  • Toolsets to address a variety of improvement opportunities
  • A standard methodology for applying the tools
  • Active learning for project teams (Just-in-Time)
  • Mechanisms for identifying and prioritizing improvement projects
  • Executive leadership and oversight (Steering Committee)
  • A programmatic communications effort

Operational Excellence The OE Program is the means by which we will monitor our performance and continuously improve. 7. Types of Projects Project Types EXECUTIVE ACTION PROJECTS QUICK WIN PROJECTS COREREDESIGN PROJECTS EXPERT STUDY PROJECTS

  • Process Owner driven
  • Decision communication tools
  • Within 15 days or less
  • Frontline driven
  • Action Workout Teamtools
  • 60-days or less implementation
  • Cross-functional team driven
  • Breakthrough Workout Tools
  • 60-90 day Sprint to results, 6 month process
  • Black Belt or equivalent driven
  • Six Sigma Statistical tools
  • Greater than six months

2005Leap Technologies, Inc. 8. A Model for Identifying, Prioritizing and Working Projects Train in theAppropriate Operational Excellence Tool set Apply Standard Methodology Deploy Best Practices (Implementation)Control andMonitor Implementation

  • ID opportunities
  • Alignment w/ objectives
  • Database
  • Charter

Quick Win Ideas Redesign Expert Executive Action Includes a formal process for surfacing & prioritizing new ideas Baseline Analysis Prioritized projects are categorized by the appropriate Operational Excellence toolset. Pick Projects based on Organizational Strategic goals DMAIC Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control C I DMA 9. A Model for Sustained OE Key Points

  • Multiple toolsets offer flexibility to address various issues
  • Common implementation methodology (DMAIC or other) ensures rigorous application of tools
  • Choice of toolset will be based on specific project needs
    • Six Sigma, Lean, 5S, Etc.
  • Focus on short sprints to results (ie: 60-days)
    • Maintains focus and intensity
  • Teams receive just-in-time training on the specific tools for their project
    • Active Learning in conjunction with actual project work

Continuous Improvement Tool Box 10. KEY TOOL: THE HOUSE OF PROCESS INNOVATION FOR PROCESS REDESIGN Keep these strategies and best practices in mind as we proceed on our breakthrough expedition. Supplier Certification Centralization Decentralization Outsourcing Automation Process Customization Cellular/Team-Based Processing Total Preventive Maintenance Quick Changeover Batch Optimization Pull/Kanban Supply Quality Control at the Source Smooth Flow Facility Layout 5 S System Visual Management Internet Communications Level III Level II Level I Standardization Constraint/ Bottleneck Analysis Continuous Quality Smooth Flow Operation No Wasted Resources 2005Leap Technologies, Inc. 11. WHY MEASURE PROCESS CYCLE TIME AND FIRST- PASS YIELD?GREEN MONEY OPPORTUNITY ! Slower Faster Excellent Poor TotalFirst-Pass Yield Total Cycle Time AS IS PROCESS PERFORMANCE BEST CASE PROCESS PERFORMANCE $ $ $ $ $ $ 2005Leap Technologies, Inc. Measure of Efficiency and Effectiveness 12. Trainer/Consultant Strategy

  • Drive the program internally
    • Utilize consultants surgically for specific program elements
    • Design and startup, Team tools, Training
  • Partner with multiple vendors to obtain a full range of services
    • Design and startup Maxiom Consulting Group
    • Project team tools & support Leap Technologies & Maxiom Consulting Group
    • Specific toolsets (Lean, 6 , etc.)
  • License materials and certify internal facilitators/trainers
  • Use Wyeths internal corporate network to
    • Identify vendors
    • Develop best practices and lessons learned
    • Teach sections of the training

Our Goal: Purchase great tools and training material that we can customize and use internally 13. THE BREAKTHROUGH WORKOUT ROADMAP 4.60-Day Wrap-Up Meeting 3.30-Day Progress Check Meeting

  • Weekly Action Team Meetings and Updates

1 .Breakthrough Workshop

  • Transition

Prelaunch Planning 2005Leap Technologies, Inc. 14. THE BREAKTHROUGH WORKOUT PARADIGM SHIFT Start by creating critical mass ownership for the POSSIBILITY OF BREAKTHROUGH Then work to practical implementation within 60 days using Six Sigma, Lean and Workout tools as needed. The 60 Days to Results Rule! 2005Leap Technologies, Inc. 15. OE Execution Methodology 16. OE Methodology-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Month Baselining Breakthrough Workshop Project Selection Charters ID Team Preparation 60-DayBreakthrough Workout Implementation Design Analyze 30-Day Review 60-Day Review Monthly Progress Check-Up Document Revision Training Feedback/Revise 6-Month Benefits Review 12-Month Benefits Review Protocols Change Controls Piloting Control Plans Benefits Realization 12 DMA I C Measure Control 17. Common Project Language

  • Ongoing Measurement & Reporting
  • 6-Month Benefits Review
  • 12-Month Benefits Review
  • Piloting
  • Final Data Review & Endorsement
  • Document Review & Approval
  • Training
  • 3-Day Kickoff Workshop
  • 60-Day Breakthrough Workout
  • Proposals Developed
  • Stakeholder Endorsements
  • SOPs Drafted
  • Enterprise Baselining
  • Project Chartering
  • Team Member Identification
  • Workshop Scheduling & Planning

Control Implement Breakthrough(Design) Pre-Planning Project Phases: 18. Operational Excellence Pre-Planning Phase Tools Steps Objectives Deliverables

  • Select project
  • Develop project charter
  • Identify team members, sponsors & other key roles
  • Collect baseline data
  • Plan and schedule Breakthrough Workout launch
  • Prepare team logistics
  • Prepare for OE project launch
  • Develop the project charter & scope
  • Identify and prepare team members and supporting roles
  • Potential project opportunities
  • Project prioritization and selection tools
  • Project charter templates
  • Survey/questionnaire template
  • Shared team folder
  • Project charter
  • Team & supporting players identified
  • Breakthrough Workshop planned & scheduled

19. Operational Excellence Pre-Planning Phase Critical Success Factors How Long? Who Is Involved?

  • Approx. 4 weeks
  • OE Steering Committee
  • OE Coordination Team
  • Process SMEs and team members (minimal)
  • Identification of project Sponsor
  • Clear articulation of scope and charter
  • Advance planning (>2wks) for Breakthrough Workshop

20. Operational Excellence Breakthrough Phase Tools Steps Objectives Deliverables

  • Conduct 3-day Breakthrough Workshop
  • Hold weekly team meetings to design solutions
  • Develop and document