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We got full 10 marks because of this ppt. It's so good

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Madras - ChennaiEmergence of Chennai as a City


Chennai formerly known as Madras, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and is India's fourth largest city.

It is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.

With an estimated population of 7.60 million , the 400-year-old city is the 31st largest metropolitan area in the world.

Chennappapatnam There was a view which had been prevalent ever since Walter Hamilton published his valuable account of India in 1820 that, at the time of the foundation of Madras, Sriranga Raya insisted that the settlement should be named after him as Srirangarayapatnam, but that his purpose was defeated by the local Nayak who managed to get it called after his own father, Chennappa. However, Sriranga succeeded to the throne only in 1642, fully three years after the foundation of the settlement. The grant of the name of Srirangarayapatnam was probably intended by the Raya as a special mark of his royal favour to the factors of Madras. Also, about the time of this grant, Damarla Venkatapathi Nayak, son of Chennappa, was in disgrace; and this might have had a share in making Siring alter in his grant the name Chennappapatnam to Srirangarayapatnam. The name of Chennapatnam is due to the fact that Damarla Origin of the Ayyappa Nayak, when writing to Francis Day name at Armagon in 1639, expressed a desire to found a town in the name of his father, Chennappa Nayak and offered the English liberal privileges if they would come and settle in it.

The name Chennapatnam was applied from the beginning to the Indian town that grew up to the north of the English Fort which was built on the site of Madraspatnam, according to the first grant.

The new town that quickly grew up in and round the Fort. To this new town, the name Chennapatnam was given.

Thus we may say that the village of Madraspatnam had existed under that name even prior to the English settlement of 1639-40; and the site of Chennapatnam was that of modern Fort St. George.

The English preferred to call the two united towns by the name of Madraspatnam, with which they had been familiar from the first, while the Indians chose to give it the name of Chennapatnam.

In course of time, the exact original locations of Madraspatnam and Chennapatnam came to be confused and even reversed as it was done by W. Hamilton. Madraspatnam was regarded as the site of the Fort and Chennapatnam as the Indian town to the north.

W. Hamilton

Story of Madras


What is in the NAME?The British agent Francis Day agreed to name the town Chennapattnam as Venkatappa Naik requested, and did call it so in Tamil. But there was an inside joke among the British. They thought that Venkatappa Naik was mad (stupid) giving away the land for free just to be named after his father. So they called the town in English "MAD RASA PATTNAM". In fact, it is called Medrassapatam in the 1639 deed of sale. It would seem that Medrassapatam is the British way of spelling Madrasapattinam .

According to another explanation, the land was given to Francis Day by a man named Madarasen, head of a fishermen's slum, and the town was named after him. This explanation, however, has a hole in it. The 1639 deed of sale clearly states that Venkatappa Naik gave the land to Francis Day. Some conjecture that Medrassapatam and Chennapattnam were nearby areas and that Francis Day acquired the former first from Madarasen and the latter then from Venkatappa Naik; the name Medrassapatam was mentioned in the deed of sales as a reference point. Another point to note is that Madras was widely used in English (among the British at that time and then by everyone who learned the language) and Chennai was used in Tamil. Whatever the origins of the names, Madras is now for the history books and Chennai is here to stay.

City of Madras, 1909Map of Madras City, 1921Map of Madras City, 1955

Architectural Developments of MadrasArchitectural developments of Madras during British rule comprised building exquisite churches, Classical in approach developments of Madras under British dominion were primarily in the sector of religious constructions, when magnificent churches were being built, keeping in mind their London counterpart. Although, mansions for governmental staff were also looked into by the British East India Company, when it came to rebuilding Madras into a colonial whole.

Early 19th century saw a tremendous rise of such constructions, when the Company had already gained a firm foothold in this port city.

In the 1800s, Lord Edward Clive (1754-1839), later Earl of Powls, as Governor of Madras took the existing Triplicane Garden House and improved it greatly. The original structure dated from 1746, when it belonged to a Portuguese merchant. In 1753, Governor Thomas Saunders (d. 1755) bought it for the British East India Company to serve as the Governor`s mansion. Clive turned the house over to his architect, John Goldingham who extended it from 130 to 205 feet in breadth, moved the main entrance from the west to the east side, built a two-story verandah and generally re-modelled the interior. The house was surrounded by a seventy-five-acre parkland.

Architectural developments of Madras were further promoted by British rulers, when on 7th October 1802, adjacent to the re-modeled Governor`s mansion; John Goldingham designed the Banqueting Hall for the use of official functions.

Architecture in Chennai!!!

It carried the appearance of a neo-classical temple with an exterior of a sixteenth-century manner, possessing Tuscan-Doric columns. The hall contained a number of military decorations celebrating British victories at Plassey and Seringapatam, in addition to a series of portraits of military leaders to include: Coote, Cornwallis and Medows.

The Banqueting Hall was inaugurated on this date in celebration of the declaration of the Peace of Amiens. On 16th January 1816, Bishop Reginald Heber (1783- 1826) consecrated the new St. George`s Church in Madras. Thomas de Havilland (1775-1866) erected the church using a plan drawn by Captain James Caldwell (1770-1863) of the Madras Engineers.

Caldwell drew his inspiration from James Gibbs` plans for St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. As a design it possessed a mixture of Classical and Gothic elements. The exterior was purely Indian with its white polished chunam-finishing surface. In 1833, it became St. George`s Cathedral. Within the extensive period of 1818 to 1820, architectural developments of Madras under British rule witnessed an upsurge of colonial constructions. Thomas de Havilland also erected St. Andrews Church of the Scottish Kirk in Madras. Although it bears some of the characteristics of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, it varies in its curvilinear plan with a diameter of eight-one and a half feet and its massive Ionic columns.

The city of Chennai had its roots in a humble fishing village. It would have stayed so, if not for August 22nd 1639: the day the British bought a strip of land on the Coromandel coast and set about building Fort St. George.

Madraspattinam was the sleepy fishing village which lent the colonials a name for the place; Chennapattanam, the name the locals gave to the town. Lazy pronunciation shortened them to the catchier Madras and Chennai. The city soon became a thriving naval port and after independence, the capital of the newly formed state of Tamil Nadu.

Going from strength to strength, the city was and still is one of Indias most thriving metropolises. Lets trail the citys climb from its humble beginnings to its modern avatar in pictures.In a nutshell

That was THEN.

....This is now!!!

Marina Beach - 1890Marina Beach - 2014

Napier Bridge - 1895Napier Bridge - 2014

Parrys Corner - 1897Parrys Corner - 2014

Central Railway Station - 1897

Central Railway Station - 2014

Rippon Building -2014

Rippon Building - 1909Chennai High Court -1862

Chennai High Court -2014

Fort St. George - 1644

Fort St. George - 2014

Spencers Plaza- 1863Spencers Plaza- 2014

Egmore Railway Station, then

Egmore Railway Station, now

Top Ten Places to visit in CHENNAIChennai Craze.

Chennai is famous for this beach. Best time is to visit in the evening. This is a serene place one come alone or with friends/family. Get cool breeze and immerse yourselves into this sea of thoughts, forgetting your worries at least for some time.#1 MARINA BEACH

Elliot's Beach is one of the beautiful and cleanest beaches in the city of Chennai . It is popularly known as "Besant Nagar Beach". There are many restaurants and very good parking near the beach. #2 ELLIOTS BEACH

#3 THE BREATHTAKING VIEW FROM THALANKUPPAM PIERThalankuppam is a small fishing hamlet, at Ennore, the extreme north of Chennai city. The Thalankuppam River, also called as the Kourtaliayaar, Mogathwaram, meets the sea this place.During high tide, as the ocean gushes under your feet and throws up a few specs of salt on your face, you can clutch all that you have (including your heart and feet) to step forward and come face-to-face with peace.

#4 PHOENIX MARKET CITYPlanning to go shopping for Festival seasons??

Take a look at the new Phoenix Market City here at velachery

Still dont know where to shop? eat? see movie? planning to hangout with friends in weekend???The best place is Express avenue.#5 EXPRESS AVENUE

Mahabalipuram is one of the beautiful places in south India. It has dream world of Tamil arts and exhibit..The monuments are mostly "rock-cut" and "monolithic" .Best spot for PHOTOGRAPHY..#6 MAHABALIPURAM


#8 CHETTINAD PALACEChettinad Palace is a well known place for its Architecture, Local Crafts, temples and food too, A nice place for hanging out with friends & family.

#9 WATCH A MOVIE AT SATHYAM CINEMASSathyam is Chennais hottest entertainment destination for people from all walks of life, across a wide age group and user profile. It was the first exhibitor in India to introduce digital projection technology with its brand RDX and the first to convert all of its screens to digital. It went one step further and introduced digital 3D in RDX and continues to push the boundaries of entertainment technology. Sathyam Cinemas strives to be at the forefront of media technology and continues to bring new entertainment technology to customers first.

Dont believe in ghosts? Think again.. A number of places in Chennai are testimony to this fact: theyve acquired the haunted tag! In the serene suburb of Thiruvanmiyur, the apartment No F-2 on 3, Seward Road in Valmiki Nagar, stands out.This house is said to be haunted by the ghost of the woman who committed suicide there. There are no permanent dwellers due to the presence of this spirit in the house.Want to go there ? .. Go at your Own RISK !#10 HAUNTED HOUSE, VALMIKI NAGAR 30 Crazy things to do in CHENNAI!!! Take a walk on the beach from Marina to Elliot's Beach Capture the Sunrise at Broken Bridge Haggle over trinkets at Pondy Bazaar Scourge for a long forgotten book at Moor Market... trust me you'll get it... Click the Moon on Full moon day at Thiruvanmiyur Beach Have a quaint cup of coffee at Rathna Caf Enjoy the peace at Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore. Squeeze through the crowd to get vegetables at Koyambedu "Enjoy" the pulling and pushing at Ranganathan Street Pay over Rs.200 for a ten minute Autoride Catch a movie at Broadway Talkies.. scoot over multiplexes... Read some ancient literature at Connemaara Library Attend a Music concert at TTK Salai Pray along the waves at the Sea shore Sai Temple, Injambakkam Party on a hired boat at Muttukaadu Lake

Look out for an ancient yet sturdy buildings at Mint Street Climb the Lighthouse at Marina Pick up a handicraft doll at Alwarpet Wait in queue to get a plate of hot Puliyothare at Grand Sweets & Snacks Refrain from feeding the baby crocs at the Crocodile Park Ape the monkeys at Guindy Children's Park Try finding the Adyar Banyan Tree.. No Google is allowed Spot a Sandalwood Tree at Vandalur Zoo Try gaining an entry into the Guindy National park.. a Reserve forest right at the heart of the city, where else can u find it... Handle the snakes at 3 pm daily at the Snake Park Munch on a Vada, fresh off the Vada-mala of the 32 feet tall Anjaneyar Statue at Nanganallur Attend a marriage at any of the chthrams at Vadapalani Attend the Vinayak Visarjan at Sowcarpet... Relish a plate of Biriyani at Samco, TTK road Take the MRTS from Velachery to Beach

Thank Your.Akshyaa.Koushika Preethih.KowsalyaaOf X-cEfforts of :