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Jennie Fischer Properties Artist 970-946-9669 | fi[email protected]

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Jennie FischerProperties Artist

970-946-9669 | [email protected]

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Upholstery | Private Lives |Window Seat & 5’ Diameter Ottoman

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Upholstery | Beyond Therepy | Couch Set

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Costume Crafts | Sweeney Todd |Razor Blade Contraption

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Costume Crafts | Jackie and Me |1940’s Catcher Gear

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CNC Milling | Abduction from the Seraglio | Garden Cart Wheel

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CNC Milling | AIDA | Egyptian Pharaoh Thrones

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Lettering | Marathon 33 | Countdown Clock and Drum Cover

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A  Raisin  in  the  Sun  –  To  Do  List,  6/10  –  6/15    PULL  

-­‐ Bath  towels  (3)  -­‐ Toiletries  for  Walter,  Bennie  and  Travis  -­‐ More  cleaning  supplies  (rags,  mop  bucket,  rubber  gloves?)  -­‐ Spatula  -­‐ School  supplies  for  Bennie  (college)  -­‐ Clothes  to  iron  (get  Tuesday  morning  from  costumes)  -­‐ Knitting  project  for  Mama  (socks?)  -­‐ Loose  change  for  Travis  -­‐ Notebooks,  notepads,  pocketbooks,  etc.  -­‐ More  crates  for  packing  -­‐ Newspaper  for  packing  -­‐ Boxes  for  presents  -­‐ Flask  -­‐ Hammer  -­‐ Milk  bottle  (scrub  it)  -­‐ Pen  for  writing  (fountain  pens  are  period,  but…?  Could  we  get  away  with  a  

carpenter’s  pencil?)  -­‐ Furniture  (Jennie  knows  which  stuff  to  pull)  

o Record  player  from  203  o Coffee  table  (Heaven)  o Green  couch  (Heaven)  o Fridge  (tunnel,  one  with  cylinder  on  top)  o Sink  (tunnel)  o Chairs  (BL)  o Drawer  unit  (BL)  o Escanaba  sink  unit  (BL,  just  need  the  table  and  towel  rack)  o Giant  green  rug  in  BL  


-­‐ Scissors  need  to  be  cleaned  up  and  restored  to  original  look  -­‐ Print  newspaper  (Chicago,  1959,  September-­‐ish?)  -­‐ The  Check  (blue,  heavy  paper,  $10,000)  -­‐ Labels  for  roach  killer,  spray  starch,  etc  -­‐ Cheerios  box  (probably  2  to  be  safe)  -­‐ Beer  labels  -­‐ Gift  boxes  -­‐ Carton  for  the  china  -­‐ Business  papers    -­‐ Card  for  business  man  -­‐ Shopping  bag  for  curtains  -­‐ Pictures  for  the  wall  


Paperwork Sample | A Raisin in the Sun

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