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Celebrates the Mystic of Skoda Yeti

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Celebrates the Mystic of Skoda Yeti

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Sinhika Digital Media

Founder: M P Nicholson (

15 years++ have been in the Media and the Advertising Industry

Worked with leading media houses like the India Today Group, Gujarat Samachar,

Abhiyaan, Observer Group and with the Hinduja Group for their television channels –

CVO and InMumbai

Well Networked

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The Digital StrideBegan the digital experience with,

Recreate Solutions, Connecturf and Tribal DDB, and soon was heading the

Interactive division of R K SWAMY BBDO.

At R K SWAMY Interactive we did some awesome work like

(won a gold and a silver at two separate awards ceremony)

and also headed the Media Strategy for the digital activities for Raymond

besides working on host of other clients including Mercedes, LIC, SBI, etc.

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The Initiative

Sinhika Digital Media will bring together experiences of the offline media and the digital world to ensure that your

Media Money is strategically and cost – efficiently spent.

The team comprises of highly experienced designers with technical acumen.

And when the need arises the network of tech brains will always be there to guide us and

Skoda Yeti into the future

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Skoda Yeti

Exploring the Digital Media

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The TG




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The Mystic Man

Loves Traveling, Exploring

Sings with the breeze and dance in the wild

This animal comes home only to rest

Talks less

Is an achiever and a leader

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The Challenge

How can we get close to him ???

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The Catalyst

His Girlfriend, Wife or Daughter

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CommunicationEncourage his catalysts to post stories

and pictures about him, about his adventures and in particular

about his mystical talents

These will be posted on the website created for this purpose and the

winner will be judged on the mystical qualities written about the man

The winner will get a Test Drive on the Yeti with his catalysts

The Yeti will be taken to his home as a surprise and

the catalysts will be given a miniature Snowman as a souvenir.

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Online communiqué

Online banners targeting the catalysts will be released in select portals

These online banners will lead to a landing page

that will give the basic details about the competition and the

rendezvous for the mystic man

The banner line and creative can be on the concept of…

Sshhh… Tell us about your mystic man and win a Test Drive

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The Campaign

The campaign will be supported by blue

tooth (presentation sent earlier)

And will be monitored by LMS

(Lead Management System)

to take the campaign to its logical END –


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