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  • 2. What is Juugo?
    • Juugo is a lifestyle company that markets travel-related products. Combining the power of the Internet with the time-tested strength of word-of-mouth marketing, Juugo has created a un-beatable long term opportunity for people from all walks of life.
    • Juugo is a privately held company incorporated in London, UK, and have been in business since April 2009.
    • We have thousands of Independent Distributors from all over the world, enjoying the Juugo benefits offered through our members portal.
  • 3. Global Approach
    • One of the things that makes Juugo special, is that we have a product that everybody can relate to.
    • It really doesnt matter where you live, as the Juugo opportunity are the same in all parts of the world.
    • As a Distributor, you can earn a commission every time someone you have referred, purchase any of our products through the Juugo Website.
  • 4. Juugo Distributor Kit
    • Juugo Big Business - 299.-
    • Juugo Travel
    • Juugotel
    • Priority Pass
    • Towah Club Card Membership
    • Juugo Online Office
    • Can Earn Juugo Sales Commission on product sales
    (1) (1) = Priority Pass has a optional annual renewal fee of 99.-
  • 5. Priority Pass
    • Travel VIP Style, and get access to over 600 airport VIP lounges world-wide.
    • Airports are stressful places. The best way to reduce that stress is to slip into an executive lounge while you wait for your flight. The benefits of Priority Pass membership allow you to do that whenever you travel, regardless of which class or which airline you fly.
    • Membership offers great value for money and allows you to use any of 600 airport lounges whenever you travel. Its time to start traveling VIP style, and enjoy the time at the airport in a fantastic ambient atmosphere.
    Priority Pass is a a product offered by Priority Travel Group, a division of the Collinson Group Ltd. United Kingdom.
  • 6. Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card
    • All members of Juugo get a free Juugo e-wallet operated by Towah.
    • The system is designed for the needs of entrepreneurial individuals like the members of Juugo.
    • The Towah Club Card Account membership is a part of the two Juugo business packages, available to our existing members.
    Towah Group Ltd registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 05311994. Registered address: 7th fl. 52-54 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0EH London, UK MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Towah MasterCard Prepaid card is issued by Newcastle Building Society ('NBS') or Transact Network Limited (TNL) pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Incorporated. Newcastle Building Society is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 156058). TNL is licenced by the Gibraltar Financial Service Commission as an e-money institution (registration 96561). The Towah logo is a registered trademark of Towah Group Ltd.
  • 7. Juugotel
    • The ultimate calling system for people on the move. Superb call quality and reach. Call your friends and family ultra cheap both on mobiles and landlines. Juugotel clients also enjoy FREE member to member calling worldwide.
    • Getting started with Juugotel is as easy as 1-2-3
    • You download our soft-phone for FREE, install it on your computer and purchase some credits to get it all activated trough the Juugotel pages. Never before has it been easier to get access to a Global SIP Service with conferencing capabilities.
    • Juugotel works just as good on your computer, as it does on your mobile phone.
    All Juugotel credit purchases are handled by PostTellus, Finland through the Juugotel portal operated by PostTellus, Finland.
  • 8. Juugo Travel Portal
    • This is the perfect portal to book your travels. You will find special package deals, cruises, hotels, car rentals, flights and much more in our user friendly, easy to use booking engine.
    • Now you can go on that dream vacation you have been wanting for so long, and at a reasonable price as well.
    • Juugo Travel runs inside our member portal, and is made available for everybody to use whenever they want to. Check it out today, who knows, you might even find that special offer that you cannot resist.
    • If you really want to benefit from the travel industry, you can signup to become a Travel Agent, and operate your own Travel portal on the internet.
    The Juugotravel Travel Portal is operated by Global Travel International, USA. All reservations and payments made through the travel portal are handled by Global Travel International. USA
  • 9.
  • 10. Re-Launch Commission
    • Earn money INSTANTLY!
    • We pay re-launch sales commissions on your First and Second level.
    • Commissions are paid instantly. Withdrawal requests are processed every Friday at 15.00 GMT (UK Time)
    The re-launch compensation plan will be replaced By the New Juugo compensation plan, to be announced at a later time. Make sure you position yourself NOW and benefit from the growth. Commission Levels Commission Amount Level One 100 Level Two 50
  • 11. Frank Loyd Wright
  • 12. Some key facts
    • There were about 700 million tourists in 2000 and 842 million in 2006, their numbers will grow to reach 1.6 billion by the year 2020.
    • Mobile cellular has been the most rapidly adopted technology in history. Today it is the most popular and widespread personal technology on the planet, with an estimated 4.6 billion subscriptions globally by the end of 2009
    • In 2009, more than a quarter of the worlds population are using the Internet, and have access to a computer at home.
    • Technological innovations in the past decades have created an unprecedented environment for home-based businesses. Transactions are being made over the Internet everyday, with huge profits and hundreds of thousands of niches to be tapped into.
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  • 14. Timing is everything
    • With the world tumbling and global economy struggling, it truly is the right time to try something new. Why not enjoy life to the fullest, get more quality time with friends and family, and earn some money on the way?
    • Make sure you get back to the person that gave you this presentation, or simply visit www.juugo.net
    • It only takes a second, and all you need is your sponsors username.
    • Good luck making the right choice