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Approaching C-D-I-O. To improve quality of tertiary training in VIỆT NAM. PGS,TS. VÕ VĂN THẮNG. NỘI DUNG. What is CDIO?. 1. The nature of CDIO. 2. Standards of CDIO. 3. CDIO and the outcome criteria. 4. CDIO với việc xây dựng CTĐT. 5. VẬN HÀNH. TRIỂN KHAI. THIẾT KẾ Ý TƯỞNG. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of PGS,TS. VÕ VĂN THẮNG

  • PGS,TS. V VN THNGApproaching C-D-I-O

    To improve quality of tertiary training in VIT NAM

  • NI DUNGWhat is CDIO? 1234The nature of CDIO Standards of CDIO CDIO and the outcome criteriaCDIO vi vic xy dng CTT5


  • CDIO originated from1234Chalmers University of technologyinGteborg

    Royal Technology Institute in StockholmUniversity of Linkping in Linkping, SwedenMassachus-etts Institute of Techonology, USA

  • 1. What is CDIO? CDIO is an international initiative formed to responde to the demands of a new decade for businesses and involved parties in the world to enhance students ablities to learn basic knowledge, simultaneously promote the learning of individual skills and communication, and creating new products, procedures and systems. (Dr. H Tn Nht, Northridge University)

  • The development of CDIOUp to now, More than 50 universities over 25 countries have applied CDIO, including: - USA: University of California, Daniel Webster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Naval Institute; - Canada: Royal University, Ontario, Calgary, Manitoba,; - France: Telecom Bretagne; - New Zealand: University of Auckland;

  • - U.K: University of Lancaster, Liverpool, Leeds, Aston v Royal University of Belfast (Northern Ireland); - Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology, Jnkping, Linkping; - Finland: University of Kemi-Tornio; - South Africa: Pretoria University; - Portugal: Senior Institute of Engenharia do Porto; - Singapore: University of polytechnics,v.vThe development of CDIO

  • - Vietnam: the application of CDIO is in the first step of experiment. in the academic year of 2009-2010, National University of H Ni Ho chi minh City started employing CDIO in some faculties.The development of CDIO

  • 2. The nature of CDIO- Firstly, CDIO is a system of method to develop the training of future engineers, yet, in nature, this is a standardized procedure, based on the outcomes to design the intakes. However, generally, CDIO can be applied to build a standardized procedure for other fields of training, as it ensure the knowledge and skill framework.

  • - Secondly, CDIO, in fact, is a solution to improve training quality, meet social demand, based on the criteria of outcomes to design the programs and training plans effectively.- Thirdly, CDIO helps students achieve 4 types of skills, knowledge and upon graduating, students will be developing them.2. The nature of CDIO

  • Meanwile, CDIO orietnates students to achieve hard and sotf skills necessary when graduating, meet social demands as well as keep pace with the great changes in society to be leader, leading the changes needed.2. The nature of CDIO

  • CDIO APPROACH (The CDIO approach to engineering education: Introduction TS. H Tn Nht, 2008) 2. The nature of CDIO

  • - Fourthly, CDIO brings along 4 benefits:+ first, connecting training institution with businesses needs, thus narrowing the gap between them;+ second, completely developing the soft skills and hard skills to quickly adapt to the changing working environment, even leading the change; 2. The nature of CDIO

  • + third, help contruct and design the training program following standadized procedures; closely connecting them; connecting training program with the effectiveness, contributing to the development of college education.

    2. The nature of CDIO

  • 3. CDIO STANDARD there are 12 standardized items, including:- 1: Context. Tiu chun ny xut pht t nguyn l, vic pht trin v trin khai vng i ca SP, quy trnh v h thng hnh thnh tng, thit k, trin khai v vn hnh l bi cnh GD k thut;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIOTiu chun 2: Chun u ra. CR chi tit, c th i vi nhng k nng c nhn v giao tip, k nng kin to SP, quy trnh, h thng cng nh kin thc chuyn mn phi nht qun vi cc mc tiu CT v c ph chun bi cc bn lin quan CT;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO - Tiu chun 3: CTT tch hp. CTT c thit k c kin thc chuyn ngnh h tr ln nhau; c k hoch r rng trong vic tch hp cc k nng c nhn v giao tip, k nng kin to sn phm, quy trnh v h thng;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO- Tiu chun 4: Gii thiu v k thut. Mt mn gii thiu mang li khung CT cho thc hnh KT trong vic kin to SP quy trnh, h thng v gii thiu cc k nng c nhn v giao tip thit yu;- Tiu chun 5: Cc tri nghim thit k - trin khai. Mt CTT gm t nht 2 tri nghim thit k - trin khai: 1 trnh c bn, 1 trnh nng cao;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO - Tiu chun 6: Khng gian lm vic k thut. KG lm vic KT v cc phng th nghim h tr, khuyn khch hc tp thc hnh trong vic kin to SP, quy trnh v h thng; kin thc chuyn ngnh; hc tp XH;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO - Tiu chun 7: Cc tri nghim hc tp tch hp. Cc tri nghim HT tch hp a n vic tip thu cc kin thc chuyn ngnh cng nh cc k nng c nhn v giao tip, k nng kin to SP, quy trnh v h thng;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO- Tiu chun 8: Hc tp ch ng. Ging dy & hc tp da trn PP hc tp tri nghim ch ng;- Tiu chun 9: Nng cao nng lc v k nng ca GV. Cc hnh ng nng cao nng lc ca GV trong cc k nng c nhn & giao tip, cc k nng kin to SP, quy trnh & h thng;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO- Tiu chun 10: Nng cao nng lc GD.Cc hot ng nng cao nng lc ca GV trong vic cung cp cc tri nghim HT tch hp, trong vic s dng cc PPHT tri nghim ch ng v trong nh gi HT;- Tiu chun 11: nh gi hc tp. nh gi v cc k nng v giao tip, k nng kin to SP, quy trnh v h thng cng nh kin thc chuyn ngnh;

  • 3. Tiu chun CDIO- Tiu chun 12: Kim nh CT. Mt h thng kim nh CT theo 12 tiu chun ny v cung cp phn hi n SV, GV v cc bn lin quan cho mc nh ci tin lin tc.

  • 4. CDIO v chun u ra K nng, thi c nhn & ngh nghipK nng, thi XHKin thc, k nng CDIO trong bi cnh XH & DNKin thc chuyn ngnh v lp lun KTCHUN U RA

  • Nhm KT 1,2,3 4 421SV tC-D-I-O

  • Tch hp CR vo cng HP

  • 5 bc thc hin tch hp- 1. Hi tho, tp hun v CR;- 2. GV tch hp CR vo cng;- 3. Nghim thu cng; - 4. GV hon chnh C theo gp ;- 5. Ph duyt nghim thu cng.Tuy vy, CDIO khng l mt nguyn tc cng nhc, ngi thit k CT phi linh hot sao cho ph hp vi chuyn ngnh.(Theo TS. V Anh Dng, PGS,TS. Phng Xun Nh, T.H Kinh t HN)


  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTT o to theo CDIO hng ti pht trin GDH vi 12 TC nh: thit k CTT t cn bn n nng cao, khng gian HT, nh gi CTT, gio trnh tch hp hay PP dy, hc ch ng Hin nay, cc trng a ra CTT ri mi xc nh CR, khin cho cc n v tuyn dng gp kh khn, nht l ngun nhn lc cht lng cao.

  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTT Thc t VN thi gian qua l buc cc V tuyn dng phi T li hoc b sung KT, k nng. Trong khi , CDIO o to v cung cp ngun nhn lc t CL cao, bi v CTT c thit k trn CS kho st k yu cu TT m nh tuyn dng i hi, nn n gp phn gim chi ph v ngun lc lin quan n T.

  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTT - V pha SV, h c T bi bn, pht trin v tri thc, KN, thi ; - V pha GV, do phi tun theo cc PPGD tin tin, p ng TC v NCKH, t gp phn to ra c mt i ng GV cht lng cao, t chun QT. - CDIO cn gip nhn nhn ton din hn v PPGD - HT cng nh nh gi SV hay nng lc ca GV.

  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTT - Bn cnh vic cung cp mt bn mu v CR, CDIO cn CC nhng HD rt c th v T v PP QLGD. (Tinh thn doanh nhn, lnh o GDH, pht trin GV chuyn nghip, gn DN vi GDH, QT ha GDH, HT da trn DA, ci tin CTK, KN giao tip khng chnh thc, HT kinh nghim v HT ch ng, mi trng HT, kim tra, nh gi nn n rt hu ch trong vic p dng v trin khai).

  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTT Trong CTT CDIO, mi mn hc, gc khc nhau, gp mt phn vo vic t CR ca ton b CTT. Do vy, tng GV phi tun th cc chun mc ca CT ng thi c nhng cam kt v vic truyn ti CR hc phn m GV ph trch.

  • 5. CDIO vi vic XD CTTQuy trnh xy dng CTT theo CDIO

    NHU CU

    Cc k s c th hnh thnh tng (C), thit k (D), thc hin (I) v vn hnh h thng (O)

    MC TIU

    o to SV:Nm vng kin thcDn u trong vic to ra cc sn phm, quy trnh v h thng miHiu gi tr v tm quan trong ca nghin cu v pht trin cng ngh

    CDIO SYLLABUSV thc cht chnh l bn tuyn b mt cch chi tit v cc mc tiu o to k s v: 1. Kin thc k thut; 2. K nng ngh nghip v phm cht c nhn; 3. K nng v thi x hi; 4. CDIO trong bi cnh doanh nghip v x hi

    KHUNG CHNG TRNHPhc tho mc tiuCu trc (Structure)L trnh v k hoch o to (Sequence)


    Mc tiu ca tng mn hc c th ph hp vi mc tiu ca chng trnhPhng php hc tp v nh gi ph hp vi mc tiu ca tng mn hc

    Thit k bi cc thnh vin v trng nhm tham gia CDIO cng vi cc Stakeholders ca chng trnh

    Xy dng theo yu cu sn phm u ra da vo vic iu tra kho st chng trnh vi Stakeholders

    Do nhm CDIO v nhng ngi ch tr thit k Curriculum thc hin

  • Nhn xt - 1. CDIO khng ch cung cp mt CR m cn l mt hng dn r rng v T, QLGD. (PP lnh o, QLGD H, pht trin i ng GV vi CM su, gn cht DN vi c s GDH, PPHT da trn DA, nhm, ci cch CT khung, cung cp KN giao tip khng chnh thc, HT da trn KN v ch ng, thit k CTT, mi trng HT, cch kim tra, nh gi, QT ha GDH)

  • Nhn xt Do vy, CDIO rt hu ch trong vic trin khai CTT hiu qu, l mt trong nhng gii php nng cao cht lng GDH. Ngy nay, cc trng H trn TG ang p dng ngy cng rng ri hn m hnh CDIO v nhng u im, hiu qu ca n c khng nh, kim chng qua thi gian, thc tin nhiu trng khc nhau.

  • Nhn xt - 2. Tuy nhin, khi nim, quy trnh v cch p dng CDIO l vn mi i vi cc trng H, C Vit Nam. + Vic tip cn CDIO i hi phi c nhng iu kin CB: CSVC, i ng GV, nhn vin, CTT, SV, p ng c nhng tiu chun c bn ca CDIO, ng thi phi c mt h thng quy trnh x l chun v thng nht m bo s thnh cng ca CT);

  • Nhn xt + CDIO i hi tun theo mt quy trnh nghim ngt t khu iu tra, kho st TT xc nh yu cu XH v cc SPT ti khu xy dng, thit k, t chc v nh gi CT. y thc s l nhng thch thc ln i vi cc trng H Vit Nam.

  • Nhn xt - 3. Song, iu khn