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Transcript of Welcome to Advanced eMail Marketing Advanced eMail Marketing.

  • Welcome to Advanced eMail Marketing

  • Heather Honea, Ph.D.Placing the Consumer at the Center of the Marketing Process

  • Seminar FormatWorkbooks are for reference only they should not be read during the seminar unless the seminar leader refers to a particular section.This session is interactive you may ask questions and the seminar leader will stimulate discussion.

  • ScheduleThere Will Be a 20 Minute Break at 10:30Lunch Is From 12 Noon to 1PM

  • eMail Is DifferentDifferent environmentDifferent processDifferent outcomes

  • Outdoor Advertising (Billboards)RadioTelevisionMassTargetedPassiveActiveStatement StuffersTelemarketingNewspapersMagazinesLoyalty ProgramsBrochuresDirect MailingsPoint-of-Purchase Displays

  • eMailTargeted PersonalActiveInteractiveLow ControlHigh Control

  • SpamDegrades legitimate emailPrivacy issues are relevant

  • SpamUnsolicitedRecipients personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to other recipientsRecipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit and revocable permission for it to be sent Transmission of the message appears to the recipient to give disproportionate benefit to the sender

  • SpamNo universal accepted definitionSpam is in the eye of the beholderExpectationsCostsRelevance

  • Permission Based MarketingNew concept in marketingOpt-in, opt-out, double opt-in

  • Legal Issues22 states have lawsNo federal laws (although there are many bills pending in congress)Turbulent arena little precedentMinor enforcement mostly under existing fraud statutes by the federal government, some state action.

  • To Be SafeUse only opt-in listsValid reply addressOpt-out optionDont use misleading offersSpread out your campaign dont over doBe aware of legislation

  • To Be SmartPursue permission based activities Privacy policy (protection, use, how to discontinue participation)

  • To Be SuccessfulKnow your customer Allow the customer to help define the process and outcomesCreate compelling content

  • Implementing eMail

  • Infrastructure AnalysisComputer equipmentInternet connectionsStaffSoftwareDatabaseBudget

  • Task RequirementsMaintaining computer equipmentManaging a service providerEmail software (if you do email in-house)Managing an ASP (if you outsource)Compiling email listsMaintaining a databaseMeasuring your results

  • Advantages to Software OnlyControl over dataNo monthly/per message chargeSpeedBetter database management

  • Disadvantages to Software OnlySet up program yourselfOpt-out is time consuming CostsStrain your infrastructure

  • ASP Key QuestionsCan you preview your messagesIs uploading data simpleIs there a spell checkHow are bounces handledHow easy is it to back up dataWhat kind of reports are offeredIs there auto detect for text vs. Html

  • ASP Key QuestionsWhat is the unsubscribe supportHow stable is the companyCan you manually remove addressesWhat are the billing rates, monthly, message sentHow simple is the administrative consoleDo they archive your email messagesHow quickly is your email sentAuto-response features

  • Email ListsOutside listsHouse listsHarvester lists

  • The Good, Bad, and UglyGood data accurate, secure, permission basedBad data stale, badly organized,Ugly data acquired from unqualified, or unknown source used without recipients permission

  • Offline Databases Get the Email AddressDirect mail order formsLead cards from trade showsGuest books at retail locationsBusiness reply cardsInvoices and billsCustomer service bulletins

  • Offline Databases Get the Email AddressOutbound telemarketingCustomer service representativesSeminars and presentationsWarranty cardsSurveysReceiptsNewsletters via direct mail

  • On-line/On-site List AcquisitionNewsletterSurveysSweepstakesOrder formFree gift or software trialAccess to members areaContact area

  • List BrokerThey can tell you where they got the names on their listsThey wont actually hand over the list to you (they will send on your behalf)They will monitor your message to ensure compliance with the requests of the recipients

  • HarvestingUsed primarily for SpamNumerous software packages availableSome legitimate usesSpiders sites and files for email addresses

  • Planning

  • Know Your CustomerCustomer profilesOffline successCompetitionResearchPractice

  • D and D your CustomerDefine (e.g. geographic, demographic, psychographic)

    Describe (who is the customer)

  • Determine the objective of your copy.

    Generate inquiriesGenerate salesAnswer inquiriesQualify prospectsTransmit product informationBuild brand recognition and preferenceBuild company image

  • Identify your audience and their relationship to your product.What is the customer's main concern? (Price, delivery, performance, reliability, service maintenance, quality efficiency)What is the character of the buyer? What motivates the buyer? What is the customer buying process?

  • Get all previously published material on the product. Previous ads, brochures, press kits andcatalogs (print and audio-visual)Article and press release reprintsTechnical papers and product specificationsCompetitors' ads and literatureBusiness and marketing plansReports and proposals

  • Design and Copy


  • The Subject LineBenefits approachQuestion approachCultural tie-in approachPersonalized approach

  • Email DesignQuick downloadingAvoid large blocks of typeDont use too many graphicsInclude clear banners and headersDont overdo reverse textMake your links clearLink everythingDont use attachments

  • HTML Vs. Plain Text80% can read HTMLConsider your audienceUse rich media accordingly

  • Design ProgramsAdobe PageMillMacromedia DreamweaverMicrosoft Front Page

  • Measurement and Metrics

  • MetricsKey issue in planningData dumpsUseful information, Actionable analysis (related to objectives)Ad Testing

  • Email and Offline IntegrationCoordinate promotionsHelp or hinder offline effortsCoordinate promotionsMaintain design continuityManage expectationsUse your web address everywhere

  • Moving Through the Customer Relationship Stages

  • Moving Through the Customer Relationship Stages BannerWebsite

    Keep communication short and infrequentBegin to personalizeProvide value for their information, allow them to opt-inOrder confirmation

    Increasing level of control for the user

  • Not a Member of the eMAJoin at this seminar and receive $25.00 off any membership categoryAssociateProfessionalCorporateDetails at the registration desk

  • You have completed the eMail Marketing Seminar Congratulations!

  • Welcome to Advanced Search Engine Marketing

  • ScheduleThere will be a break at 3:00.The seminar closes at 5PM.There will be an informal no-host networking reception in the lounge area following the seminar.

  • Seminar FormatWorkbooks are for reference only they should not be read during the seminar unless the seminar leader refers to a particular section.This session is interactive you may ask questions and the seminar leader will on occasion stimulate discussion.

  • Chart courtesy of Overture

  • Return on Investment (ROI) for Online Advertising Methods

  • Do It Yourself or Pay a ProfessionalThe focus of this seminar is on the do it yourself approachBe careful if you are hiring a company to do SEO for you

  • 2500 Submissions for $10.90% of web surfers use the top 10 major engines and directoriesNot of much valueFocus your effortsIf you are not in the top 20 results you will not get much traffic from your listings

  • Your Product or Service Makes a Huge DifferenceSell air-plants and you will have little competition for top listingsBooks, software and computer products will be much more difficult

  • DirectoryEdited by a human reviewerMeta tags are not as importantDifficult to change once listedMost allow paid submissionQuality of site very important

  • Search EngineCrawled by robot spiderMeta and title tags are importantHTML code very importantQuality of site not as important

  • Top Search DirectoriesYahooLookSmartOpen directoryAOL

  • Hybrid EnginesMixed resultsFavors one type of listing over anotherYahoo! Favors its own directory over crawler based results (provided by Google), especially for more obscure inquires

  • Top Search EnginesGoogleAlta vistaLycosHotBotOverture

  • How Do Search Engines Rank Pages?A ranking algorithmFormulas change frequently and are kept confidentialAll search engines have different methods for ranking

  • Your SEO PlanSite design and navigationPrivacy policyBrowser friendly colorsGood contact pageGood checkout process (for e-commerce sites)Fast loading graphics

  • MetricsWebTrends liveSite log analysisIn-house software solutionsAnalyze relevant actionable data not everything

  • Example From WebTrends

  • Example From WebTrends

  • 10 Areas of Concern When Submitting Your SiteURL statusFramesKeywords meta tagDescription meta tagTitle tag

  • 10 Areas of Concern When Submitting Your Site Head sectionPage copyHidden textImage tagsSpiderable

  • Site Design ProblemsFramesFlashJavascriptImage mapsDynamic URLs

  • FramesSearch engines do not index frames very wellWe recommend against themIf you must use frames there are some solutions, although not using frames is better

  • FlashOften used on home pages as a splash pageSearch engines cannot indexYour splash page will not get listedIf you must use it use as much page copy as possible

  • KeywordsMetatagsThink phrases not keywordsPay for click programs (overture)Your choices are criticalOverture keyword generator

  • Much Too General

    ShoesMen's shoesWomans shoes

  • Much BetterImported Italian shoesMens leather penny loafersWoman's aerobic sneakers

  • Metatags,titles and DescriptionsThe title is the most importantHidden text (no-no)Page copy optimizationImage alt tagsText hyperlinksHeading tags

  • Check Out Your Competitors Meta TagsGo to any website and right click your mouse on an open (not picture) area of the site. A menu will pop up select view source and you will be able to see the HTML code for that page

  • Text and Graphic HyperlinksCan help improve your listingsKeywords around hyperlinksText immediately surrounding hyperlinks

  • Search Engine SpamBackground textMultiple title tagsDuplicate site pagesSubmitting more than once in 24 hoursKeywords that do not relate to your site

  • Pay for InclusionNeeds to be done manuallyDoes not guarentte positionSEO is importantUsually guarentees frequent indexing

  • Pay for ClickGet the number one position almost instantly without SEOPPC budget and strategy is importantListing descriptions are criticalKeyword selection needs to be relevant

  • Advertisers' Overall Satisfaction

    cJupiter Media Metrix: Online Advertising Effectiveness Study, August 2001

  • LinkingImprove your search engine rankings with link popularityFind sites that link to your comptetion (page 90 workbook)Find sites that accept site submissionsOutgoing linksLink keywords

  • Reception in Hotel LoungeNo hostInformalMeet with fellow members and marketers


  • You have completed the Advanced Search Engine Marketing Seminar Congratulations!