Building A Better Lead Nurturing Program

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PRESENTED BY #C2C14 Building a Better Nurturing Program Cari Baldwin, BlueBird Strategies

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  • PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! Building a Better Nurturing Program" "! Cari Baldwin, BlueBird Strategies!
  • #C2C14! BlueBird Strategies! Dog lover from Bend Oregon! Mother and wife "! 22 year veteran of tech marketing! About Your Speaker!
  • #C2C14! Topics for Today "! Nurture 1.0 and 2.0 Where Are We?! Ingredients for Success! Thought Leadership and Your Content Strategy! Moving Beyond Drip! Takeaways for Success! Q & A!
  • #C2C14! Benchmarks"! A whopping 69% of B2B organizations have not identied their funnel. (MarketingSherpa)! 82% of Marketers say generating more warm, sales-ready leads is the biggest benet from lead nurturing campaigns. (DemandGen Report)! 76% of buyers prefer different content at each stage of the buying process (! 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance (MarketingSherpa)! 65% of B2B Marketers have not established lead nurturing. 79% have not established lead scoring. (MarketingSherpa)! Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. (DemandGen Report)!
  • #C2C14! 1.0 or 2.0 Where Are We? "! 44% of respondents have been nurturing 2+ years Demand Gen Report Nurture Poll
  • #C2C14! Lead Nurture 1.0
  • #C2C14! Lead Nurture 2.0! 7
  • #C2C14! Ingredients for Success Feed the Beast Inbound and outbound"! Data Keep it clean! Personas! Content!
  • #C2C14! Feed the Beast"!
  • #C2C14! Obtain, Improve, Track! Build Dont Buy! Improve deliverability, avoid blacklist! (hint: inbound)! Enrich and Progressively Prole! Segment! Relevant communications drive higher engagement (we see 30-40% higher)!
  • #C2C14! Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric! SEO! Blogging! Attraction ! Customer - Centric! TRADITIONAL INBOUND! vs. Ramp Up Your Inbound! Source Hubspot
  • #C2C14! In order to attract customers, companies have to provide them with something they will love.!
  • #C2C14! Methodology! Using inbound, marketing can turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.! Source Hubspot
  • #C2C14! And Context By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive.!
  • #C2C14! OUTBOUND MARKETING:! AVG COST: $346! Source: State of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, 2012! INBOUND MARKETING:! AVG COST: $135! And Its Cheaper!
  • #C2C14! Tips for Inbound Success! Lead-ready website! Forms, content, clear messaging! Behavior tracking! Consistent blogging and ! use of keywords! Great content! Multi-channel interact with prospects where they are! LinkedIn groups, other social channels!
  • #C2C14! Engage Cold Lists! Add a pre-Early stage Embryonic for 3rd party leads and Wake the Dead for stale leads! Ungated assets, low barrier to engage:! Read our blog! Check out our resources library! View our upcoming webinar schedule! How to get them to select product interest?! What are triggers to get to next level?! Create a survey offer to increase engagement and collect info for sales? !
  • #C2C14! What Do You Have? Snapshot! Enrich! Standardize! Clean "! Data " "!
  • #C2C14! Buyer Personas !
  • #C2C14! Thought Leadership Comes from ! Solid Content Strategy! Inspire the buyer to act (but does not have to mean you created the thought)! Executives, customers, product managers, sales people! Become a social business ! Benets - ! Become part of the conversation early in the buyers journey! Real people talking to real buyers (people buy from people)!
  • #C2C14! Help Your Buyers Solve Problems! Arrow! Source Nolin LeChasseur, Brainrider (Top of Funnel) (Middle Funnel - Nurture) (Later Stage Sales)
  • #C2C14! But Its Not Easy.!
  • #C2C14! Tips for Content Success! Customer-focused its not about you! Demonstrate subject matter expertise ! Align with programs ! Easy to publish, share and amplify! Get started! Content audit! Gap analysis! Road map aligned to buyers journey! ! Keep it Short! 71% want content that is 5 pages or less
  • #C2C14! Moving Beyond the Drip!
  • #C2C14! Using Lead Levels! Proposed Model Marketing Lead Levels - Qualification Proposed Model Level Definition Lead Score Lead Rating Interest Level Qual Level Level 1 BBS - Low 0-20 A High, Medium High, Medium Level 2 BBS - Med 31-59 B Low, Medium, High Low, Medium, High Level 3 - MQL BBS - High 50+ C Low, Medium Low, Medium D Low Low, Disqualified NOTE: Marketing Lead Levels - Interest/Behavior Level Definition Lead Score Level 1 BBS - Low 0-30 Level 2 BBS - Med 31 - 79 Level 3 - MQL BBS - High 80+ NOTE:
  • #C2C14! Nurture Lifecycle! Warm-up Campaign to Engage Suspects Thought Leadership New Content Offers Early Stage Nurture Net New Lead, Completed Form, Awareness & Education Content Completed Early Stage; ConsideraDon Content, Goal is MQL Trial Nurture Free Trial Requested Sales Owner Reached SQL Touch Campaign Sales RepLost Opportunity Nurture Reason-specific branches New Client On Boarding Nurture Current Client Nurture (cross sell/ upsell) Company/Product Announcements Loyalty & Retention, Refer a Friend Advanced Stage Nurture (Role, Title, Industry, Company Specific)
  • #C2C14! Remember This?! Arrow! Source Nolin LeChasseur, Brainrider (Top of Funnel)! (Middle Funnel - Nurture)! (Sales Conversation)!
  • #C2C14! Where to Start?! New Prospects Long Sales Cycles Score AcceleraDon Land and Expand Event Follow-up Customer RetenDon Role/Title Industry Company Specic Wake the Dead Remarket Sales AcceleraDon 12 Unique Nurture Programs!
  • #C2C14! Personalize, Amplify! ! Involve Community! Align with Social LinkedIn, FB, Google, Twitter! Offers at each stage of research based ! on behavioral triggers! Use channel campaigns to personalize nurturing ! to new leads, enthusiasts, customers! Scoring ! Behaviorial ! Firmographic! Recency! Data standardization (db cleanup) !
  • #C2C14! Triggered Sophistication"! Referring asset strategy/pages! Inverted buying stage nurtures with nurture tracks based on which stage offer Clicked! Think B2C! ! Source Mathew Sweezey, Dreamforce PresentaAon
  • #C2C14! It Works!! Wake the Dead Nurture with Gamication Company Generated 57% Re-engagement! ! Wake the Dead Nurture with ERP Provider Targeting Government Generated $200k Immediate Business and $5 Million in Pipeline! ! Core Nurture with Social Business Company Increased MQLs by 36%!
  • #C2C14! Takeaways for Success! 1.0 Start With:! Core, Wake the Dead, Embryonic! 2.0 Focus On:! Stage based nurturing start small and grow! Triggered sophistication! Test inverted strategy! Multiple channel (not just email)! Separate nurture for new and existing customers! !
  • #C2C14! Best Practices! Have a goal! Mobile friendly! HTML or not?! Have good content and map content to stages! Get product interest early!! Be the lead! (again, its not about you)! Test Monitor Revise Monitor Revise! !
  • #C2C14! Thank you! Q&A!