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Offbeat Ways to Obtain Business Loans and Business Funding in the 21st Century. Sponsored by:

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  • 1.Offbeat Ways to Obtain BusinessLoans & Funding in the 21st Century Prepare By:Gil Zapata, Founder & CEO of Lendinero.comCollaborators: Eduardo Solorzano, & Hector Trigueros848 Brickell Ave. Suite 603 Miami, FL 33131 Toll-Free: 866-264-4691 - [email protected]

2. LENDING & FINANCING IN 21ST CENTURYBEFORE NOW Investment Groups Crowd Funding Banks Private Equity Portals Cash Flow Home Equity Merchant Cash Advance POF Financing/Factoring Credit Score Driven P2P Lending Angel &VC Capital Private Placements Easy to Obtain Walk Alternative PROVE IT-WORK MOVING ON-LINE 3. Local & National Investment GroupsNational Association of Investors Corporation35,000 Investment clus in the U.SMore than $175 Billion of Equities in Portfolio-50Mill MonthlyEquities Start Ups,Operational, Stocks, Real Estate,Etc.Grass Roots Investment Group LLCStarted in 2000$118,000 portfolio worth more than $1.3 millionEquities, Real Estate, and businesses: car washes, franchises,etcRESEARCH START YOUR OWNInvestment StrategyDiversity include your Co. 4. CASH FLOW LOANS 530-600 Credit ScoreIDEAL FOR MAGIN MARK UPS IN EXCESS OF 30% OR POTENTIAL TO INCREASE MARGINSBY 5% TO 10% TO EXPAND SALES, INVENTORY, PURCHASE ODER DRIVEN NICE LENDERS FOCUSING ON CASH FLOW OF THE BUSINESS GROSS DEPOSITS AVERAGE MONTHLY DEPOSITS 6 MONTH BANK STATEMENTS LEND $5000 TO $150,000 CAN WORK WITH CREDIT SCORES OF 530 TO 600 GOOD CASH FLOW (6 MOS TO 1 YEAR)-CAN PAY MY LOAN GOOD FOR BUSINESSES AT LEAST 1 YEAR IN BUSNESS OR MOREBANKS CANNOT DO THIS!!!!-NATIONWIDE AVAILABLEOther Solutions:Purchase Order Financing, Online Merchant Financing & Factoring 5. POF & AR FINANCING Order Due in Dollars or Invoicing Due: Purchase Order or Invoicing : $100,000PURCHASE ORDER (PO)Need or Produce or Cost to Provide Services:$ 60,000 Advance:$ 80,000 Difference: $ 20,000 *paid upon collections (60/90/120)ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (AR) Normally: Big Purchase Orders or Big Invoices Are Not Paid by Government, Vendors,MERCHANT CASH ADVANCEOr Big Retailers 30 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, Even 6 Months Out.Credit Card Average Example: Your Client Will Pay You 120 Days Out : $100,000 (Finance Co.Collects) Rate: 1.5% Monthy 4.5% 3 Months 6. Why POF, AR, or MCA Finance Its Not Credit Score Driven Allows You To Grow & Scale ($10K) (Order: $100K) Interest Rate Friendly Improves Cash Flow The OPM (Others People Money) Finance Co. Establishes Historical for Future Finance On Credit Cards (Dont Take Cash) Disservice Finance Wise You Dont Need to Worry About the Cash to: Produce, Manufacture, Buy, Staff, Provide Services Document Intensive on Financial Side (down side) 7. CROWD FUNDING PORTALS NOTE VERY BUSINESS IS CROWD FUNDING MATERIAL YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY BACK THE FUNDS GIVEN TO YOU 15 to 60 Day Timeline or Deadline Fast: $5,000 to 300,000 Enhance your Social Media Before you Go Know What You Will To Your (BACKERS) Need a Video Usually Need Samples, Visual Materials,Etc EXAMPLE: $50, $200, $500, $ 1000 (Service, Product, Etc.) 8. P2P LENDINGPERSONAL LOANSBUSINESS PURPOSESPROOF OF INCOME (PAYSTUB)SCORES- 640 TO 680$10K-30KFAST FUNDINGBUSINESS: ARTICLES/BANKSTATEMENT 9. VENTURE CAPITAL VIABLE BUSINESSES FUNDABLE BUSINESSES 3 TO 4 YEARS- $10 MILLION TO $100 MILLION THINK BIG 300 TO 1000 VC FIRMS IN US ALONE 30 SECONDS HOT OR NOT CLEAN DEAL HONEST FINANCIAL CHALLENGES SHOW WHERE THE DOGS ARE EATING WHAT IT COMES DOWN:SCALE UO 1ST MONTH:$100-2ND MONTH:$1000 (1000%) INCREASE REVENUES THE VCS-MULTIPLY THIS-SEE MILLION 10. COUPON SITES Advanced Sales, Financing, Customers 11. PLACEMENT AGENTSFUNDING ADVISORS Agreements & Contracts with Lenders They Know Program Guidelines Multiple Sources to Fund a Funding Request They know how to structure Deals & Present them They have a personal relationship with Funders. They can prepare & Guide you Whats Needed They can show you how to scale up Can Provide You Inside Tips & Knowledge Based on OtherBusinesses They Come in Contact With on Day to Day Basis 12. CAPITAL, FUNDING, MONEY INDIRECTLY FUNDINGCapital Infusion Utilizing All Resources: Case Scenario: OFFICE-$2K =$24,000 1. INFRASTRUCTURESUPPLIES $500 = $60002. CONTACTSTEL/NET $200= $2000 STAFF 3X $5K =$60,000 3. CLIENTSLOAN= $20,0004. CAPITALCONTACTS-$$$= $100,000COMMITMENTS = $100,000 5. JOINT VENTURES 6. ABAS TOTAL= $312,000 13. What Do We Do?We help businesses secure loans and obtain alternativefinancing utilizing a proprietary system that will let us knowthe funding channels available.The application will take into consideration all fundingchannels discusses to obtain short-term and long-termfinance based on the business profile, industry, sales,products, services, accounts receivables, earnings,technology, and last the credit profile.Even if Denied Scoring system that identifies the areasthat need to be addressed to obtain financing. 14. THE END !!! By: Gil ZapataResearch & In-House Staff Eduardo Solorzano, & Hector Trigueros 848 Brickell Ave. Suite 603 Miami, FL 33131Toll-Free: 866-264-4691 - [email protected]