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Transcript of Paperless- Expense Reporting

  • Introducing ExpenseWire

  • Home Screen

    Intuitive layout

    Walk up and use interface. Multiple areas to

    begin a new expense report. Snapshot into

    historical expense reports. Notifications of

    tasks front and center.

  • Creating an Expense Report

    Wizard-based process

    User is walked through the process. Optional

    fields can be turned on or off to track

    expenses against things like Customers or

    Projects. Users can be given the ability to

    submit reports on behalf of other users

    (delegate functionality). Different currencies

    are also supported.

  • Adding Line Items Cash Expenses

    Highly customizable

    Clients can create an unlimited number of

    custom fields for every expense type, and all

    custom fields can be reported against.

    Currency, customers and projects can all be

    specified at the line item level. Spending

    rules and receipt rules automatically


  • Adding Line Items Direct Credit Card Integration

    Both Corporate and Personal Cards

    Real time integration with both corporate and

    personal credit cards, over 14,000 of them to

    be exact. Once a charge is dragged and

    dropped onto an employees expense report,

    the user is disallowed from expensing that

    item again cutting down on duplicate line items being submitted.

  • Approval Process

    Familiar Interface for Managers

    Same look and feel as the end user

    perspective. Managers can deny the report,

    approve the report, add adjustments, or deny

    single line items. Receipt documents can be

    viewed and reconciled.

  • Expense Reimbursement Interface for Admins

    Simplify expense reimbursement


    Works with your existing general ledger and

    accounting software to save hours of data

    entry. Reimbursement can be done through

    Payroll, AP Checks, or ACH right within the


  • Reporting

    Gain visibility into expense spending

    and cut costs

    Analyze overall expense spending

    for opportunities to reduce excessive

    spending and negotiate better rates

    from vendors and suppliers.

  • Administrative Functionality

    Self-Service Admin Capabilities

    User lists, spending rules, receipt rules,

    approval workflows, custom fields and all

    other settings can easily be maintained by

    the client.