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Advancements in Internet based technologies, especially online conferencing tools, create a unique niche for teachers to receive ongoing, on-demand learning for their profession. This workshop will introduce you to several web-conferencing tools from the formal (Adobe Connect Pro, Elluminate) to the free (Skype, WizIQ). Review several resources where professional organizations (OTAN, CALPRO, CASAS), district educational offices, community colleges and publishers offer teachers professional development opportunities from the comfort of your home. In addition, learn what kind of equipment you need to successfully participate in these online webinars.

Transcript of Online pd web conferencing

  • 1. Penny Pearson, OTAN
    Online Professional DevelopmentResources, Requirements & Results

2. Resources, Requirements & Results
PD through statewide leadership projects
PD through social networks
PD through publishers and other special interests
PD through local education offices, community colleges and more
3. Why 24/7 Professional Dev?
In this climate of low/no budget for PD
No travel time or cost
Anyone can access any time from anywhere
Easier to get information to a dispersed and fragmented staff
4. Why 24/7 Professional Dev?
More and more education is going online
Online learning is a required skill
We have a new digital social environment
Social networking
Mobile phones
User-created content
Virtual worlds
5. What are the challenges?
We need to offer timely, engaging, interactive PD opportunities
Instructors and staff are getting used to online learning and interaction
Matching offerings to needs without the interactions we are used to
6. What are your concerns?
7. California Leadership Projects
Funded by WIA Title II to provide services and support to adult education programs for improving programs and student learning outcomes.
CALPRO: Professional Development
CASAS: Assessment, Accountability, and Evaluation
OTAN: Technology and Distance Learning
8. What are the Delivery Models?
Webinars, online workshops, virtual meetings
Self-directed online courses
Facilitated Online Courses
Electronic Professional Learning Communities(e-PLCs)
10. Online Workshops
Online workshops
37 topics
Offered several times each year
Some are recorded and posted
11. Administrators Forum, DL Forum
Administrators Forum,
Distance Learning Forum
Live online sessions
Recorded and posted for
later viewing
Handouts, links, support
materials available
12. Course Hosting with Moodle

  • Moodle site for any instructor 13. Orientation and training 14. Networking 15. Tech support 16. Sharable courses

coming soon
18. CALPRO Self-Paced Courses
Orientation for New ABE Teachers
Orientation for New ESL Teachers
Learner Goal Setting
19. Sample Course
Learner Goal Setting in Adult Education Programs
Course launched 12/1/09
In first week since announced (12/8-15), 50 adult educators have registered for the course
20. CALPRO Facilitated Courses
15 classes offered on eight different topics
Content experts facilitate discussions over four weeks
Asynchronous format allows flexibility in accessing course content and interacting with colleagues
21. CALPRO Facilitated Courses
Topics include
Effective Lesson Planning
Enhancing Learner Persistence
Managing the Multilevel ESL Class
Optimizing Instructional Planning: Management, Monitoring, Reflection
Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction
22. Sample Online Course Spring 10
Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction (Jayme Adelson-Goldstein)
Optimizing ESL Instructional Planning: Management, Monitoring and Reflection (Janice Spitzer)
Seven other course titles available;
15 classes offered in 2009-2010
23. CALPRO Facilitated Course
25. CASAS Professional Development: Spring 2010
Workshops via Web Conferencing
Self-paced courses via Moodle
Professional Development
26. Web Conferencing
Over 60 Web-based topics now available
CASAS Resources
CASAS Implementation including e-Test
California Accountability,
EL Civics
New titles with more detailed descriptions of technical concepts
27. Registering for CASAS Webinars
28. CASAS Self-Paced Courses 7/24
Available starting February 2010:

  • CASAS Initial Implementation Training 29. CASAS Beyond Implementation Training 30. CASAS Appraisal Testing 31. CASAS eTests Basics *New* 32. Using Assessment for Classroom

Lesson Planning *New*
33. CASAS Self-Paced Course
34. Web Conferencing ToolsFormal to the Free
35. 36. What you need
37. A little hardware
38. A fast Internet connection
39. Time
40. Tips, suggestions
41. To make things easier..
Make the commitment first, carve out the time and let nothing interfer.
When registering, make reminder notes to yourself. Alarms are better!
Note who or where you can get support (phone numbers, email)
Always test your system
And do so well before your webinar
42. Webinars &Online Meetings
43. More?
44. Other Resources
45. Prof. Dev through local education offices, publishers, libraries and more
46. Prof. Dev through social networks
47. Final Thoughts

  • You can learn 24/7/365 on any topic of your choice. 48. It is likely the hardest part will be deciding what you want to learn. 49. Minimal technology requirements. 50. Start developing your own personal learning network using a variety of resources. 51. It is OK to start slow 52. Go ahead, it is a wonderful experience and connects you with your peers.