World War II The War

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World War II The War. Background Information. Quick Facts (write 2-3). A. War Costs. US Debt 1940 - $9 billion US Debt 1945 - $98 billion The war cost $330 billion -- 10 times the cost of WWI & as much as all previous federal spending since 1776. Quick Facts (write 2-3). B. Human Costs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of World War II The War

  • World War II

    The War Background Information

  • *Quick Facts (write 2-3)A. War CostsUS Debt 1940 - $9 billion US Debt 1945 - $98 billionThe war cost $330 billion -- 10 times the cost of WWI & as much as all previous federal spending since 1776

  • *Quick Facts (write 2-3)B. Human Costs

  • *Quick Facts (write 2-3)B. Human Costs50 million people died (compared to 15 million in WWI) 21.3 million Russians (7.7 million civilians)11 million died as a result of the HOLOCAUST (6 million Jews + 5 million others)

  • *Why the war happened1939Sept.1 - Germany invades Poland (official start to the war)Sept. 3 -Britain & France declare war on Germany

    Dec. 7 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor; US enters the War1941May - Germans SurrenderSept. - Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japanese Surrender19451939-1945US involvement 1941-1945

  • *Why? (underlying causes of WWII)1. Treaty of VersaillesA. Germany lost land to surrounding nationsB. War Reparations1) Allies collect $ to pay back war debts to U.S.

    2) Germany must pay $57 trillion (modern equivalent) 3) Bankrupted the German economy & embarrassed GermansLloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson during negotiations for the Treaty

  • *Why? (underlying causes of WWII)2. World-wide DepressionA. The Depression made Germanys debt even worseB. Desperate people turn to desperate leaders1) Hitler seemed to provide solutions to Germanys problems

    1923 - Wallpapering with German Deutchmarks

  • *Why? (underlying causes of WWII)2. World-wide Depression2) Hitler provided scapegoats for Germanys problems (foreigners, Jews, communists, Roma (Gypsies), mentally ill, homosexuals) 3) Kristallnacht - vandalism & destruction of Jewish property & synagogues

  • *Why?3. Rise of Totalitarian RegimesA. In a Totalitarian country, individual rights are not viewed as important as the needs of the nationTotalitarianismCommunist Dictatorship (USSR)Fascist Dictatorship (Germany, Italy)Military Dictatorship (Japan)Fascism: military government with based on racism & nationalism with strong support from the business community

  • * Chapter 18 Section 2 Notes

  • Government Promoted the War*Bob Hope performing for troops during WWII

  • U.S. lives during WWII*Sugar, butter, meat, gasoline and more were rationed.

  • Women at workPlay Video*

  • WWII Discrimination*

  • Japanese RelocationWe saw all these people behind the fence, looking out, hanging onto the wire, and looking out because they were anxious to know who was coming in. But I will never forget the shocking feeling that human beings were behind this fence like animals [crying]. And we were going to also lose our freedom and walk inside of that gate and find ourselvescooped up therewhen the gates were shut, we knew that we had lost something that was very precious; that we were no longer free.Mary Tsukamoto


  • Chapter 18

    Section 3 Notes

  • #1 Allied offensive in EuropeInvasion of Italy Interactive Map

  • #2 Fighting in the Atlantic & by air

    1939 : 222 ships sunk (114 by submarine)1940 : 1059 ships sunk (471 by submarine)1941 : 1328 ships sunk (432 by submarine)1942 : 1661 ships sunk (1159 by submarine)1943 : 597 ships sunk (463 by submarine)1944 : 247 ships sunk (132 by submarine)1945 : 105 ships sunk (56 by submarine)

    The USS Reuben James, seen here on March 9, 1932 on her recommissioning in Philadelphia. She would be the first US warship sunk by a U-boat. U-47 commanded by U-boat ace Gunther Prien, receiving a salute from a German Cruiser after returning from Scapa Flow.Battle of AtlanticFrom first day of war to last day.Most important battle!!

  • #3 Success invading Normandy

    Invasion of NormandyD-Day BeachesVideo

  • #5 Allied forces defeat GermanyBattle of the Bulge Interactive Map

  • #4 Holocaust

  • Chapter 18

    Section 4 Notes

  • #1 Island-Hopping Plan*Makin IslandNov. 1943TarawaControl of a vital airstripMarshall IslandsKey bases taken which gave good positionTruk IslandsJapan HQMariana IslandsProvided airstrips to attack JapanNew GuineaJuly 1944Philippines

  • #2 Effect Iwo Jima & Okinawa had on the warBattles of Iwo Jima & OkinawaShowed continued Japanese resistanceFighting on islands was incredibly bloodyExistence of Kamikaze attacksResistance forced Truman to make decision on atomic bomb*

  • #3 Reason for Atomic Bomb UseInvasion would be costlyShow Soviet Union power of new weapon*

  • #4 Costs of WarHuman Costs*30 Million civilian lives lost*50 Million lost overall*More deaths than any war in history so far

    *Economic Costs*Armament and military costsTotaling $1 trillion*More property destroyed than in any war in history so far