SOCIAL MEDIA - Connecting the World with Businesses

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description Strategic Marketing Solutions We are a full-service marketing agency and we help our clients reach their maximum marketing potential. Whether you need a new website, a results-oriented redesign of your current one, a powerful logo, a solid marketing strategy to generate more leads, or a plan to improve your conversions, we can do it all. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you reach your marketing goals! "Social media now accounts for 18% of all time spent online." (WordPress Hosting SEO) It's important for businesses to learn about how consumers are using social media to maximize prospect engagement, relationship building, lead generation, and sales conversions. Share this presentation with other business owners to help! This presentation was created by Nicole Elmore, Business Consultant & Marketing Strategist Does your business need help? Get a free consultation: Did you like this presentation? More great tips at or

Transcript of SOCIAL MEDIA - Connecting the World with Businesses

  • SOCIAL MEDIA92% of U.S. companies now use social media in theirmarketing efforts. (Heidi Cohen)DID YOUKNOW?Social Media - Connecting the World with Businesses
  • TWITTERSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesFor every 100 millionusers on each socialnetwork, 197.3 Twitterusers were likely to sharean online story comparedto 41.8 on Facebook, 15.2on LinkedIn and 6 onGoogle+(UMPF)Twitter 500 Million total Users
  • Every second,approximately 9,100tweets are being tweeted.That is an average of 58Million tweets each day.(Statistic Brain)TWITTERSocial Media - Connecting the World with Businesses
  • 80% of U.S. social networkusers prefer to connect tobrands through Facebook.(Hubspot)Over 2.5 billion likes are madeevery day on and off theFacebook site.(C|Net)FACEbookSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesFacebook 1.1 Billion Users
  • 56% of customers say thattheyre more likely torecommend a brand afterbecoming a fan.(Mind Jumpers)FACEbookSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesFacebook 1.1 Billion Users
  • 65% of B2B respondentshave acquired acustomer throughLinkedIn.(HubSpot)LINKEDINSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesLinkedIn 255 Million UsersThere are over 2.7 million businessLinkedIn Pages.(Creotivo)
  • PINTERESTSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesPinterest 48.7 Million UsersIts users are extremelyengaged, it keeps itsusers logged on for longperiods of time andranks as number threeat 88.3 minutes per userper month.(Jeff Bullas)
  • GOOGLE +Social Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesGoogle Plus 343 Million active UsersGoogle+ has more than 400 million total users, with 100million accessing the site each month. The typical user isa male in his late 20s with a technical position orbackground.(Jeff Bullas)
  • INSTAGRAMSocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesInstagram 100 Million UsersInstagram has an averageof 7.3 million daily activeusers, more than Twitterwith its 6.9 million dailyactive users.(AllThingsD)
  • YOUTUBESocial Media - Connecting the World with BusinessesYouTube 1 Billion UsersOver 4 billion hours ofvideo are watched eachmonth on YouTube.(YouTube)25% of global YouTube views come from mobiledevices. (YouTube)
  • is an innovative site providing start-ups andexisting small businesses with the tools and resources to start,build, grow, and maintain profitable businesses.A blog by Nicole Elmore, successful Business Consultant &Marketing Strategist
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  • Slide 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: Media User Amount Statistics presentation was created by top-notch Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist, Nicole Elmore.If you need help with your Social Media Marketing and/or Management,contact Nicole at