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Done by Group 3 (DA) for Journalistic Writing.

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    Camouflage by Maryanto, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

  • 2 FEB 2014 OFFBEAT



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    OFFBEAT FEB 2014 3

  • Tear Drop by Philip Hemnell, Gillman Barracks,


    DRIVE was the must-go Art Festival during the Singapore Art Week (17

    to 25 January 2015).

    After a period of four months, DRIVE, a public Art Festival at Gilman Barracks, came to a suc-cessful end on Sunday, 25 Janu-ary 2015.

    Coincidentally, it overlapped with the Singapore Art Week; a jam-

    packed week filled with various art fairs, tours and talks around the city.

    The public art festival showcased art-works, which ranges from wall murals, to sculptures, and even multimedia installa-tions, from both local and international art-ists.

    According to the Executive Director of DRIVE, Audrey Yeo, the whole process of choosing the artworks began in September 2014.

    Around the period of the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, we had put out a call to the artists and members of the public to submit the proposals of their works.

    She added on, The artists are picked based on their concept and their ability to

    execute a public artwork that is original and relevant to the theme of DRIVE, which is young and ambitious.

    One of the artists chosen to exhibit his work at DRIVE was Indonesian artist Maryanto.

    His recent outdoor work Cam-ouflage, had received many

    praises and positive feedback from visitors.

    4 FEB 2014 OFFBEAT


  • Above: Open Call Poster for Drive @ Gillman Barracks

    @ Gillman Barracks Ends Successfully After Four Months

    Maryanto explained, The idea of my art-work was to camouflage the mural on the building to the nature (tree) behind it.

    Its not only about painting the picture on the wall, because that would be the same as displaying a painting in the gal-lery.

    He added on, You have to collaborate with whatever circumstances there is. In my case, its the tree.

    The public art festival had attract-ed many visitors- from Singapore and abroad.Singaporean Mr. Goh, who had chanced upon this public art festival by accident, thinks that the whole outdoor concept was interesting.

    Said Mr. Goh, Since there are different types of artworks, it is able to cater to different types of taste.

    Operations specialist Richard White

    said, The whole outdoor thing is good! Art isnt constricted only to a gallery space or museum, it can be seen every-where in different things, as shown at DRIVE!

    The open call for DRIVE had attracted and encouraged potential artists to step out of their shells.

    Said Ms. Yeo, First round projects from artists such as Marcin Dudeck and Mar-yanto were the ones that encouraged the public and gave them the imagination to start their own works.There was even a secondary school stu-dent who had submitted his proposal to us.

    The art scene in Singapore impressed Australian journalist, Michael Fitzger-ald, who was part of the media tour at Gilman Barracks for the Singapore Art Week.

    Said Mr. Fitzgerald, The art culture here in Singapore is very strong and well-funded. Its the potential centre for visual arts in South East Asia.

    Ms. Yeo ends it off, For sure, you can ex-pect for more of such similar art events like DRIVE in the future. Do look forward to them!

    To find out more about upcoming art exhibitions at Gilman Barracks, do visit their website at

    Written by Siti Syaimah


    OFFBEAT FEB 2014 5


  • Peddlers manning their stallsWritten by Siti Nur Faisha



    Back then, it was well-known for its infa-mous name, Thieves Market. As the name suggested, peddlers would sell stolen goods. However, in this present-day, the items sold are legitimate.

    While the flea market does not require any rent or entrance fee, most of the peddlers do this with means to support themselves.

    Ah Kiat, who has been hawking for more than 10 years, said, We hope that the gov-ernment will open a new place for us to continue, if not, we cannot do anything. We are not asking the government for help, we just hope that the flea market can continue here.

    With the construction of Sungei Road MRT Station already underway, the flea market will soon disappear and so will the liveli-hoods of the old folks.

    The Sungei Road flea market located be-tween Jalan Besar Road and Rochor Canal Road will be closing down soon by the Na-tional Environment Agency (NEA), to make way for the development of the new Sungei Road MRT Station in 2017.

    From the looks of it, the flea market is ceased to exist as news of relocation is still inauspicious. The NEA has reportedly re-jected any plans to relocate the flea market.

    Hong Da, one of the peddlers said, If there is no relocation for us, this flea market will close down permanently. We cannot do any-thing about this situation because its all up to the Government.

    The Sungei Road flea market has been around for more than eight decades ever since its heyday. Peddlers would set up their stalls with their items placed on a spread of plastic mats or on make-shift tables.

    6 FEB 2014 OFFBEAT


  • Different types of items sold at the flea market

    While industrialization and growing is im-portant, is there any way for Singapore to sustain its old heritage?

    The peddlers remain hopeful for any news of a possible relocation.

    Despite the existence of shopping malls and many other modern flea markets like the one in *SCAPE, Sungei Road flea market has its charms that attracts its unique visi-tors every day.

    The flea market appeals to collectors, an-tique-lovers and bargain hunters. However, locals and tourists can also be seen stroll-ing along the busy roads of the flea market.

    Interesting items that were being sold there are old DLSR cameras, comic books, gramophones, cuckoo clocks, old typewrit-ers, vintage televisions, glass wares and more.

    Its much more entertaining than a shop-ping mall, said Christine, a local teach-er who visits the Sungei Road flea market every weekend.

    It is also rare to spot teenagers at the flea market in contrary of the items sold there - old, vintage and second-hand. Furthermore, it is hard to find those who appreciates the old.

    Mardhiany, a student, commented, I like the nostalgic feel. Especially the fact that someone has lived in those things.

    Many agreed that the Sungei Road flea mar-ket is unique and archaic. Like the famous quote by Coco Chanel, In order to be irre-placeable, one must always be different.

    Being different is what made Sungei Road flea market significant.

    OFFBEAT FEB 2014 7


  • Above: The front entrance to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

    Legacy keeps growing at Botanic Gardens

    Peaceful. Green. Serene. These are the words used by visitors to describe the 160-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is located at the south of Sunny Singapore, at 1 Cluny Road.

    The well-known tourist attraction, which officially began operations in 1859, wel-comes visitors from every corner of the Earth with its beautiful scenery and di-verse nature.

    Formerly a 32-hectares plantation site has now bloomed and expanded into a 74-hectares recreational and educational research garden.

    That isnt the only thing that has grown; over the years, there has been a great in-crease in the number of visitors to the


    Said National University of Singapore (NUS) Student Tan Luoyi, I think the reason for the increase in visits is due to the opening of different sections. For ex-ample, the (Jacob Ballas) childrens gar-den.

    She continued, I think its great that theyre doing so. It helps to add on to the variety and diversity of the garden!

    The only Botanic Garden in the world to operate from five to midnight daily in a year, it boasts many facilities and ameni-ties such as the National Orchid Garden, Evolution Garden, Botany Centre and Childrens Garden.

    While the National Orchid Garden, the largest orchid display in the world, show-cases about 60,000 plants & orchids, the Evolution Garden shows the develop-ment of plant life throughout the years on Earth.

    Project Director Colin Tye, who was on a business trip here, confesses that it was his first visit to the garden.

    I went to do a search on the internet and this was the top go-to place in Singa-pore.

    8 FEB 2014 OFFBEAT


  • Story by Siti Syaimah

    Above: Ju Mings Taichi sculpturesHe added on, Its much bigger and more diverse than what I have expected. Com-paring to the photos I have seen online, I can see why people enjoy their visit here.

    With a rich history of almost 160 years, Singapore Botanic Gardens has played a significant role in the nations history.

    Back in the 1950s and 1960s, it was a popular place for family gatherings, school performances and weddings.

    In present day, there is not much differ-ence from the past, as one will still be able to spot families and friends sitting by the lakes and at the shelters.

    Singaporean Kenny Lau, who visits the garden twice a year, was playing a game of Frisbee with his family.

    He said, I like the open space and nice scenery of this garden. But most impor-tantly, I like that Im able to spend time out in the nature with my family!

    Learn more about the history of Singa-pore Botanic Gardens at the heritage tour, which will be held on 28 February 2015, from 9AM onwards at the Green Pavilion, Botany Centre.

    Highlights of the tour include