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Costume, Location And Props Ryan Fox

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Costume, LocationAnd Props

Ryan Fox

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The main costume that will be used during the documentary will be school uniform. Since the documentary is based within and around school this is an obvious choice therefore this costume will be used in almost every scene.Another option is that other people such as teachers will be wearing business wear or suits.

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The location which is going to be used to film our documentary will be within and around school. The location will include outside areas of school such as the fields as well as indoors like the classroom.Because the documentary follows the story of one individual we will be filming in various locations. This means we will be covering a lot of the school.

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The props that are used throughout the documentary will usually be the sort of objects that will be seen in a school environment. For example there will be a number of bins and benches around school that will be seen and used.Other props may be anything that students are carrying around in wide shots such as footballs when filming lunch times.