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Copyright MarketOne 2011 1 LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON Or really make a splash like this NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON February, 2012

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  • 1.LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONNURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON Or reallymake February, 2012a splashlike thisCopyright MarketOne 2011 1

2. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONWHAT WERE GOING TO TRY TO COVER TODAY What lead nurturing is When and when not to automate Where to start How to build a business case What kind of content works How to personalize and profile Which pages to drive people to STEVEN ELLIOTTManaging Director What to score and where to route MarketOne DigitalCopyright MarketOne 20112 3. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONBuilding a relationship with prospects, regardless of their timing to buy.Copyright MarketOne 2011 3 4. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONPRM (Prospect Relationship Management) A systematic process for guiding and acceleratingprospects from initial inquiry to sales accepted lead. 5. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON EBD(Experience Based Differentiation)Make the process of researching and buying yourproduct or service a competitive differentiator in itself.Copyright MarketOne 2011 5 6. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSON STORES APPLICATIONS MAC O/S HARDWAREBy integrating its entire stack, Apple is able toconsistently delight its customers. 7. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON [your brand] TELEMARKETING/ INSIDE SALES DIGITALCOMMUNICATIONMARKETING TECHNOLOGYPROSPECTDATAProviding a great prospect experience requires tightintegration of the demand generation stack. 8. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONChoose from many flavours! 9. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSON1. Welcome & Education2. Acceleration (Inquiry to MQL)3. Keep Warm (Sales Rejected Leads)4. Claw Back (Sales Neglected Leads)5. Win Back (lost opportunities)6. Re-engagement (with stale leads)7. Process Automation (Trial Conversion, FreemiumUpgrade, Licence Renewals)Copyright MarketOne 20119 10. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONBUILDING THE BUSINESS CASE 11. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONWIDE & SHALLOWorNARROW & DEEP 12. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSON HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING? EMAIL Ac9 EMAIL Ac8 EMAIL Ac7EMAIL Ac6 EMAIL Ac5EMAIL Ac4 RE-ENGAGE PROGRAM VOIPVOIPVOIPVOIPVOIPVOIP LANDING LANDING LANDING LANDING LANDING LANDINGPAGE 4PAGE 5PAGE 6PAGE 7PAGE 8PAGE 9 ACCELERATION EMAIL Ac10 ACCELERATION PROGRAM TELE-QUAL ACCELERATIONCALL 2 EMAIL Ac11 LEAD SCORING OPPORTUNITIES TO SALES via CRM Copyright MarketOne 2011 12 13. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONDONT AUTOMATICALLYAUTOMATE Its not always possible Scheduled campaigning Dont rely on content that dates But fresh content pulls well Dont set-and-forget 14. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONHOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?Newsletters?Outbound campaigns?Major announcements?Event invitations?Multiple nurture streams?Customer service emails?Copyright MarketOne 201114 15. KNLEAD NURTURING EV SAELO[Q]UTIONLESSON OW NE ENLESWWTANCCONO TTEONLLE EB MIN TA NDAGLEA ATCTEES UEEDDS SSMAKE A PLAN TO FEED THE MACHINE 16. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSON Every time you send a prospect anirrelevant email, youre telling them youdont understand them.Copyright MarketOne 201116 17. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONWHAT KIND OF CONTENT WORKS?TheContentChasmBROCHURESTHOUGHT & LEADERSHIP INFLUENCING DATASHEETS It varies by client and campaign Case studies typically out-perform other assets Third party analyst papers & peer perspectives perform well Podcasts worst performing, brochures actually OK It doesnt have to be a download or even your content 18. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONSIGNATURE EMAILS Provides variety and change of pace No significant improvement in open-rate or click-throughs Subject Line, Content Offer & CTA more important than formatThe perils of personalisation Dont over-use the novelty wears off Ensure reply-to addresses are monitored Informal subject lines and questions Can I help? Use of Fwd: and Re: in subject lines The need to whitelist multiple addresses Think about timing 19. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONDONT BE TOO CLEVER N1Email 1: sent to 1,000 contacts 5% CTR N Email 2: sent to 50 contacts with 10% CTR 2 Email 3: sent to just 5 contacts Y 3 Y Have you got the content to support role-based tracks? Dont use opens to drive program rules (or scoring) Limitations on measurement of dynamic content 20. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONCONVERSION vs. CONVERSATIONCopyright MarketOne 2011 20 21. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONSCORING PROGRAMMESDo it with the inside sales teamBroad product portfolio? Multiple nurture programmes?Keep Implicit scoring consistent and vary Express scoringDo a first pass and review regularly 22. LEAD NURTURINGELO[Q]UTIONLESSONGETTING PEOPLE OUT Educate telemarketing agency or inside sales team Keep prospects in program until manually removed Let all leads through to inside sales (with scoring) Close loop on lead quality and adjust scoringCopyright MarketOne 201122 23. LEAD NURTURING ELO[Q]UTION LESSONSOME FINAL WORDS OF ADVICE Nurturing is a long-term commitment Set expectations: no return likely within the first quarter Build a cross-functional team Consider dedicating resource Fina a partner that can manage complexity on your behalfThank you. 24. STEVEN ELLIOTTManaging Director, MarketOne [email protected] +44 20 3580 4031Mobile +44 7831 446 321