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Part II: Facebook Fan Page Marketing Virtual Options Coaching & Training Social Media Digital Marketing Technology Training
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Presentation to INA 2011 Conference in Tampa, FL of Facebook fan pages and marketing mentality.

Transcript of Facebook Fan 201

  • 1. Part II: Facebook Fan Page Marketing
    Virtual Options Coaching & Training
    Social MediaDigitalMarketingTechnology Training

2. Dawn JensenSocial Media Speaker & Trainer
3. About.Me/dawnjensen
Social Media Speaker
Digital Marketing Coach
Technology Trainer
4. What you Need to Know:
Foundation: Start Small
Build Deliberately
Be Consistent
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Build Strategically
5. Social Profiles Get Started..
From your NotesChecklist

  • Feature Biography

6. Mini Biography 7. Headshot 8. Company Logo 9. Resume 10. Tagline/Motto/Mission Statement 11. Keywords, Tags, Specialties What You Need..
12. Some interesting thoughts..
13. Welcome Page
14. Welcome Page
15. 1
Profile image
Other Photos
Admin Tools
16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Facebook Fan Page Wall
23. Posting Tips
Be Strategic, not just experiment
Post with Purpose (Inform, Educate, Entertain)
Post like a friend, not like a brand
Use good content to drive conversation
24. Research first. Know Three Things:
Where youre headed
What Youre Targeting
What Youre measuring
25. Its the Indian not the arrow
Note:Dawns attempt at pun humor
26. Common Social Goals & Ways to Measure
Fan base growth: Hitting 1,000 fans or followers over a set period of time
Customer acquisition: Getting 50 redemptions per campaign on social media offers
Support of direct marketing: Adding 200 names to your e-mail database per month
Engagement: Achieving 20% participation by your fan base (e.g. Facebook likes and comments)
27. Its the Indian not the arrow
Put your Social Media tools in place:
to use in the right way
for the right reason
at the right time
28. How well is your Social Media working today?
29. Social Media toolS
30. www.Gist.com
31. Working Smarter
32. Is it measured like this?
33. Social Media Mgmt: Postling ($)
34. Social Media Mgmt: Hootsuite
35. Sharing on Steroids: Amplify
36. SMS Business Card: Contxts
37. 8Success Criteria for Facebook Marketing
38. Create Best Practices
Promoteyour Facebook Page outside of Facebookto attract more fans. This can be as simple as adding a line to your current marketing or PR materials, such as
Find us on Facebook to learn more.
39. Make it Sticky
Facebook also offers a Share button that you can add to your Web site to make it easier for your content to be shared on Facebook.
40. Keep it Fresh
Assign an employee to create and manage your companys Facebook Page
Post new information, photos and videos regularly.
41. Kittens & BreakfastYes, people talk about this stuff too.. but,
Think of Facebook as a community where you can participate and add genuine value.
42. Respond to messages and questions within 24 hours.
43. Myth:If I build it, they will come.
Develop a strategy to attract fans
44. Remember to get a strategy in place
Lots of Social Networks- Define which ones work for your business
Social Foundation funnels to your website: Start Small (Facebook & Linkedin)
Build Deliberately. Think of it a layer cake.
Be Consistent in what and when you post. Get on a schedule.
Use Tools to work smarter, not harder
Facebook and Linkedin
45. 46. Questions?
47. Well, not exactly
But we are pretty good.
48. 49. Shared Pictures =
Shared Knowledge =
Shared Everything =
Shared Videos =
Shared News =
Shared Bookmarks =
50. 51. 52. Need more?Simply put, we can help.Get you set upCoach You.Get your strategy in placeTrain You.or manage your Social Media If that sounds like something you may be interested in, see me after!
53. Remember if
54. Three Action Steps
Email: [email protected]
Text to fan: virtualoptions to 32655 (FBOOK)
Resources: www.delicious.com/virtualoptions