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QNET is one of Asia’s leading Direct Selling companies with a dynamic online shopping and business community comprising around seven million customers and independent distributors around the world. The company offers an entrepreneurial network marketing business opportunity and a portfolio of lifestyle products that have been developed to enhance the lives of its customers through innovation, wellness and luxury. QNET contribute to the global community through the daily application of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. We do this by helping individuals achieve their goals and lead better lives through a combination of an entrepreneurial business opportunity with life-enhancing products.

Transcript of Qnet - Asia Direct Selling Company

  • Reasons To Be Part Of QNET Revolution
  • Business of 21st Century A smart decision taken by the founders within 6 months of QNETs foundation in 1988 turned out to be game changer. Pioneered an entirely new business model- combining e- commerce and network marketing.
  • Growing Industries Both direct selling and e-commerce are growing industries and are the future. India has more than 10 million online shoppers and the number is growing at an estimated 40- 45%.
  • True financial Freedom True financial Freedom has lots of money with lots of free time. While every one can make money but very few can afford to enjoy the money by having free time. Qnet gives everyone the opportunity to develop the team and the income will keep flowing with time.
  • FREE Life Changing Business Opportunity When you enroll with Qnet, you get a product with a strong value proposition. It allows you to not merely become a customer but act as an Independent Representative.
  • Be Your Own Boss QNET provides you the opportunity to own your life by being your own boss with complete responsibility of your organization that will give much better rewards than working for 40 years to fulfill someones else dreams.
  • Founders It is said that There is no future in any company, the future lies in the person who runs the company. The founders and key position holders of QNET are truly qualified leaders capable of running the business successfully.
  • Best Technology Partners QNET strives for excellence and hence works with only the best technology partners. Qnet has adopted the highest industry standard for online protection with the induction of Enhanced Validation SSL Certification from Symantec Verisign.
  • Genuine Need- based Products The company offers products and services that fill real need of customers at a fair price with a large untapped market for it. QNET has carefully chosen growing recession-proof industries like vacation, wellness and nutrition, education, personal care and luxury. The products provide tremendous value to the customer.
  • Global Business The unique hybrid business model incorporating e-commerce gives a global reach to the business. The catchment area is not restricted to the city, state or country you live in. We can develop network across the globe where QNET has a presence.
  • No Discrimination QNET business makes sure that there is no descrimination and the business treats everyone equally. The only discriminating factor is your efforts. QNET business opportunity works equally for all.
  • Social Responsibility At the very heart of QNET Live the philosophy of RHYTHM, meaning Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. RHYTHM Foundations are independent charities established by QI Group for philanthropic work around the world.
  • www.qnet.net