Remote Usability Testing

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Diane Loviglio @dianeloviglio General Assembly March 18, 2013 Remote Usability Testing

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Whether you're conducting research for a well established product/service or a startup that hasn't fully penetrated the market yet, you're going to have to talk to past, current and potential customers, and the most efficient way to do that is to conduct remote one-on-one usability tests.

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2. Architecture & AnthropologyStartup Founder UX Researcher Startup Advisor 3. Gaining empathy for ... 4. What Well Be Learning Today What is User Research? Why do User Research? When to do a Remote Usability Study Recruiting Participants- Remote Usability Techniques- Tools for Desktop & Mobile Conduct a Remote Usability Test 5. What is User Research?Understanding past and currentbehaviors in order to use them as aproxy for future behaviors. 6. Why do User Research?gain empathy their motivationstheir valuestheir needstheir behaviors 7. When to do Remote Usability Study?* when you want to test a user interface* when you want to watch the users cursor* when you have a working prototype or live site* when you dont need the context of the usersenvironment to understand their behavior 8. Recruiting Participants 9. Recruiting ParticipantsYour own customers. 10. Recruiting 11. Remote Usability Techniques 12. Remote Usability TechniquesGet to know themfor a little bit. 13. Remote Usability TechniquesGive them one task. 14. Remote Usability TechniquesThen shut up! 15. Remote Usability Tools 16. Remote Usability Tools - Desktop Google Hangout google hangout - take screenshot of me doing it with and sss homepage up. 17. Remote Usability Tools - MobileHug your laptop. 18. Remote Usability Tools - MobileReection App 19. Conduct a RemoteUsability Test 20. Tell me a little bit about your style.Is there anything you want to improve on?Great, with that in mind, why dont you try to get that help.Go to 21. Further Reading 22. RemoteUsability [email protected]