Digital Marketing Live! 2014 - LinkedIn - Marcel Molenaar

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MARKETING SOLUTIONS 1 Marcel Molenaar Head of Marketing Solutions Benelux

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TELL IT, DON’T SELL IT - DE KRACHT VAN CONTENTMARKETING OP LINKEDIN Wist u dat prospects in de zakelijke markt al voor 60% door de besluitvorming zijn, voordat ze contact opnemen met uw organisatie? Maar wat gebeurt er binnen deze fase en waar doen deze potentiele klanten inspiratie op? En nog belangrijker; hoe zorg je ervoor dat je wordt meegenomen in dit ‘onzichtbare traject’ ? In zijn presentatie zal Marcel Molenaar aan de hand van inspirerende cases laten zien wat de kracht is van content marketing en hoe je hier direct mee aan de slag kan.

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  • 1.MARKETING SOLUTIONS 1 Marcel Molenaar Head of Marketing Solutions Benelux

2. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Our Mission. Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful 3. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 4. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 5. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 5 6. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 7. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Everywhere Work wherever our members work Insights Be great at what you do Identity Connect, find, and be found The value we bring to our members 8. MARKETING SOLUTIONS The worlds largest professional network 57% Growth in page views y/y 32% 9M+ Canada 93M+ USA 16M+ Brazil 5M+ Australia 74M+ EMEA 24M+ India 3M+ South Africa 2M+ Turkey 6M+ Italy7M+ France 5M+ Spain 4M+ NL13M+ UK 1M+ U.A.E 1M+ Sweden MEMBERS +2 New MEMBERS PER SECOND +300m May 2014 9. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Hire Engage the worlds best passive talent Sell Engage the worlds decision makers Market Engage most effectively with professionals The value we bring to business 10. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 10 11. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Mindset divide: Third party research highlights a difference in mindset on personal vs professional networks 11 12. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 12 LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved LinkedIn has become the definitive professional publishing platform 13. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 8xmore content than jobs JOBS CONTENT 14. MARKETING SOLUTIONSNeed current footnote/date >45%LinkedIn Member Visits Professionals are on the go 15. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 15 16. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Companies Audience Content RelationshipsRelationships 17. MARKETING SOLUTIONSLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved The buying process has fundamentally changed 18. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Why? Buyers are highly informed, savvy, and demanding Through decision making process 60% Source: CEB, The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, 2012 First contact with brand 19. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Why? LinkedIn drives 64% of all visit to corporate websites from social media channels. 20. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Why? Thats why! 21. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 22. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 23. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Brands build relationships with the worlds professionals by using accurate targeting to deliver relevant content Target Publish Extend Target with accuracy to reach a high quality audience Publish relevant content in a professional context Extend through social sharing and extend quality traffic and data to your sites 24. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Target with Accuracy using authentic data Who they are Who they know What they do Their profile Their connections Their behavior 25. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Who they are Their profile Who they know Their connections What they do Their behavior Senior Exec 0-5,000 Internet Education Inferred Demo Name LinkedIn Employees Industry Company NameSeniority 50-year-old male Function IT/Operations Seniority Connected to Senior IT Decision Makers IT/Operations Function Contacts within IT and Operations Dense Network of Senior Peers Influencers LinkedIn Today Profile Viewing Groups 26. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Publish with a Purpose Engage cross device 27. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 300x250 MPU Text ad Publish with a Purpose Promote your brand 28. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Extend Engagement Content Marketing Score & Trending Content 29. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Are people engaging with my content? How much influence do I have on my target audience? How do I rank against my peers? How influential are my employees? 30. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Your Content Marketing Score measures WHO engages with your content within your target audience 12,000,000 Members 95,000 Members Target Audience Members you would like to reach (monthly active users) Content Marketing Engagement Members who engage with your content IT decision-makers Like, share, comment, follow, click CMS Unique Members Engaged = =x Multiplier 1,6721,672Active Target Audience 31. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. ReachReach FrequencyFrequency EngagementEngagement Launch sponsored update campaigns Launch follower campaigns Post more company updates Encourage employees to post more updates Improve content quality & relevance These are the three levers that influence your CMS XX 32. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. This is how you compare against your peers in reach, frequency, and engagement Brand 0 1.000.000 2.000.000 3.000.000 4.000.000 5.000.000 6.000.000 7.000.000 8.000.000 Unique Users Reached - 20.000 40.000 60.000 80.000 100.000 120.000 140.000 160.000 Total Engagements 0 5 10 15 20 25 Impressions Per Member Reached Peer Group Average Peer Group Leader Reach Frequency Engagement 33. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Case Study: Adobe Sponsored Updates for Branding LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 33 With the ability to target specific audiences with relevant and contextual content, Sponsored Updates allowed us to reach the right audience on the right channel, ultimately helping to move the needle on a primary objective to inform and educate marketers that Adobe is an industry leader in providing digital marketing solutions. Adobe Results 50% more likely to agree that Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing 2.5x more likely to agree that Adobes Sponsored Updates captured their attention 34. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Case Study: Capgemini & Newscred Sponsored Updates for Thought Leadership LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 34 The engagement has been unprecedentednothing they had ever seen using traditional B2B marketing campaigns. Sponsored updates on LinkedIn have an engagement rate of 1.76%, which translates to over 3,000 new followers each week on their company page Newscred 69% LinkedIn Shares 100,000 new followers Results 35. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Case Study: Hubspot Sponsored Updates for Lead Generation Results 400% more leads within their target audience than on other platforms "We have seen very high quality leads coming in from our sponsored updates on LinkedIn. Not only can we target the audience we want to, we can promote our best performing content. Hubspot 35 LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 36. MARKETING SOLUTIONS 36 Owned Curated Custom Your Site Your Social Channels Licence Content Direct to publisher Bespoke Content 37. MARKETING SOLUTIONS Marcel Molenaar Head of Marketing Solutions Benelux Are You