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• With our storyboard so far we have a girl stilling on a bed, in which they are on their laptop, Facebook messaging someone. This will just show that it is an ordinary girl on an ordinary day, to build up tension to the main part of the film trailer, as the first scene wont show any horror/ thriller features. We have planned to use Marks desk at his house for this scene, the most important props will be right at the start as everything uses after these few will be outdoors.

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• With our storyboard so far we have a woman stilling at a desk, in which they are on their laptop, Facebook messaging someone. There will be little voice over on this prop which just reads aloud the message on the screen of the laptop. This is an important prop as it is important to the storyboard that they meet online.

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• Fake blood, used in almost very horror film to give it a more sinster feel, we will be either buying this or making. Golden syrup, red, blue and green food colouring and water.

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• Our idea is to use pigeon mask as to the seeing eye these look scary, in the dark even more. No other horror film has this sort of mask it’s a new idea, our idea to scare people, these animals are known as vermin and this can be confusing but also scary.

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• We would need to make a new Facebook profile for the main character, as our storyboard relies on a girl meeting somebody over the internet, and plan to meet up at their local park. We will need one for both the villain and the girl. Below is an example of someone else's profile on Facebook.

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• Blue boiler suits are used as the clothes for the man dressed as the pigeon to make it more sinister, these are used in many films like ‘Halloween’ to give the film a horror feel as he doesn’t look like an ordinary man dressed in a track suit or jeans.