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INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBJECT BACKGROUNDConsumer behavior is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy product. It blends elements from psychology, sociology and economics. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process, both individually and in groups. And also its help to studies characteristics of individuals consumer such as demographical and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand peoples wants, it also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference group, and society in general. Research shown that consumer behavior is difficult to predict, even though its difficult to analyze the consumer mind set. Relationship marketing is an influential asset for customer behavior analysis as it has a keen interest in the re discovery of the consumer interest.

REASON FOR CHOOSING THE TOPICTo know how buying behavior of various customer in automobile industry and to know buying process towards a four wheeler segments and interpret the needs, scope, various factors regarding the buying behavior. This project will help us to know latest market trend in buying behavior of consumer. Hence it is interesting to study the impact made on the target market via various products and service offered by a particular player and also know the competitors.

SCOPE OF STUDY To understand customer preference To know marketing opportunity To anticipate level of customer acceptance. To know how consumers will respond to product features, price, advertisement appeals. To know how consumers make purchasing choices among product. It is based on Psychology, sociology, social psychology, cultural. Factors of peoples This survey was restricted to Bangalore only.


To know, what are the factors influencing the consumers while deciding to purchase the Skoda Rapid. To assess the psychological positioning of Skoda Rapid in the minds of the target market. To evaluate buying behavior in terms of product range offered To evaluate the post purchase behavior of the consume To verify product positioning decisions. To assess the influence of media on purchase decision. To know and recognize the type of buying behavior of consumers. To consider how consumer learn about product and services from their environment and how to use this information to direct the buying behavior.

METHODALOGYResearch methodology may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. It is always of systematic study of research problem.


A sample size of 50 is taken in order to carry out the study. For the survey, the target population consists of the people present in and around the vicinity of various Skoda outlets. It also consists of respondents who are the customers of Skoda

TYPE OF SAMPLING DESIGN.The type of sampling done is probability sampling where a random selection is done on all the customers and people in the vicinity of the store, and thus have an equal opportunity of being selected for the study.

LIMITATIONS The sample size is restricted to 50 respondents due to time and cost consistence. The interpretation of this study is based on the assumption t]\hat the respondents have given correct information. As far secondary data most of the information and official records are located in different cities and they are not within the reach. The study focuses mainly on the customer buying behavior towards a Skoda Rapid car.


Skoda entered the Indian premium car market in 2001 and set up a plant at Shendra, on the outskirts of Aurangabad, making it the companys only manufacturing facility outside Europe. This plant is spread across 300,000 square meters. This facility is also regarded as one of the best engine assembly plants in Asia. Looking at the growing demand for its products Skoda India also doubled its production capacity to 40,000 units per year. Skoda Auto is a part of the international Volkswagen Group, one of the premium automobile manufacturers in EuropeSkoda India, until now has introduced four product lines including the flagship Skoda Superb, Skoda Laura, Skoda Rapid and the Skoda Fabia. Skoda India now has 19 variants in the country. Skoda Auto is the premium automobile manufacturer from Europe. In Indian market, the company has already introduced 12 luxury models. The cars of Skoda Auto are popularly known for their stylish looks and well built exteriors. The company acquires approximately one-fourth of the market share in India in luxury cars. With the launch ofSkoda Fabia, the company has entered the hatchback car market of India also.

Skoda rapid.

The SKODA Rapid is a great example of true art combined with science and technology. With its strong and muscular exterior lines and an unforgettable frame, the SKODA Rapid is inevitably a sight for sore eyes. With thoughtful interiors put together to give you the perfect balance between space and comfort, its no surprise that the SKODA Rapid isnt just great to drive but delightful to look at as well.Comfort

The interiors of SKODA Rapid have been thoughtfully put together to give you the perfect balance between space, comfort and convenience. Theadjustable driver's seatin the thoughtful SKODA Rapid allows the driver to reposition the seat at an optimum height and distance from the driving controls. It also includes aheight and length adjustable steering wheelto further enhance driver comfort.The Rapid offersadjustable dual rear air conditioning vents which allow backseat passengers to adjust the flow of air effortlessly.The intelligent Climatronic air conditioning gregulates the inside temperature automatically, ensuring a pleasurable drive. Thefront andrear centre armresthelps passengers to maintain posture on long drives as well as in stop-go traffic. Thereading centre lampsat the front andspot lampsat the rear allow you to sit back and enjoy your favorite read on the drive home.Adding to the list of thoughtfully designed storage compartments are thefront door bottle holderswhich are cleverly integrated into the map pockets for easy accessibility. The Rapid also provides intelligently designed collapsiblecup holdersthat nestle your beverage safely while you make your way through winding roads. Thestoragecompartment in the front armrestoffers ample space and easy accessibility making it the perfect space for everyday essentials.Safety: SKODA Rapid comes with a range of safety features designed to give you maximum peace-of-mind. Tested to perform under any duress, these features are built just as thoughtfully as everything else in this car. The SKODA Rapid providesremote control locking and unlocking of doors and the boot lid. It also provideschild-proof rear window and door locking.The SKODA Rapid comes fitted withan Engine Immobilizer with a Floating Code System. This intelligent system generates a unique code that is stored in the key every time the ignition is turned off. The next time the car is started, it checks for the same code, and freezes the engine if the correct code is not found, thereby safe-guarding the car fromtheft. Theaudio playeralso comes with a similar code-based security system.Another crucial safety feature in the SKODA Rapid is theDual Rate brake assist, along with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps to achieve maximum braking effect and a shorter braking distance. The Rapid offersheight adjustable head restraints both at the front and the rear, thus ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. The anti-glare interior rear view mirror ensures clear visibility and hence, safe driving in any weather condition.Engine

Multi-Point Injection (MPI) Petrol EngineThe Multi-Point Injection 1.6 L Petrol Engine with Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) 16 valve, delivers 105 BHP (77 kW) of peak power and a peak torque of 153 Nm at an easy 3800 rpm. The MPI petrol engine is smooth and silent for that extra driving pleasure.

Turbocharged Direct Injection with Common Rail (TDI CR) Diesel EngineThe Turbocharged Common Rail 1.6 L Diesel Engine is optimized to deliver dynamic performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. The engine produces 105 BHP (77 kW) of power and an exciting torque of 250 Nm from 1500 rpm to 2500 rpm, making it one of the most powerful diesel engines on the road in its segment.Transmission

The SKODA Rapid is available in 6-speed Tiptronic automatic and5-speed manual transmission. The automatic transmission offers several different levels of drivability from a leisurely cruise to a race-like zip in the sport mode. The automatic transmission is available in both Ambition and Elegance options. For those who prefer the traditional setup, the SKODA Rapid is also available in a 5-speed manual gear box.SWOT ANALYSIS OF SKODAStrengths: Skoda manufactured cars that their customers could enjoy, which is different from simply maximizing sales. Skoda branded them as a quality product that satisfies its customers. In customer satisfaction survey they asks owners what they feel about cars to those who have owned for at least six months Skoda has been in the top five manufacturers in this survey for the past 13 years.Weakness: Skoda has only 1.7% market share. This made it a very small player in the market for cars. The cars had an image of poor vehicle quality, design, assembly, and materials. This poor perception also affected Skoda owners. High maintenance cost.Opportunity: Customers loved their cars more than owners of competitor brands, such as Renault or Ford. It must focuses on its existing strengths and can provide cars focused on the customer experience. It can enable to differentiate the Skoda brand to make it stand out from the competition.Threats: A competitor launching cheaper products. This made Skoda to lose its market share again. Skoda needs a strong product range to compete in India and also globally

Table 1:- shows the age of the respondentsSl. NoAgeNo Of Respondents% Of Responses




445 Above408%


ANALYSISAs per our table 16 of our respondents are in the age of 20-25, 20 of our respondents lie in between 25-35, similarly 10 of our respondents come under the age group of 35-45 and the rest 4 of our respondents are above the age of 45.INTERPRETATION we can interpret saying that most of our respondents are in the Age group of 25-35 with maximum response hence we can also say that the respondents with these age are the ones who mostly own a car when compared with other respondents.Table 2:- shows gender of the respondentsSl. NoGenderNo Of Respondents% Of Responses




Analysis:As per above table showing the Genders of the respondents 40 out of 50 respondents are Male and the rest 10 of 50 are Female Interpretation:Men are most likely to own a car when compared to Females though Teenage Men prefer the trend of Bikes, but when compared to family Men they go with the Cars.

Table 3:- Following table shows the Occupation of the Respondents.Sl. NoOccupationNo Of Respondents% Of Responses






AnalysisAs per above table 12 of our respondents are in the Occupation group of business, 27 of them are Professionals and the Executives and the others share 5&6 each out of our 50 respondents.Interpretation We can conclude by saying that our respondents are mainly into professional as they are more into professionalism and are much interested in buying new car which suits them for their carrier build up.Table 4:- Following Table shows the Monthly Income of the Respondents.Sl. NoIncomeNo Of Respondents% Of Responses




470000 Above510%


Analysis As per our table showing the Monthly Income of the Respondents 14 of the respondents have monthly income in the range of 25000-35000, 24 have their Monthly Income in the range of 35000-50000, 7 of them in the range of 50000-70000 and the rest 5 of our respondents lie in the arrange of 70000 above.Interpretation: - we can conclude saying that most of the respondents with Monthly Income in the range of 35000-50000 are more when compared to the rest of the respondents in different range of their Monthly Income

Table 5:- Following Table shows the No. Of Respondents Owning a Car.Sl. NoOwn A CarNo Of Respondents% Of Responses




Analysis: As per the above table showing the No of respondents owning a Car 47 of our Respondents out of 50 do own a car and the rest 3 of them do not own a car.Interpretation:- we can conclude saying that most of our respondents come under the category of owning a car when compared with respondents who do not own a car. The company should concentrate more on the segment of selling a car to the person who do not own a car.