What next? Offbeat Career Options for Engineers

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Offbeat career options for engineers from acting to writing to photography to even being an encounter specialist!

Transcript of What next? Offbeat Career Options for Engineers

  • How many of you are engineers here?
  • How many of you are engineers by choice?
  • How many of you wish that you could pursue something else?
  • Im here to tell you that YOU CAN!
  • Did I sound like this guy? I apologize.
  • What this talk is NOT: A ploy to dissuade you from engineering A sermon A drab self-help bookish slideshow. All gyaan, no play
  • What this IS about: Broadening your perspectives Exposing options available to you Finding a direction to your passion Increasing your self-awareness And a lot of chocolates! Do you like quizzing?
  • Chocolate no. 1 Identify the name And the profession And the college Jairam Ramesh M.P. IIT Bombay
  • Chocolate no. 2 Identify the person Tell me the name of the first company he worked in/his first album Shankar Mahadevan Computer Engineer Oracle/Breathless
  • So you thought engineers just become engineers. Its time to stop and think.
  • But before that
  • Do you really need a parallel career? Not at all. We rather need engineers.
  • But what we dont need: Bad Engineers. The world is full of them Those who dont like engineering but still pursue it after degree Those who give in to the societal pressure Those who think only engineering can offer financial security Those who remain mediocre.
  • If you wish to become an engineer, become like this gem: Chocolate time Identify the name And the profession E. Sreedharan Father of the Delhi Metro Project Civil Engineer
  • Or a researcher like this veteran scientist: 2 chocolates this time Identify the name Dr. CNR Rao Bharat Ratna Awardee, 2013 60 Honorary Doctorates and 1450 research papers Mysore University, IT BHU and Purdue University alumnus
  • These people shone because Engineering/Science is their passion
  • And so will you. If you know Whats Your Passion? Something that you not only like to do, but love to do.
  • I know For some here, It might not be engineering.
  • It might be Something outlandish. Something that you might feel shy talking about, like becoming a sprint runner for the next Olympics
  • Meet this guy, for instance. The dude on the right, atop Stok Kangri, 6.5 km in Ladakh
  • Or the same dude on the leftafter completing an Olympic triathlon:
  • Or all of the below: Paraglider Canoer Mountaineer Skiier Vagabond Diver Climber Triathlete Yes, the same guy. Saurabh Agarwal IIT-D 2011 passout
  • IMAGINE! What if your passion becomes your profession? You get paid for something that you love to do.
  • If that happens, you will: Love to attend your office Deliver the best quality work Attain mastery because hard work will never seem hard. Most importantly, enjoy.
  • Lets enjoy a little. Ready for more chocolates? Identify the name And the profession Dilip D Souza Columnist, Indian Express Author
  • Who gets the chocolate? Identify the name And the profession Arunabh Kumar IIT Kharagpur Assistant Director, Om Shanti Om Founder, The Viral Fever (Remember the q-tiyapa videos?)
  • Identify the name And the profession Courtesy: some moronic blog
  • Thank engineering, for it taught us: That silence is always misunderstood. Especially during vivas. One can manage without bathing for months and not get caught. Thanks to your classmates following the same maxim. One can multitask and still pass exams (by studying one night before!)
  • Before becoming an engineer, we were: A nerdy, hairy, plump kid roasting our bottoms with heavy books for most of our lives. Unexposed tell me, how can a 17 year old without any awareness of the world take a career decision for life?
  • After becoming an engineer: Nerdy, no more. But shabbier. But something changed. Four years at college lets you pursue things that you love to do Management fests Marketing Dance, Drama, Writing, Photography Travel and Read. Closer to finding your passion. Maybe this is what happened to the person who comes next in line
  • Chocolate time! No more identifying the person Rather, tell me, which famous award did he win in 2006 for the RTI Act? Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership
  • Chocolate time again! Identify the name And the profession Udaya Kumar Ph.D. IIT Bombay and B.Arch, Anna University Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati
  • So what do you want to become? An actor/dancer/model A writer/journalist A photographer An entrepreneur An entertainer A spiritual guru An encounter specialist! And most importantly, an engineer.
  • Actor or Film/Modeling Line: The name of his second movie? College he graduated from? Way forward: Hone your skills dancing, acting, diction, physique on your own Join theatre What Next? Mumbai. Audition. Network. Start small TV/commercial/dance troop
  • A writer or journalist: Identify the name Sidin Vadukut, Columnist Mint, Author, Former Engineer Way forward: Hone your skills reading, writing, reading, writing... Attend workshops Network with people. Join fellowships/journalism schools like ACJ Start freelancing Study further
  • A photographer: Identify the name Devendra Purbiya, IIT KGP 2004 passout, fashion photographer Way forward: Hone your skills lights, camera, photojournalism Read Network. Attend workshops and schools like Jamia Start small FB page. Participate in contests.
  • Entrepreneur Identify the name And his company Way forward: Start off small. Network. Attend summits and seminars. Think Big. Execute swiftly. Find the right partner. Be sharp and sound. Jump in, find the market gap, learn fast and capitalize.
  • An entertainer Identify the name Nitin Gupta(Rivaldo), Standup comedian Way forward: Write a catchy script. Record your performance on a smartphone. Upload on youtube. Perform in your own college and build your base. PJs dont qualify.
  • A Spiritual Guru Identify the duo Bawa-Dinesh IIT-B passouts, AOL gurus Way forward: Grow your hair Talk softly, like this Befriend a high potential guru And read a lot of philosophy!
  • Encounter Specialist Identify the person Navniet Sikera , IIT Roorkee passout, Known as UPs Daya Nayak Has more than 50 hits on his name. Man behind 1090 Women Power Line Concept. Way forward: Get a gun. Get a police uniform. Let your wrath flow. Singham! In short, slog for UPSC and get into IPS.
  • Finally, an Engineer Identify the person Pranav Mistry, MIT Innovator, Inventor Way forward: Participate in contests like Robocon, FSAE, Mini Baja and tech fests. Code day and night, night and day Use websites like codeacademy to learn. Stalkninja to network Research. Give GATE, GRE and study more.
  • Those unclear about ones passion: Way forward is simple. Just go for an MBA ;)
  • Some fellowships to keep in mind: The Young India Fellowship (YIF): One year academic fellowship in liberal arts. Teach for India Fellowship (TFI): Two ye