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Webinar: Welcome to Payoneer

Introduction to Payoneers Services for Professionals and Small Business OwnersMarch 2015Welcome everyoneThank them for joining the webinarFreelancers, professionalsIntroduce the team (transition to next slide)1Presenters2Host: Romi Sigal Community Manager at Payoneer

Moderator: Valeria Aharon Customer Support Representative at Payoneer

Moderator: Sivan Yitzhak Community Manager at Payoneer

Introduce the teamFeel free to ask questions moderators answering throughout the Webinar2Agenda

Intro to Payoneer Receiving FundsWithdrawing FundsPayoneer CommunitySneak Peeks 2015Your QuestionsQuick review of what will be coveredExpand on each section, dont just read it3Intro to PayoneerPayoneer Worldwide5

Payoneer is a global company, with account holders fromFreelancers, professionals and business owners Last year, over 2.5B processedConnecting the world, connecting businesses and people

5Payoneer at a Glance6

Over 400 employees around the worldSupporting over 35 languages in our 24/7 customer support, online accountOver 1,700 companies and businesses that choose Payoneer for payment processing give examples (Fiverr, oDesk, Freelancer.com)6Payoneer AccountPayoneer Account Flow88

Receive Funds

Withdraw Funds

View Funds

Receive funds: flexible, quick and easyglobal collection accounts and companies using mass payout services will get into detail later

Accessing Payoneer account:Desktop or Mobile 2 ways to stay up to date with your account

Withdraw funds:Local bank account, or use your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard8Payoneer Account9

Payoneer.com account log in

Username (your email) and password3 shortcuts: payment history, transaction history, account information9Payoneer Mobile App10

Mobile app for Android and iOSPayoneer on-the-go balance, recent payments, your local currency10Receiving Funds

Mass Payout Companies12Companies that offer official payment via PayoneerFunds available in minutesThousands of companies

12Funding Sources Mass Payout Companies


Some examples out of over 1,700Be part of different marketplaces/companies to expand client base

All in one add as many mass payout companies to your Payoneer account13Funding Sources Global Collection Accounts

1414US Payment ServiceReceive bank transfers from US companies

EUR Payment ServiceReceive SEPA bank transfers from EU companies

2 global collection accounts currently provided US and EURDetails on next slides14Funding Sources US Payment Service1515

US account and routing numberEasy ACH paymentsLow Fee = 1%

Any company in the US which meets T&C whether big (Amazon, Clickbank, Apple) or smallUS bank detailsFast (1-2 business days), easy and low-cost ACH transfersPayments sent directly to Payoneer account balance

15Funding Sources US Payment Service16


Access online account desktop application16Funding Sources US Payment Service17

US account and routing info

Information to give to clients/companies

Can access info at any time

17Funding Sources US Payment Service18

US Payment Request send an easy request for payment from a US company.

Company receives email with your full US bank details can easily pay.

18Funding Sources EUR Payment Service


Personal BIC and IBAN numbers Easy SEPA transfers FREE!

Works in similar way to USPSReceive fast and easy payments from companies/clients in Europe via SEPA transferNo feePayments sent directly to Payoneer account balance19Funding Sources EUR Payment Service20

Same place as USPS details EUR payment service profile

If option isnt there sign up send us email(share community@payoneer.com on chat)20Funding Sources EUR Payment Service


IBAN and BIC full details for your collection account

Details to give to European clients/companies to receive SEPA transfers

More info: (share link to US/EU FAQ page on website: http://www.payoneer.com/USPService.aspx)21Withdrawing FundsPayoneer Prepaid MasterCard


Immediate access to your Payoneer account balanceMake purchases online and in storesWithdraw cash at millions of ATMs worldwide

Can receive payments in matter of minutesUse card easily at stores, sites and ATMs easy access to funds23Payoneers Bank Withdrawal Service2424Withdraw funds from Payoneer to your local bank accountReceive funds from local banks in your local currencyAvoid fees and delays related to international wire transfers

Service available in over 80 countries right nowYou choose how much you want to transfer to bank accountDone the next business day, minimal fees (only for conversion)Working to have this available for all countriesYou can check if your country has the service enabled:(share link in chat to W2B page on website: http://www.payoneer.com/WithdrawToBank.aspx)24Payoneer CommunityThe Payoneer Community: Blog & Forum


Blog: Payoneer news and updates, features for companies and payoneer account holders + industry news about freelancing, affiliate marketing and global paymentsForum: getting the community together to discuss different topics meet other professionals & business owners + get in touch with the Payoneer team26The Payoneer Community: Social Media


The Payoneer Community: Social Media


All links are on website great info and interesting updates on events, contests stay in touch with us!28Refer a Friend Program


Friend Applies for Payoneer Account Refer a FriendYou & Your Friend Receive $25!

Our form of an Affiliate ProgramInvite friends, family or other professionals to use and benefit from PayoneerPersonal link to shareYour friend receives $25 once they start receiving payments, and so will youGrowing the community even more & spread the word(share link in chat to blog post about how to use RAF program: http://blog.payoneer.com/how-to-participate-in-the-refer-a-friend-program/)

29The Payoneer Forum Coming to a City Near You!30Local freelancers, professionals & entrepreneurs discuss global and local business trends

Brand Ambassador program currently in 5 countries, expanding to more countries and citiesPayoneer Forum: local meetups for freelancers and professionals, connect and learn about the industry. Great networking & learning opportunityBangladesh at the end of Feb, Vietnam next month30Sneak Peak for 2015Coming Soon in 2015

32Expansion of Global Collection Accounts more currencies

Send Funds Worldwide outside of Payoneer networkPayment Processing services to receive credit and debit card paymentsGlobal collection accounts: GBP and CAD are nextSend funds: Paying suppliers, business partners, designers, marketers for your businessPayment Processing: many people need it, developing this to get payments via credit/debit card more options3233Thank you for joining, hope you enjoyed and found useful information.Short break and QA session send questions in chat and in a few minutes well continue