12 Product Launch or Re-Launch

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Transcript of 12 Product Launch or Re-Launch

  • Best Product Launch or Re-Launch 2011

    GLOBE Campaign: Heineken - Please Do Touch Agency: iris Nation Singapore Client: Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore Singapore - one of the most highly regulated and policed places in the world. A society built on being told what to do, and more often, what not to do. Dont touch the exhibit, dont touch the cake, dont touch the grass. So, when the Agency was briefed to launch Heinekens new cans, which feature innovative, textured ink printed on the surface, they wanted consumers to remember how good it is to touch. To start a touch movement. The Agency wanted to introduce Singapore to a beer that feels as good as it tastes. Under the campaign banner Please Do Touch, they created an innovative experience to bring to life the unique feel of the Heineken Tactile Can - the Heineken Touch Maze. The pitch-black maze created the perfect environment to heighten your sense of touch. Consumers were encouraged to feel their way through and be rewarded at the end with an ice-cold Heineken. Supporting print advertising, OOH, in-store and online materials all told consumers that its OK to get tactile. Judging by the positive impact on sales and brand tracking scores, they clearly agreed. One consumer loved the can so much they stole one of the 3D light boxes on Orchard Road!

  • Best Product Launch or Re-Launch 2011

    Silver Campaign: AXE Rise up Agency: InBrief (Ark Scholz & Friends Group), Russia Client: Unilever Everybody knows that AXE attracts the attention of the ladies. Thanks to uplifting Himalayan minerals and lime extract AXE Rise Up really wakes guys up in the morning and keeps them fresh and clear minded the whole day so they can be more successful in relationships with girls. New AXE Rise Up was to be launched in Russia. The core communication message was that guys could be more successful in relationship with girls when they are really awake and pay attention to the details. 3D technology is very popular among the TA and was seen to have a synergy with the AXE Rise Up effect. Without 3D glassed the world is blurry, guys cant concentrate. The Agency produced 3D AXE Rise Up branded glasses with a unique promo code on each. Consumers entered these codes on the web site and get access to special 3D content: girls pictures, games and contests. Glasses were provided for participation in an interactive consultancy with promo staff and as a gift for purchase. (the glasses were bundled with the product on shelves). To generate wider coverage and attract people to the Promotion site, the Agency worked with Maxim magazine to create a special 3D photoshoot of one of the Maxims favorite models, printed in an issue of the magazine, with an interview and AXE advertising. AXE Rise Up 3D glasses were placed in the magazine so consumers could enjoy all details. (Sales results are confidential).

  • Best Product Launch or Re-Launch 2011

    Bronze Campaign: Lexus CT 200h Unconfined Campaign Agency: Walton Isaacson, USA Client: Lexus The Lexus brand has been an enormous success over the last 20+ years because it has consistently challenged the status quo and tapped into relevant consumer needs and insights. The introduction of the CT 200h is the latest example of this adherence to the brand DNA, being the first compact luxury hybrid in the market. Lexus introduces a vehicle that breaks the mould of conventional hybrids. It delivers what many thought was impossiblea hybrid with sporty, sexy styling, dynamic handling, best in class mileage and all the luxury of a Lexus. To launch the CT, Lexus embarked on one of the largest marketing campaigns in the brands history. The multi-faceted campaign, featuring pioneering computer-generated (CG) creative and unconventional media executions. In essence, the CT 200h was a different kind of hybrid for a different kind of driver. The CT 200h as a vehicle represents a break from the traditional for Lexus, and the inspiration for the concept of Unconfined. This unique campaign infrastructure delivered amazing and over-achieving results. It surpassed expected goals, grabbed the interest of potential buyers, and created new heights that have set the bar for future product launches.