Georgia's Piedmont Region

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  • 1. Georgia RegionsThe PiedmontTeaching 4 Real

2. What is a piedmont? A piedmont meansfoothills. We live in this region. 3. What is the piedmont area knownfor? Red colored clay Mining Granite, marble, and quartz 4. True or False?The piedmont region is the most populated region inGeorgia. TRUE!Do you remember Georgias capital? Itis also located in the piedmont region. ATLANTA!! 5. ANIMALS OF THE PIEDMONTCan you think of what type of animals live in the piedmont?What do you think happens to these animals as more forests are cut down fordevelopments?Riverottersdeerracoons squirrels 6. BIRDS OF THE PIEDMONTHow many different kinds of birds of prey do you think livein the piedmont region?20What is a bird of prey?Birds that have sharp talons and keen eyesight. 7. BIRDS OF THE PIEDMONTCan you think of any birds of prey?Bald eagleEastern screech-owl 8. PIEDMONT PLANTSWhat is the habitat like in the piedmont?It has forests of oak, hickory, and pine trees.Some of these trees bear nuts. How does this help the habitat?It helps the small mammals that live in the forests.How do the evergreen trees benefit the piedmont habitat?They provide shelter and food during the winter months. 9. Lets Play A Quick Matching GameCan you identify these trees?OakTreeHickory TreePine Tree 10. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOWYOUR PIEDMONT FACTS?1. The piedmont area has a lot of yellow clay.2. The piedmont region is the most populated region inGeorgia.3. Because of their forests are being cut down, moreanimals of the Piedmont region are being found wherepeople live.4. The capital of Georgia is in the Piedmont region.5. Almost no birds live in the Piedmont region.6. The Piedmont region covers the smallest area ofGeorgia.7. The words Piedmont means foothills.8. Evergreen trees provide shelter and food for animalsand birds.9. Granite and marble are plants found in the Piedmontarea.FalseTrueTrueTrueFalseFalseTrueTrueFalse 11. Click here for moreinformation aboutGeorgias Piedmont. 12. Great Job!!!!