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The The Industry Industry,t is Network M,rketing? ,t is Network M,rketing? Network marketing is an important component of direct selling businesses, where commission is paid not only based on one's own product sales, but on the product sales of one's 'Downline' (the people a distributor has brought into the business). ,t is Direct SeIIing? ,t is Direct SeIIing? Direct selling is defined as the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.Source: Direct Selling Association (DSA)www.dsa.org Triving, GIob,I IndustryTriving, GIob,I IndustryorIdwide S,Ies: USD 114 biIIionSource: World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA)www.wfdsa.org |Statistics released 22 February 2010orIdwide S,Ies Force: 65 miIIion peopIeThe The !rofession !rofession,t is te Business Opportunity? ,t is te Business Opportunity? The opportunity lies in the promotion of high-quality products by independent distributors to others. Distributors earn commission by: Their own product purchases; Purchases of products by retail customers, whom the current distributor has introduced to the company's products; Purchases of products by fellow distributors or prospective distributors, whom the current distributor has introduced to the company's products and also to the business plan. Distributors can run their own business, with minimal overheads, be their own boss, and set their own work hours. Potential income from the business opportunity is proportionate to time and effort invested in the business by a distributor.,t it is NOT ,t it is NOTNOT an offer of employment. distributor is independent.NOT a 'get-rich-quick' scheme.It t,kes time, work ,nd effort.NOT an investment opportunity.It is , business.NOT a pyramid scheme. distributor is NOT p,id for recruiting; , distributor is onIy p,id for te s,Ie of products by one's seIf ,nd one's DownIines. A sustainable network is comprised of distributors who have the same opportunity as one another to make the same or even more income than the person who introduced them to the business opportunity 'uplines do not necessarily earn more income than 'downlines'. A new distributor can quickly progress through the ranks in their networking career by building a stable, professional and ethical business, working hard, and committing themselves to the five behaviours of a professional networker: RETALNG RECRUTNG MANAGNG TRANNG RETANNG A distributor can achieve 'promotion' by encouraging other distributors within their own team to achieve promotion; This is opposite from the corporate world, where promotion usually threatens the higher positions within the company. Therefore, building a sustainable network results in a WN-WN situation for all parties involved with a network marketing company.BuiIding , Sust,in,bIe Network BuiIding , Sust,in,bIe NetworkThe The Business Businessompens,tion !I,n ompens,tion !I,nThere are three steps to get started in the QNet business1. Enrol2. Qualify3. ActivateComplete the QNet R Membership Process, with two Membership options:O!TION 1: Membersip Fee + Virtu,I QNet Membersip !,ck,ge USD 10(one-year membership, one-year hosting of R Personal Website, Virtual QNet Essential 2010 starter kit) O!TION 2: Membersip Fee + !ysic,I & Virtu,I Membersip !,ck,geUSD 90(one-year membership, one-year hosting of R Personal Website, Physical & Virtual QNet Essential 2010 starter kits, delivered to your door)You are given three (3) FREE Tracking Centres (TCs) arranged in a 3-Header configurationYou ,re now ,n Independent Represent,tive (IR)!1. EnroI 1. EnroIYou must qualify at least one of your TCs by generating a minimum qualifying volume of one (1) QUV (Qualifying Unit Volume) per TC by either: Selling a product to a Retail CustomerOR Making a Personal Purchase2. Qu,Iify 2. Qu,IifyTo be an activated R, you need to apply either one below: Personal Sponsorship (Direct Referral)Self-Activation (Fully Qualifying A001, A002 & A003)a .Sell a product to a Retail Customerb .Make a Personal Purchase. ctiv,te . ctiv,teYou ,re now re,dy to grow your business ,nd e,rn!As a QNet R, you are able to earn income through four (4) ways:ompens,tion !I,n ompens,tion !I,n1. Retail Profit2. First Purchase Retail Profit3. Quick Start Commission4. Step CommissionThe The omp,ny & !roducts omp,ny & !roducts"We offer the best products in the right business. We support your business with our world-class, around-the-clock customer support centre, training events, and global offices and agents to ensure you have access to what you need to succeed."R MayerManaging DirectorQNet nternational direct selling company with a proud Asian heritage, established in 1998. Offices in 19 countries with millions of customers worldwide. An opportunity for individuals to start and run their own business through the promotion of quality lifestyle products. Backed by strong product research & development, proven business plan, business tools, training, ongoing business support, and a world-class eCommerce platform. nnovative and exclusive products Nutritional supplements Personal care items Home care solutions Wellness and energy products Luxury and collectible items Vacation packages Telecommunications Accessories,t is QNet? ,t is QNet?8kINGINGLCLL CLC5Lkot all products are available in all markets. ndustry memberships Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS) Malaysian Direct Distributors Association (MDDA) Business Ethics nstitute of Malaysia (BEM) Contact Centre World Platinum Member (NSG 24/7 Multilingual Contact Centre) Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association (Malaysia) (NSG 24/7 Multilingual Contact Centre) ndustry events Consumer Association of Singapore Event Sponsor Elite Network Marketing Conference (ENMC) Sponsor Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference Official eCommerce Partner Dubai Direct Selling Festival Participant World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) World Conference Participant Corporate recognition Caring Company Award (2007-09) by Hong Kong Council of Social Service CaseTrust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business Practices Recognition one of the leading companies in ndonesian industry by DUT! entrepreneur magazine omp,ny You ,n Trustomp,ny You ,n Trustorpor,te ommitment orpor,te ommitmentVisionGlobal Leader in Direct SellingMissionRYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind)ore V,IuesS.T..R.ServiceTeamworkIntegrityResults OrientedGIob,I Re,c, Loc,I !resence GIob,I Re,c, Loc,I !resenceKey markets: Southeast Asia, Southern Asia, Northern & Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa.Future expansion planned for Europe,North & South America.Localised companies: Malaysia,the Philippines, ndia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka. Soon to follow are Singapore, Turkey, ndonesia, the UAE, Thailand, among other key regions. Tr,ining is te Key Tr,ining is te KeyQNet regularly holds intensive, interesting and interactive training programmes and business development sessions in local markets for customers wishing to benefit from the business opportunity. Products & Services Policies & Procedures Business Model Compensation Plan Code of Ethics Professional Marketing Business TooIs for te Business TooIs for teIndependent Business Entrepreneur Independent Business Entrepreneurusiness Planner setProduct Portfolio setMaster Collection DVDProduct Training DVDIR usiness Cards Up to 11 languages Virtual: eBooks, PDFs, presentations, streaming movies Physical: brochures, booklets, DVDs, merchandiseaspRe magazinewww.qnet.net/aspRe GIob,I F,miIyGIob,I F,miIyConventions, events, product exhibitions and launches, networking seminars, and more! Held throughout the year around the world in partnership with The V, QNet's training and network management partner. Annual global conventions Quarterly regional conventions Various world tours & road shows Product launches & exhibitions CSR eventsere to Serve ere to ServeQNet speaks the language of the world with two multilingual Global Customer ServiceCentres managed by QNet's professional team of customer support experts in our Network Support Group (NSG). Arabic, Bahasa Melayu, Bambara, Bobo, Cantonese, English, Farsi, French, Gurunci, Hausa, Hindi, Malayalam, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, with more coming nternational Accreditation Platinum Member of Contact Centre World industry association Member of Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association (Malaysia) Anytime, Anywhere (24/7) We C.A.R.E || Commit. Act. Respect. Empathise. Network of SuccessNetwork of Successwww.qnet.net/blogwww.qnet.net/facebookwww.qnet.net/youtubewww.qnet.net/twitterwww.qnet.net/flickr Thousands+ daily unique visitors to public website Millions+ daily pages views of public website QNet Virtual Office Heart of Rs' business Genealogy, commission reports, transactions Secure eCommerce platform News & important announcements Online Business Tools & resources Access to online eStoreeommerce Network M,rketing eommerce Network M,rketingDo Business nywere, nytime Do Business nywere, nytime QNet Virtu,I Office & eStore allows business transactions and product purchases from anywhere there is an nternet connection. IR !erson,I ebsite puts the power of nternet marketing in the hands of distributors from anywhere in the world with a customisable, personalised website. QNet MobiIe site ,nd ,ppIic,tions make doing business on-the-go as easy as sending an SMS or opening a mobile browser.eStore IR Personal WebsiteMobile Site & Apps Multilingual website, eStore & Virtual Office Operating on advanced eCommerce platform Cyber Port, Hong Kong Content Distribution Networks (CDN) Advanced stability, reliability, performance, securityYou're in S,fe ,nds You're in S,fe ,ndsorIdwide Superm,rket orIdwide Superm,rket Thousands+ daily shipments globally Logistics hubs with computerised warehouses and advance Warehouse Management Systems in Hong Kong