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  • 1. COMENIUS PROJECT 2013 2014 NATURAL PARKS OF GRANADA18. Sierras de Tejada, Almijara y Alhama 19.Sierra de Hutor 20.Sierra Nevada 21Sierra de Baza There are four natural Parks in the region of Granada. They are pointed in this map with the numbers 18 to 21. We are talking about the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada.

2. SIERRA NEVADA It is a mountain system located at the southwest of the city of Granada. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and natural park in 1999. It has an extension of 172.000hm2. There most characteristics peaks are Veleta and Mulhacen. They are the highest in The Iberic peninsula.VELETA AND MULHACNSIERRA NEVADA WILDLIFE Regarding to the wildlife we find bobcat and other protected species of mammals and raptors. FAUNA: Golden eagle, hawk, vulture, ibex, marten, wild cat, wild boar, badger, and fox treparriscos.IBEX 3. FLORA OF SIERRA NEVADA There are many endemic species such as the Sierra Nevada violet (unique), the digitalis nevadensis, the Tirana, the Albarra, the evergreen, aconite, Real chamomile, star of snow and Poppy Sierra Nevada. VIOLET OF SIERRA NEVADACHAMOMILE OF SIERRA NEVADA 4. SKI RESORT OF SIERRA NEVADA To the west, is the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, where you many kilometers aviable to play alpine ski and other disciplines. It is the southest station in Europe and the most sunny. The World Championship of Alpine ski was celebrated in Sierra Nevada in 1996.VILLAGES OF SIERRA NEVADA La Alpujarra is a region in the park. Some villages are very known. Trvelez is the highest village in Spain. It is famous for its hams. 5. In Lanjarn there is a mineral water bottling industry and an important spa medicinal waters. 6. In Lanjarn there is a mineral water bottling industry and an important spa medicinal waters.