Facebook Updates Fan Pages (webinar)

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Facebook Upgrades… Again
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Transcript of Facebook Updates Fan Pages (webinar)

  • 1. Facebook UpgradesAgain

2. #1: Cover photos1. Great opportunity for strong first impression2. Size- 850 x 315 pixels3. Cannot contain the following: Price or purchase information Contact information Reference to user interface elements Calls to action4. Need help? Use my friends at TweetPages.com 3. #2: Timeline1. Updates appear in two columns2. Updates appear in chronological order 4. #3: Highlighting posts1. Good way to call attention to specific post(like an image) 5. #4: Pinned posts1. Pinned posts appear at the top of Timeline2. Pinned posts appear at the top for 7 days3. You can only pin one update at a time4. Suggestion: use for promotions, special offers, and important updates 6. #5: Milestones1. Use Milestones to tell a story about your company2. Highlight important company events3. You can add Milestones to Timeline from the past 7. #6: Tabs are now Apps1. No more tabs on the left navigation2. Apps go from 520 pixels wide to 810 wide3. Current apps will still function after 3/304. Use as call to action buttons (111x74)5. Only 4 show at a time You can have 12 total 2 are default (photos and likes) 8. #7: No more default landing pages 1. New visitors to your Page will land on yourTimeline by default 2. You no longer have control of where youland visitors 9. #8: Messaging1. Your fans can now send you a message instead of posting only on your wall2. One more inbox to manage3. Easier for customers, etc to reach out to you (more effective customer service) 10. #9: Admin panel1. Now appears on the top of your Page2. Shows notifications, new likes, messages and your Insights 11. #10: Advertising1. The content is the ad2. Premium ads for 25k/month Ads in the news feed Mobile ads Ads on the log out page Reach Generator3. Reach Generator 75% reach versus 16% reach 12. Your next steps:1. Create a cover photo and profile picture for your Page (TweetPages.com)2. Update or delete your tabs (now apps)3. Create a strong 1st impression by pinning a post4. What Milestones can you share? 13. Thursday, March 29th at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PSTwww.GetSocialRadioShow.com