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Transcript of QNET COMPANY

  • Business planQNET COMPANY

  • Business ConceptOffers Service & Products to Customers around the world . In Value return to have profit and make other people change their life by unlimited opportunity Advantages :High Profits International Team work either on meeting local or web conference schedule

  • Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.Started it in 1998 and till now it changing millions of lives around the globe by its mission RHYTHM Foundation , they did it by goal and chance to people to make difference NOT for products selling .

  • Market Growth is Finding Two ! growth in present , and for amazing futureAttended Unstoppable Conventions , local meetingsWhen I started it I purchased an E- learning via Swiss institute that company offers courses.I maximized my reach that is talking to people .I found myself doing it And I knew I will succeedIt was a helpful course and created a value from the business

  • The Plan200$3 RIGHT + 3 LEFT = 200$ - 300$

  • YouIf you Take it serouse and people who joins you Only Duplicates and Finds Two.Everyone's Takes month to Find Two.IS IT WORTH IT ?

    LeftRightTimeMoney111ST month50222ND month150443RD Moth200884TH Month6001616 5TH Month100032326TH MOTH220064647TH MONTH 4200