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Email Marketing and Brand Management Karen Talavera President Synchronicity Marketing Monday March 16, 2009
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Transcript of Email Marketing and Brand Management · Email Marketing and Brand ... Providing inspired email...

  • Email Marketing and Brand Management

    Karen Talavera


    Synchronicity Marketing

    Monday March 16, 2009

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    Why Should Email Marketers Care About Brand Management?

    Why Were Here

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    A Bit About Your Speaker

    Karen Talavera

    President of Synchronicity Marketing

    Providing inspired email marketing coaching, consulting,

    strategy and professional education

    Who is Karen? Nationally-recognized email marketing trainer for the Association

    of National Advertisers (ANA), Direct Marketing Assoc. (DMA) and

    Fortune 500 companies

    Coach, speaker and writer for Huffington Post and other marketing

    industry organizations

    World traveler, social media enthusiast, yoga lover and South

    Florida resident

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    Our Roadmap

    Why Should You Care About Branding?

    Impact of Email on Your Brand

    What the research tells us

    Case Study

    Strategies for Successfully Harmonizing

    Your Email and Your Brand

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    Why Care?

    Sometimes we forget the power of email

    Its not just about blasting messages, its helping to

    build an overall impression

    Every marketing message carries with it brand impact

    Digital touch points can carry greater weight than you


    Everything happens faster online

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    Audience Engagement


    Dialogue Monitoring & Participation

    Active, Conscious

    Brand Management

    The Rules Are Changing

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    Consumers Grow More Media-Savvy

    Make split-second mental decisions whether to

    engage with a message

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    Tribe Management, Not Brand Management

    You dont want just customers anymore.

    You want to build a tribe. Seth says:

    Start with permission

    Ground everything in relevancy

    People want the ability to connect to other

    people, not companies

    Seek products, services, value for the tribe,

    not the other way around

    As quality of tribal connection increases,

    brand value increases dramatically

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    In Turn, The Tribe Transforms The Brand to varying degrees

    42% of Internet users in 29 countries have shared an opinion about a product or service via email

    Universal McCann, September 2008

    By a 5 to 1 margin, people at all ages and income levels have reported using email at least to the degree they have in the past, if not more.

    Marketing Sherpa, 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide

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    Email Favorably Impacts Consumer Brand Impressions

    Adding email to the marketing mix has a net

    positive effect

  • 11

    Trust + Relationship = Positive Brand Impact

    The majority of subscribers enjoy receiving email

    from brands they have a relationship with

  • 12

    Email Reinforces Brand Recall

    Email a leverage-able branding and response

    tool in the marketing tool box

  • 13

    eHarmony Case Study

    eHarmony wanted to complement its offline and

    online marketing with an email branding and

    acquisition campaign

    Partnered with Datran Media in 2007

    Study measured the effectiveness of an email

    acquisition campaign on brand metrics and


  • 14

    eHarmony Case Study Results



    boosted brand

    favorability by

    7.3 percentage


  • 15

    eHarmony Case Study Results

    Email marketing

    lifted unaided


    awareness by

    11.5 percentage


  • 16

    eHarmony Case Study Results

    Among those

    reached, both


    awareness and


    improved with

    exposure to




  • 17

    Beware Effect of Email Frequency on Your Brand

    Dialing up the frequency even to those whove

    opted-in can cause backlash

    Point of diminishing returns hard to determine

    Remember who the gatekeeper is: not you

  • 18

    Top 5 Branding Success Strategies for Email Marketers


    Identity consistent & recognizable, optimized

    for email


    Relevancy segment to know who thinks what

    of you, who buys what, who wants what


  • 19

    1. Permission

    Get it

    Opt-in is best

    Confirm it

    Dont share it

    Make it easy to control or change

    Continually refresh it

  • 20

    2. Identity Recognizable from the offline world

    Optimized for email viewing even on multiple devices

  • 21

    3. Trust

    Honor permission

    Dont allow partners or affiliates to abuse your list

    Honor self-reported preferences

    Format, frequency, interest categories

    Adhere to best practices in deliverability

    Stable from line, Authentication

    Monitor and maintain your Emailer Reputation

    Process unsubscribe requests immediately

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    4. Relevancy

    Emails stay true to what you promised

    Email tone, offers stay true to and consistent

    with your brand personality

    Customer segmentation and past purchase

    behavior drives frequency & offers

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    Send Date:

    November 19, 2007


    Starwoods Frequent

    Stay Program


    Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)

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    SVO Owner Newsletter

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    December 19, 2008


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    Send Date:

    February 22, 2008


    Timeshare Owners

    whove opted-in


    Quarterly, Trigger-


    SVO Signature Offers

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    SVO Announcement

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    September 12,



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    As needed

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    5. Consistency

    Creative continuity within and across email


    Brand consistency within and across online

    points of presence

    Media-neutral brand recognition and personality

    online and off

    Multi-channel harmony

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    Barnes & Noble Email Message

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    Barnes & Noble Email Landing Page

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    Barnes & Noble Site Home Page

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    Barnes & Noble Facebook Page

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    Credits/Thank You

    Big Thanks to:


    Datran Media



    Karen Talavera, President Synchronicity Marketing

    561-967-9665 or

    [email protected]

    Follow me on Twitter @SyncMarketing