How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

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How to [email protected] $$$ Nhat Nguyen - @nhatnx

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2. What? Affiliate Marketing is a form of revenuesharingbetween twoparties andcommission is paid for sales of a product orservice. 3. What? 4. What?Online shopper / Consumer Purchases products/services on the Internet 5. What?Affiliate / Publisher 6. What?Merchant Retailer or Brand, e.g. JoomlArt 7. What?Network Contains offers for the Affiliate to choose from& also takes care of payments 8. Benefits? 9. Benefits?Exciting And Challenging 10. Benefits?Low Startup Cost 11. Benefits?Flexible Work Hours 12. Benefits?No Customer Support Issues 13. Benefits?Unlimited Income Potential 14. How? 15. How?Market ResearchAssume we choose website template market 16. How?Find Quality Merchants To PromoteJoomlArt? ThemeForest? Rocket Theme?... 17. How?Learn Search Engine Optimization 18. How?Keyword Research 19. How?Content Creation Blog posts Social media content 20. How?Drive Traffic to Your Site Social network E-mailnewsletter Landing page 21. the moreyou do it,the betteryou will getand themore youwill earn 22. Resources