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Presentation: 25th-anniversary of SBES / the AOSD-BR community and its research impact.

Transcript of Slides "sbes is 25 2011" - AOSD-BR community

  • 1. The AOSD Research Community in Brazil and its Crosscutting Impact(or 10+3 lessons on how to boost a research community in less than 10 years) UFBA, UFRN, UFPE, PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFSM, UFSCar,UnB, UNIFOR, UFMG, UFPB, UFRJ, UNIFESP, UNIVASF

2. 10+3 Lessons#1 Choose an overwhelming topic#2 Create a research group#3 Create a discussion list#4 Create a workshop#5 Invite international keynotes#6 Focus attention with a special issue#7 Talk to your neighbors#8 Submit projects in cooperation#9 Host the international conference#10 Do your research job, share your results 3. #1 Choose an overwhelming topicTen Emerging Technologiesthat will change the WORLD#separation of concerns#crosscutting concerns#AOP#aspects#join points, #advice#AOSD Source: 2001 MIT Technology Review 4. #1 Choose an overwhelming topic Ten Emerging Technologies that will change the WORLD#separation of concerns#crosscutting concerns#AOP#aspects#join points, #advice#AOSD... beyond the buzzwords PROMISSING!Source: 2001 MIT Technology Review 5. First of all, #AOSD is not just about #aspects 6. First of all, #AOSD is not just about #aspects #AOSD is aboutsoftware #modularitygoing beyond traditionalabstraction boundaries 7. ... across several dimensions #modularity:varying forms for varying purposes Source: Gail Murphy - AOSD 2009#aspects#filters#tasks#features... 8. #AOSD research cuts across several areas#separation of concerns and #modularity in: Requirements Software Architecture and Design Modeling and Model-based Techniques Software Product Lines Exception Handling Refactoring Testing ... 9. #2 Create a research group 10. UFPE2002:#AOSD ResearchPUC-RioGroups in BrazilUFSCar ICMC-USPUFSCSource: 11. UNIFORUFRNUFPB UFPEUNIVASF UFBA UnB 2011: UFMG #AOSD Research PUC-Rio UFRJ Groups in BrazilICMC-USP UFSCar UFSMUNIFESP UnicampSource: 12. #3 Create a discussion listaosd-br @ International lists: aosd-discuss, aspectj-users, 13. #4 Create a workshop 14. #4 Create a workshopOrganizers: Submissions: 41Alessandro Garcia Accepted: 17 research papersCarlos Lucena Acceptance rate: 40%Christina Chavez - Plus 11 postersEduardo PivetaLuiz Zancanella Registered attendants: 70Paulo BorbaSrgio Soares #AOSD terminology in Portuguese 15. #4 Create a workshopOrganizers: Submissions: 41Alessandro GarciaAccepted: 17 research papersAOSD-BR:Carlos LucenaAcceptance rate: 40% the BRazilian AOSD communityChristina Chavez - Plus 11 postersEduardo Pivetais officiallyRegistered attendants: 70Luiz Zancanellaborn!Paulo BorbaSrgio Soares#AOSD terminology in Portuguese 16. Submissions: 26Accepted: 14 research papersAcceptance rate: 53%PC Members from Brazil, Chile,Argentina and other countriesRegistered attendants: 45Keynotes:Prof. Theo DHondt (Belgium)Prof. Paulo Borba (Brazil) 17. #5 Invite international keynotesWASP (2004-2006) Awais Rashid (UK) Crista Lopes (USA) Mira Mezini (Germany)LA-WASP (2007-2011) Theo DHondt (Belgium), Paulo Borba (Brazil) Kevin Sullivan (USA), Marco Tulio (Brazil) Jon Whittle (UK), Alessandro Garcia (Brazil) Eric Tanter (Chile), Sergio Soares (Brazil) Mehmet Akit (Netherlands) 18. #6 Focus attention with a special issueJBCS Special Issue on #AOSD 19. #7 Talk to your neighbors Latin-American Network on #AOSD The idea emerged at AOSD 2006 AOSD-BR researchers and Prof. Eric Tanter, University of Chile Funded by CNPq, the Brazilian National Research Council PROSUL 2006 WASP evolved to LA-WASP 20. #8 Submit projects in cooperationSeveral projects in cooperation in Brazil sponsored by CNPq, CAPES, FINEP, several FAPs13 international cooperation projects University of Lancaster (UK) Universidad de Chile Universidade de Nova Lisboa (Portugal) Universidad de Malaga (Spain) Universidad Politcnica de Valncia (Spain) Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) University of California Irvine (USA) 21. #9 Host the international conference#AOSD.11 in Brazil 22. #10 Do your research job,share your results 23. AOSD-BR: Main Research TopicsException HandlingRefactoringMetricsTestingEarly Aspects (Requirements + Software Architecture)Modeling and Model-based TechniquesSoftware Product Lines 24. AOSD-BR: Collaboration among Research GroupsSoftware Product LinesMetrics and Empirical StudiesPUC-Rio, UFPE, PUC-Rio, UFPE, UFBA,ICMC-USPICMC-USP, UFRN Exception HandlingRefactoringPUC-Rio, Unicamp,UFPE, UFMG, UFPE, UFRNPUC-RioEarly Aspects TestingPUC-Rio, UFRN, ICMC-USP, UFBA, UFPE UFSCar,PUC-Rio Modeling and Model-based Techniques UFSCar, UFRN, UFRJ, UFBA, PUC-Rio 25. Research outcomes from collaborationsException Handling FSE, ECOOP, ICSM, SBESRefactoring SBES, ICEIS, GPCE, ICSMMetrics and Empirical Studies ICSE, ECOOP, ICSM, TAOSD, AOSD, SBESTesting ICSE, ICST, SBESEarly Aspects (Requirements + Software Architecture) AOSD, WICSA, ECSA, SBESModeling and Model-based Techniques SBES, WICSA, CBSE, ECSASoftware Product Lines ICSE, ECOOP, GPCE, ICSR, SBES 26. Show me the numbers:Quantitative Assessment 27. AOSD-BR: Theses and Dissertations (2000-2010)21 53 28. AOSD-BR: Publications (1999-2010) 29. AOSD-BR: Papers inTop Software Engineering Conferences (1999-2011) 30. AOSD-BR: 46 papers at SBES(1999-2010)1999 - 2 papers (UFF)2000 - 1 paper (IME-USP)2001 - 4 papers (PUC-Rio, UFPE, PUC-PR)2003 - 4 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFSCar, UFPE, UFBA)2004 - 6 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFRN, UFPE, UFSCar, UFRGS)2005 - 6 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFRGS, UFBA)2006 - 5 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFRN, UFRGS, UFBA, UFMG)2007 - 4 papers (ICMC-USP, UFRN, UFPE)2008 - 4 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFRN, UFRJ)2009 - 6 papers (PUC-Rio, UFRN, UFPE, UFBA, UPE, UFRJ)2010 - 4 papers (PUC-Rio, ICMC-USP, UFBA) 31. AOSD-BR: Best Paper Awards SBES 11 nominations for best paper award 03 best paper awards: 2004, 2005, 2010 AOSD 03 nominations for best paper award(the premier conference in the area) 32. AOSD-BR: Paper Citations 2 papers with more than 200 citations 6 papers with between 100-200 citations 14 papers with between 40-99 citations Source: Google Scholar 33. AOSD-BR: Most cited paperOOPSLA 2002287 citationsSource: Google Scholar(Sep 27, 2011) 34. AOSD-BR: Most cited SBES paperSBES 2003169 citationsSource: Google Scholar(Sep 27, 2011) 35. AOSD-BR: PC Members in Top SEConferencesAOSDICSESPLCICSMRECAISE 36. AOSD-BR: Facing Challenges From #aspects to #modularity Languages X tools Conquering the Industry 37. Last but not least Some important factors havecontributed for the AOSD-BR fledgling community to take flight 38. #10+1 A dynamic weaver 39. #10+1 A dynamic weaver 40. Alessandro workedwith many membersof the AOSD-BRcommunityAnd withquite a lot ofresearchers from abroad as well 41. #10+2 Highly motivated researchers 42. #10+3 SBES andseveral thoughtful supportersThanks! Cheers!