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2. Offbeat Safaris in Kenya 3. Bull giraffe on Chyulu plains. Amboseli Ride. 4. Typical Mara lion. Note only one car 5. Honeymooners lie down and study us at close quarters 6. Wildebeest crossing the Mara river July October annual migration. 7. The migration from the vehicle 8. The migration crossed our path in the Mara Triangle 9. Galloping in Mara in July. The zebra precede the wildebeest in the migration 10. Sunset and wildebeest during the migration 11. Cantering on Amboseli lake bed in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro 12. Who says polo ponies cant jump. Dream Date at a Masai boma. 13. Elephants walking in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli 14. Riding behind elephant, Amboseli 15. Close up to elephant on horse back 16. Hotspur and Cameron Slade (Carolina MFH) in Amboseli marshes. 17. Cindy and Dream Date with Buffalo herd. 18. Buffalo can be inquisitive as well as dangerous. 19. Free spirited across the Mara plains. 20. Hippo blowing at Mara river crossing 21. You can find yourself surrounded by Hippo! 22. Bull elephant takes no nonsense. 23. Riders silhouetted against a sun set in Amboseli 24. Mogwooni on the picket rope. The horses stables whilst on safari. 25. Masai dancing. A moving cultural experience. Olare Lamun camp site, Mara. 26. A typical tent on a riding safari 27. Bush barbecues a safari specialty. 28. Safari kitchen. Clement bakes fresh bread rolls in bush oven. 29. Deloraine and croquet lawn 30. The Blue Room, Deloraine. 31. Swimming pool at Deloraine 32. Bull buffalo and flamingo. Lake Nakuru National Park 33. Sosian Ranch House at dawn, with weaver bird nests 34. Sitting room at Sosian Ranch House, with Argentine furniture 35. Italian cottage, Sosian Ranch 36. Swimming pool, Sosian Ranch 37. The waterfalls on the Euaso Narok river, Sosian Ranch 38. Camel safari walk and sundowners on Sosian Ranch 39. Offbeat Meru Camp, mess tent 40. One of the double tents at Meru 41. Walking with elephants, Meru Camp 42. Typical tent and lunch table, Mara Camp 43. Dinner table, Mara Camp 44. Ride, Drive, Walk and Fly with Offbeat Safaris.