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Umayal Collection

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  • 1. The beauty of Nature is evident everywhere
  • 2. A tree branch laden with bright berries
  • 3. Colorful corals from the deep blue ocean
  • 4. The brightness of a blade of grass
  • 5. The soft velvety touch of a rose petal
  • 6. The filigreed silhouette of the sea fan coral
  • 7. The greatest tribute we can pay Nature is to attempt to emulate Her ingenuity. The Umayal Collection is our own ode to Nature. -Datin Umayal
  • 8. UMAYAL COLLECTION PIECES Artfully fashioned from silver Ornamented with delicate gemstones Handmade with utmost care by skilled craftsmen Unique and high quality Emulate nature at its best
  • 9. Rowan Set Considered the mother of all trees and plants, the graceful rowan tree represents strength and protection; the ancient druids valued its sturdy wood, and the trees sprigs and brilliant red berries were woven into necklaces and used as protective charms in times past. Pendant: Silver 925/-, ruby, garnet, freshwater pearl, 13.17 g; complimentary silver 925/- chain Ring: Silver 925/-, ruby, garnet, 9.55 g Earrings: Silver 925/-, garnet, 7.26 g
  • 10. Sylvan Set In mythology, Sylvans were the spiritual guardians of the forest, keeping watch over the woods and protecting it with their lives. Some even made their homes within the trees they were sworn to protect. Their love for all living creatures, as well as the plants and trees around them, helped keep the forests safe. Pendant: Silver 925/-, blue topaz, raw apatite, 12.68 g; complimentary silver 925/- chain Earrings: Silver 925/-, blue topaz, raw apatite, 11.62 g
  • 11. Sea-fan Pendant Sea fans reside in the majestic vastness of the worlds oceans. Ethereal and plant-like, they are colonies of small animals known as polyps, growing in myriad colours and giving shelter to other fauna, such as seahorses. Their shape bring to mind fanciful thoughts of laughing sea nymphs using them as decorative fans. Silver 925/-, 12.71 g; complimentary black cloth chain
  • 12. Misty Pendant Mist is a naturally occurring phenomenon of small water droplets becoming suspended in the air. In some legends, mist could be manipulated and used by the druids as a protective veil, enabling them to hide from their foes. Mist was also considered by some people as a portal to the world of visions and dreams. Silver 925/-, smoky quartz, 9.69 g; complimentary black cloth chain
  • 13. Sea-star Earrings The "star of the sea" is an accurate description of the pearl. To the ancients, pearls were a symbol of the moon and had magical powers. Revered in many cultures, it is considered to be a symbol of purity, love, and perfection. Silver 925/-, cultured pearls, 13.15 g
  • 14. UMAYAL GEMSTONES Ruby Believed to promote the clear visualisation of dreams Aids in courage and enthusiasm for life
  • 15. Garnet Thought to inspire self-confidence, devotion and love
  • 16. Apatite Encourages high levels of creativity Can be used as a meditation aid
  • 17. Blue Topaz Believed to help the wearer focus on a more positive outlook in life Believed to bring wisdom
  • 18. Smoky Quartz Used to alleviate stress, worries, and other negative thoughts
  • 19. Pearl Considered to be a protective stone and a symbol of love, purity, and integrity Believed to inspire serenity and good fortune
  • 20. Combining my own love for our natural heritage with my appreciation for the fine things in life, this collection is designed to be simple yet elegant, and will add a distinctive touch to the wearers sense of style. I know it will connect with the hearts and souls of discerning women around the world. -Datin Umayal
  • 21. A portion of the earnings from the sale of the Umayal Collection will be donated to RYTHM Foundation, for further use in its charity work across the globe, giving help to those who need it most.