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Final Pieces All costumes seen in our productions are the actresses and actors own, which were approved by us. This means that they will be comfortable and feel themselves whilst filming.

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Sophie & Flo’s Costumes Sophie Flo

We have chosen these items of clothing for Sophie to wear then Harry & Oscar arrives at Flo’s house and they are just hanging out. They are casual and are perfect as they connote Sophie’s careless attitude for her style around the boys.

We have chosen these items of clothing also for when the boys come over to her house to see her and Sophie. Both girls are wearing very relaxed clothing around the boys, which suggests to us the relationship they have with them, but this all changes when they get ready to go to the party.

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We have chosen a red dress for Flo to wear to the party they are going to as it is completely the opposite to the costume she is wearing when they are all chilling around in the lounge. This outfit connotes her sexiness which attracts Harry, meaning we can apply Mulvey’s Male Gaze. Red is also a colour of love, which could connote Flo & Harry’s soon to be relationship.

We have also chosen a black and white floral dress for Sophie to wear to the party as it is also completely the opposite to what she is wearing in the hang out scene. Although she is not trying to attract anybody at the party, due to the provocativeness of the dress, we can apply Mulvey’s Male Gaze.



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Unlikely Costumes It is very unlikely that Flo & Sophie would be wearing jogging bottoms as although one scene is when they are hanging around on a sofa with the boys. They would still want to make an effort with the boys even though they are still best friends. They also don’t suit each others personality as although Flo is tomboyish, she still likes to make an effort with her appearance.Likewise, when Flo & Sophie are getting ready to go to the party, it is a house party not a ball. So wearing a fall-length would make them stand out, it also doesn't’t suit their personalities as they aren’t portrayed as classy enough to be so dressed up.

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Harry & Oscar’s Costumes

We have chosen for Oscar to wear a black top, an Adidas jacket and jeans when they skateboard from the park to Flo’s house. This portrays his cool, edgy style and suggests he takes pride in his appearance.

We have chosen for Harry to wear a burgundy JW t-shirt and jeans. This illustrates to us the fact that he likes expensive brands and wants to make himself look good for the girls, in his case Flo.

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Unlikely Costumes It is very unlikely that Harry & Oscar will be wearing a pyjama one piece as there are no scenes when they are going to bed. This is too casual for the scenes we are filming and it would look odd. This would also go against the image portrayed of Harry being very fashionable, he would not liked to be seen in public in a onesie.

The party Harry & Oscar are attending is a house party so wearing a suit would make them too overdressed. Because the characters in our film are young, the suits don’t work as they have less responsibility.

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