EU market access requirements By Ivar Foss Ivar Foss Quality Management AS, Norway

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Transcript of EU market access requirements By Ivar Foss Ivar Foss Quality Management AS, Norway

  • EU market access requirementsBy Ivar FossIvar Foss Quality Management AS, Norway

  • EU market access requirements

    European lawRules and regulationsEuropean standards for traded productsInternational standardsBuyers purchase requirements Other non-tariff measures..

  • Two categories of requriements1. EU buyers require compliance with EU and national laws and egulations CBI terminology: Legislation

    2. EU buyers possibly request additional requirements, beyond what is required by EU lawCBI terminology: Non-legislationUN ECE terminology: Private Standards

  • Purchase requirements:

    QualityProduct safetySocialEnvironmentalConsumersNGOsGovernmentsMedia Company policy Legislative compliance:- Consumer health and safety - EnvironmentPublic pressure:- Replace dangerous chemicals- Brands: responsibility for the supply chain Report bad circumstances: Social EnvironmentalExpect: Safe products Good circumstances

  • Supply chain management EU buyerExporterSupplierEU consumerConsumersGovernments



  • CBI classification of market access requirements Exporters need to take into account for successful export to the EU:

    Consumerhealth & safetySocial responsibilityProduct qualityThe environmentProducts, processes and conformity assessmentMarket access requirements

    Marieke - Waarom Quality en OHS niet? (zie animatie) alleen social Consumer health and safety en environment worden groen.

    Moeten we ervan maken "what are we talking about today?"

  • Quality issues Textile labellingFootwear labellingQuality standards fruitCertification

  • Consumer health and safety

    product labelsrequirements on dangerous substances beyond legislationmanagement systems

  • Environmental issues

    use of raw materials and natural resourcesuse of chemicalswaste managementmanagement system, eco label, organic label

  • Social issueslabour conditions & ILO Conventionsmanagement systemsproduct labelscodes of conduct

  • Labels

    Communication tool: Business to business or consumer oriented

    Mainly niche markets

    Compliance is monitored by a competent body

    A fee is paid to carry the label

  • Example: H&M

  • Example: EICC

  • Growing number of requirementsEU legislation

    Private sector involvementBusiness ethicsSocial responsibilityCorporate imageStakeholders demandMedia coverageConsumer awareness

  • More stringent requirements why?Life-cycle approach (design - waste disposal)Traceability through the entire product chainZero-tolerance for risks and recallsAccumulating scientific evidence Better testing equipmentMore procedures (compliance, testing, certification)Certification only by accredited bodiesPrivate sector fills gaps of legislationProcess requirements included

  • Increased attention to product safetyNutricia baby foodGrowth hormones meatBSEFoot and Mouth diseaseBirds flueDioxin in chicken, animal feedSalmonella in chickenShigella bacteria in shrimpsGlycol in Austrian wineContaminated Nile perch

  • Damage to your image

  • Market access denied: No market

  • EU non-legislation in CBI databaseDatabase:Relevant buyer requirementsLabelsCodes of ConductManagement systemsMarket impactLinks to other websites for more information

    EU companies are often prepared to work together with suppliers to reach the desired level

  • CBI database for market information

    Through the main menu of the CBI homepage :

    or directly

  • Scope of the databaseMarket access requirementsMarket surveysMarketing guidelines and manuals

    37 sectorsEU and 27 Member States + Norway

    Focus on analysisMany relevant links to other websitesHelpdesk for questions

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