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Today’s Transparent Subliminal PhD. Att. Oana BARBU West University of Timisoara

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Is there a subliminal message in Advertising?

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  • 1. Todays Transparent SubliminalPhD. Att. Oana BARBU West University of Timisoara

2. Whatis a subliminalmessage? "sub" = below "liminal" refers to the "limen" or "threshold" of conscious awarenesssubliminal-messages are messages that youre not consciously aware of, but are still able toinfluence or affect you on a subconscious level. 3. Subliminal stimuli Exterior factors you cannot control strong enough to trigger a neuron in your brain, but not strong enough for your mind to be able to detect or identify the message consciously They affect the most intimate level 4. An orange kangoroo from Denmark 5. Subliminal stimuli we cannotoverpass Primary instincts Sigmund Freud: hunger, fear and sex Archetypes If somebody rescues the princess he is a hero Socio-cultural symbols The cross stands for? divinity cardinal points division of the world into four elements Life the union of the concepts of divinity, the verticalline, and the world, the horizontal line (Koch, 1955) 6. Subliminal stimuli we cannotoverpass Prejudices 7. Subliminal stimuli we cannotoverpass Memory stimuli 1909 Marcel Proust writes his famous work InSearch of Lost Time Gains its popularly for the notion of involuntarymemory "episode of the madeleine". 8. Subliminal stimuli we cannotoverpass Rituals Corona beer a time-honored Mexican custom?NO! 9. Subliminal stimuli we cannotoverpass Emotions we are all emotional human beings! 10. Types of subliminal messages Subliminal audio tapes The most common and well-known form of subliminalmessages verbal affirmations are recorded at a lower level (in otherwords, very softly), and mixed with a much louder"foreground bubbling stream, rain-drops, Wind or wave sounds other easy-listening sounds Associated with therapeutic and motivational purposes 11. Types of subliminal messages Back masking messages that are played backwards such thatits impossible for the conscious mind tounderstand anything. During the 1970s, media reports raised a seriesof concerns of its impact on listeners, statingthat satanic messages were calling its listenersto commit suicide, murder, abuse drugs, orengage in sexwhich were all rising at thetime 12. Types of subliminal messages Silent Subliminal either a very high frequency message or a verylow frequency one, inaudible to humans. 13. Visual subliminal messagesMost famous subliminal experiment:In 1957, James Vicary conducted an experiment at a movietheater in Fort Lee, New Jersey.Vicary placed a tachistoscope (a device which flashes aseries of images rapidly onto a screen) in the movie projectionroom.During the screening of the movie "Picnic", he flashed rapidlyseveralmessages("Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungry? EatPopcorn") on the movie screen every five seconds.He claimed that the results showed that Coca-Cola salesincreased by 18.1%, while popcorn purchases jumped by asignificant 57.8%. 14. James Vicary actually faked theresults of the experiment. 15. Hidden symbols Hidden texts 16. Suggestive images 17. Hidden images 18. Todays subliminal actions are even moreeffective! they appeal to our 5 SENSES!The obvious is the newsubliminal! 19. SightBody wisdom 20. Sightwedding consultant 21. Smell New car odor Barkleys Bank Singapore Airlines 22. Taste Taste of Christmas cinnamon yogurt Provoking a taste through visual images how does the summer taste? 23. Hearing sounds Music tempo Nature sounds in supermarkets at the groceryrayon Catchy sounds (Nokia sound, Intel insidesound) 24. Touch Toys that have a try me button The tinier and lighter the digital camera or taperecorder is, the more cutting-edge thetechnology inside it must be, right? 25. Brand Sense - Martin Lindstom Uniqueness Memorabilia engagement Differentiate Builds trust 26. But is it a transparent engagement? Where is the line betweentransparency and subliminal in brandcommunication? How can you outlaw something that isnot consciously visible and its highlyinterpretable? The moment you realize the subliminalmessage through your senses, its notsubliminal anymore!