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Payoneer is an online global payments company that provides easy solution to make online payments, send and receive money from over 200 countries and also from US companies including PayPal, Amazon, and Facebook etc. Using Payoneer Master Card, you can withdraw your funds from anywhere in the world through MasterCard supported ATM machine. Payoneer is the best choice to withdraw money from PayPal in unsupported countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran etc. Many people also use Payoneer to verify PayPal account with their US payment service. Along with these benefits you can also make money with Payoneer affiliate program. A few days back, I had written an article about verification of PayPal account using Payoneer MasterCard. That article was much liked by readers and I also got some referrals. Recently I have got my first commission of 25$ from Payoneer refer a friend program. So, I though why not share this good news with my readers so that they can also get benefit.

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So, here are the details about how Payoneer Refer a friend program works.

Payoneer Refer a Friend ProgramJust like many other companies Payoneer also have their affiliate program. Remember that you must have a Payoneer account in order to participate in this program. Click the link below If you don’t have a Payoneer account.

Login to your account and you will see Payonner Affiliate Login button just on the right sidebar. Click on it and you will find your Payoneer affiliate link.

Now whenever a person signup for Payoneer account with your affiliate link and gets first 100$ to his/her account then both of you will earn 25$ reward.  Share you affiliate link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and start making money with Payoneer Affiliate program.

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You will get an email from Payoneer whenever someone signup for Payoneer MasterCard with your affiliate link. Again you will receive an email when your referral loads total payment of 100$ to his/her account and you will see 25$ bonus in your account. Your referral will also earn 25$ bonus along with you after loading amount of 100$.


If you do not have a Payoneer account then follow the below link to signup and earn your 25$ rewa

Sign up here