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Jason de Graaf

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  • 1. Jason de Graaf

2. Meet Jason de Graaf Born in Montreal, CA in 1971 1996 Dawson College, Montreal QC, Illustration &Design Worked as an illustrator Part of the independent art movement hyperrealism thatstarted in the early 2000s Mostly paints transparent things e.g. glass, water, marbles Genre: "Still" Lives Reflections!!!! 3. Hyperrealism Idea of verisimilitude true to life physical representation ofobjects Function of Photorealism? Advancement or extension of photorealism the simulation of something which never reallyexisted." 4. BedlamAcrylic oncanvas 5. HeliocentricAcrylic oncanvas 6. Archimedes PrinciplekjyfakudhfArchimedesPrincipleAcrylic oncanvas 7. The Elusive DawnAcrylic on canvas 8. OdysseyAcrylic oncanvas 9. YesAcrylic onwood