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Transcript of DMWF expo Keynote LinkedIn Marcel Molenaar

  • 4/4/2017


    Engaging Professional Audiences with Relevant Content to Drive Sales

    Marcel Molenaar

    Country Manager

  • 4/4/2017


    Be the most effective platform

    for marketers to engage

    with professionals

    LinkedIn Marketing Solutions mission


    Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and

    distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a

    clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer


  • 4/4/2017


    Know your Audience

    Define the Target Audience relevant for

    your message. Find balance between

    Target Audience Size & Budget. Make

    your content a lasting impression for



    Develop Audience PersonasCreate Audience Personas which are

    a compos i te representat ion o f your

    typ ica l aud ience. What are the i r

    asp i rat ions? What are the i r key

    mot i vato r s?

  • 4/4/2017


    B2B Buying is a Team GameThe bot tom l i ne i s that many depar tment s

    impact the f i na l buying dec i s ion , and

    marketer s and sa l espeop le a re wel l -

    adv i sed to reach a l l o f the i n f l uent ia l

    depar tment s

    Rethink the B2B Buyer's Journey eBook. This guide shows how

    marketers are rethinking the buying team, content and social media

    marketing, and sales and marketing alignment.

    Know the FunnelAdjus t your mes sage to the pos i t i on

    wi th in the funnel . U se remarket ing o r

    in -ad- lead-gen fo rms to go deeper in

    the funne l .




    Brand Awareness Reach and Engage your Target Audience

    Lead GenerationCovert Desire to Leads

    NurturingEngage Traffc to take Action

    Product InterestCreate knowledge on your offerings

    OptimizeLearn & Optimize your efforts

  • 4/4/2017


    Find BalanceCreate balance between Audience

    S i ze & Budget . Make sure your

    mes sage i s heard and creates a

    las t ing impress ion wi thin your Target










    Impressions Before FirstClick

    Frequency Distribution

    1-2 3-5 6-10 11+Impressions:

    (% of members reached)

    (% of members engaging)

    Start with MobileYour Audience i s Always on and

    consumes your content on the move.

    Onl y 29% of L inkedIn v i s i t s occur on

    Desk top on l y.

  • 4/4/2017


    Be Always OnJus t l i ke your Audience, you should

    s t r i ve to be Always on.

    Traditional strategy Always on


    strategyAlways on

    Engage EmployeesYour mos t engaged might be s i t t i ng

    r ight acros s f rom you every day. Dont

    fo rget employee engagement as they

    are your b igges t advocates .

    ( T I P : L i nkedIn E levate )

  • 4/4/2017


    Be Relevant

    Knowing who your Target Audience is, is

    only the beginning. Know what

    stimulates them, know what is relevant

    and worthy of their time.


    Know the MindsetYour Audience i s look ing to I nvest

    T ime , no t spend i t . Recognize the

    P ro fess iona l Mindset and create

    content accord ing l y.

  • 4/4/2017


    Be NewsworthyTh ink l i ke a j ou rnal i s t . I t s a l about

    present ing content in an exc i t ing and

    re levan t way.

    Audit Existing ContentAnal yze your prev ious campaigns to

    ident i f y succes s fu l content . Know

    what topics are engaging to your

    aud ience and take advantage.

  • 4/4/2017


    Repurpose Great ContentNo need to keep re invent ing the

    wheel over and over again .

    Repackag ing content i s f ru i t fu l &

    ef f ic ient . F i nd your B ig Rock content

    and be creat i ve in ways to t p resent .

    Switch Content TypesLeverage al l Content Types ava i l able

    on the network to keep your

    Audience on i t s toes .

  • 4/4/2017


    Create Engaging content

    Having relevant content is the

    backbone to Content Marketing

    Walhalla. Being able to present it in an

    engaging way will create value for both

    you and your audience.


    Tell Visual StoriesAn image tel l s more than a 1.000

    words . U se Engaging Images to your


    0 ,42% CTR

    1 ,15% CTR

  • 4/4/2017


    Include Call To ActionsWhi l e over l y Sal es - focused messaging

    doesn t work across the board,

    a lways s t imu la te act ion .

    News Flash!L inkedI n creates greater ef f ic iency fo r

    mobi le lead col lect ion wi th the

    in t roduct ion of i t s new Lead Gen

    Fo rms product . Th i s d r ives h igher

    vo lume of qual i t y l eads and makes i t

    eas ie r fo r marketer s to connect

    member s w i th content .

  • 4/4/2017


    Keep it ConsiceKeep your I n t roduct ion Text l ess than

    150 characte r s .

    Interact with your Audience

    Utilize the power of the platform and

    interact with your Audience. Respond to

    statements, resolve questions and go

    beyond expectations.


  • 4/4/2017


    Be ConversationalCont inue moni tor ing your content

    af te r post i ng . Be conver sat ional w i th

    your aud ience and engage. Create a

    sp in ef fect .

    Think about WebcareMoni to r the sen t iment of the

    conver sat ions and so lve real l i fe

    i s sues .

  • 4/4/2017


    Always Measure, Learn & Optimize

    Never settle with what you have, always

    be on the look-out for optimizations and

    ways to improve your Content

    Marketing strategy.


    Identify SuccessLearn to ident i f y success fu l con tent ,

    be able to draw concl us ions and

    respond wi th co r rect act ion .

  • 4/4/2017


    Start A/B testingYou l l never know your aud ience unt i l

    you tes ted them. Implement A/B

    tes t i ng to def ine l earnings fo r l ong

    te rm success .

    Track ConversionsCont inue moni to r i ng your content

    af te r post i ng . Be conver sat ional w i th

    your aud ience and

    ht tps :/ /bus ines s . l inked in .com/market ing- so lu t ions/conver s ion- t rack ing

  • 4/4/2017


    Implement RemarketingCont inue moni to r i ng your content

    af te r post i ng . Be conver sat ional w i th

    your aud ience and

    Connect ing rel evant content and the

    r ight aud ience puts people f i r s t at

    Un i t4

    Case Study

  • 4/4/2017


    S UM M AR Y

    Create Engaging


    Interact wi th your


    Know your Audience Always Measure,

    Learn & Opt imize

    Be Relevant


    T HA NK YOU!

    Marcel Molenaar

    Country Manager