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I am an Icelandic actor. Here is my CV.

Transcript of CV Ivar Sverrisson

  • Ivar rn Sverrisson ACTOR / DANCER Member of the Norwegian Actors Union

    Official homepage:

  • Contact details: Telephone: (+47) 477 007 25 email: [email protected] 2002 Graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts with 4 year Bachelor degree in drama. Born: 1977 Languages (fluent speaker): Icelandic, English, Spanish, Norwegian. (Knowledge): French, German, Danish, Swedish. Accents: Icelandic, Nordic, Russian, German, Spanish, French. Acting age: 25-39. Height: 178 cm Hair: Sand blond Eyes: Blue Body build: Athletic, 78 kg. Skills: Martial art Kadeta (blue belt), modern ballet, ballet partnering, ballroom dancing, stage fighting, capoeira, fencing, basketball, soccer, Skateboarding, tennis, american football, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, physical theater, trained with guns and ammo, mountain biking, gymnastics, contact improvisation. Theater and dance: Year Type Production Venue Director 2011 Physical

    theater What A Glorious Day

    Grusomhetens Teater

    Lars yno

    2011 Theater Le Muse De La Mer

    CDN rleans Arthur Nauzyciel

    2010 Opera Eugene Onegin The Norwegian Opera

    Jakup Kork

    2010 Dance theater

    Brothers Pars Pro Toto Lra Stefnsdttir /strs Gunnarsd.

    2009 Theater Kardemomme byen

    National Theater Iceland

    Selma Bjrnsdttir

    2007 Musical Blue Ocean Ice Media Agnar Jn Egilsson 2007 Dance

    theater On Hold Chor. Irma

    Gunnarsdttir 2007 Theater The Lieutenant of Munic. Theater of Magns Geir.

  • Inishmore Akureyri 2006 Theater Gunnladarsaga Kvenflagi

    Garpur dir. rhildur orleifsdttir

    2005 Modern ballet Legends of Icelandic Music

    Borealis Ensemble

    Lra Stefnsdttir

    2005 Dance theater

    Nna Irma Gunnarsdttir

    2005 Theater By the Bog of Cats

    National Theater Iceland

    Edda Heirn Bachman

    2004 Dance theater

    Ern eftir aldri National Theater Iceland

    Auur Bjarnadttir

    2004 Musical Fame Bjarni Haukur Thorsson

    2004 Musical Little girl with the matches

    dir. strs Gunnarsdttir

    2003 Theater Our Boy National Theater Iceland

    dir. Hilmar Jnsson

    2003 Theater Richard III National Theater Iceland

    Riimas Thuminas

    2003 Theater Ordinary Miracle Theater of Akureyri

    Vladimir Buchler

    2002 Theater Hamlet Theater of Akureyri

    Sveinn Einarsson

    2002 Theater Titus Andronicus Vesturport Bjrn Hlynur Haraldsson

    Fi lm: Year Type Name Producer Director 2011 Lead role TUMULT Young Films UK Johnny

    Barrington 2010 Statist Jeg Reiser Alene Motlys Stian Kristiansen 2010 Security guard Come To Harm Brkur

    Sigrsson 2009 Young man Reykjavik Whale

    Watching Massacre

    Kisi Productions Jlus Kemp

    2005 Soccer player Eleven Man Out Rbert Douglas 2004 Lalli L.A. Ds Blue Eyes

    Productions Silja Hauksdttir

    2004 Frederik Saviour Blue Moon Productions

    Erla Skladttir

    2003 Smali Njlssaga Spark productions

    Bjrn Br. Bjrnsson

    2000 Drug dealer April Fool Haukur M. 1994 Binni Himmelslottet orsteinn

  • Jnsson 1988 Soccer boy Foxtrot Jn Tryggvason

    TV: Year Type Production Producer Director 2011 Documentary

    drama Amundsens South Pole Expedition

    ZDF Germany Oliver Halmburger

    2010 Statist TAXI NRK Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

    2006-2008 Lead in childrens TV episodes

    Stundin Okkar Channel 1 Iceland

    Dir. Eggert Gunnarsson

    2004-2005 Lead in sitcom. Kalla Kaffi Saga Film Hilmar Oddsson 2003 TV Documentary Playwrite Jhann

    Sigurjnsson Jn Egill

    Bergrsson 2001 TV Come to light Channel 1

    Iceland Hilmar Oddsson

    Commercials: 2011 Rema1000 2010 Grandiosa 2010 Radio Norge Umferarstofa Blue Lagoon Mars Chocolate Awards/Nominations: 2003 Nominated as actor of the year by Grma, the Icelandic theater prize, for the role of Hamlet. Agent in Iceland (Icelandic projects only): Sverrir Gudjonsson/ArtCentrum +354 847 1567 [email protected]is