Inbound Lead Nurturing

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Inbound Lead Nurturing (CV201) Professor: Brian Carroll, MECLABS, InTouch

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Lead nurturing is a relevant and consistent dialog with viable potential customers, regardless of their timing to buy.Here's my presentation deck on inbound lead nurturing (CV201) via the Inbound Marketing University for those who missed it.

Transcript of Inbound Lead Nurturing

  • 1. Inbound Lead Nurturing (CV201) Professor:Brian Carroll ,MECLABS ,InTouch

2. Start with a lead Inbound Lead Nurturing Brian Carroll, CEO InTouch and author ofLead Generation for the Complex Sale(McGraw-Hill 2006) 3. Inbound Nurturing Case Study #1 Before Lead Nurturing Results

  • Generated more activity, but same result
  • Marketing felt leads went into a black hole No closed loop